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Mom misses the popiah at this unpretentious shop located at a rather ulu corner of coronation plaza, so here we are!

Their crowd favourite popiah is packed to the brim with ingredients including sweet sauce, stewed turnips, chunky hard boiled eggs, beansprouts, cucumber and carrot strips and the iconic crunchy rice bits!

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Started 2024 with a promise to wake up early for breakfast every Sundays/PB holidays. No more lunch time sunday wake ups for this guy here.

And eggs benedicts was of coz the most Atas of all breakfast to reward myself for waking up at 6am on New Year's day. Extra reward for waking up when it's raining too.

Choupinette is a french cafe that serves up some fantastic french pastries, but their most popular item here is their Eggs Benedict.

Free Parking along Coronation Walk on Sundays & Public Holiday

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Basically an awesome Custard filled donut.

They have a variety of French pastries here, and all look damn awesome.

The chou chou is Sinful and a must have here at choupinette. Which are basically donuts.


The Classic (S$16+)
Impossible beef patty, cheese & special sauce
Love the buttery fluffy bun.

The Nuggets (S$6++)
Quite exp for 5 pieces.

Happened to see the food burger at the entrance of the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre today.

The Goodburger
Note ๐Ÿ“ : Got 8% GST. Takeaway has additional S$0.50+ charge for paper bag. Should have requested no takeaway to save on the bag, plus the items were not box up.

I finally managed to try their waffles out after reading some review about it. They got a variety of waffles flavour from savoury to sweet tbh to sell it from the menu. Their signatures include savoury waffles such as ham & cheese, chicken cutlet and also oreo cream cheese waffles ($3.50). Their waffles got crispy and crunchy texture when serving in hot but once turned to cold got soggy and wet texture as I noticed. Their cream cheese really taste not bad and got strong milky and creamy taste tbh even serving in hot and cold. But their oreo didn't really sticked well with cream cheese tbh and sprinkled a lot of oreo for topping.

The Salmon Salad ($15) is features raw salmon cubes and onion tossed a tangy and spicy sauce - this is refreshing and tasty.

The Crab Meat Fried Rice ($9.80) comes with a crab omelette that is very soft and fragrant. There is a generous amount of crab meat and the fried rice is packed with wok hei. Definitely impressed with this!

We started off the meal with a glass of sangria red and sangria cava. We found the former quite light and not too dry (the way we like it) and had a lovely sweetness from the fruits. The sangria cava was a spanish sparkling wine which was bright and refreshing. We would definitely recommend getting a jug (or two!) to share at the table.

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Starting off with a classic, this was as good as we remembered it! The large prawns were sweet and juicy, with the garlic and olive oil offering a nice aroma. You should definitely soak up the oil with the bread and prawns for a satisfying bite.


This tapas featured two luxurious pieces of roasted beef bone marrow. The marrow was so creamy and sinful - its rich umami flavours were really out of this world, especially when paired with the warm sourdough!


Weโ€™re still thinking about this dish till this day, weโ€™ve never had octopus done as well as MLSPโ€™s before! The grilled octopus was so tender and not rubbery at all, basically cooked to perfection. The potato puree deserves special mention for its skillful infusion of saffron. Coloured yellow by this delicate and luxurious spice, the puree was smooth and buttery, and had a beautiful fragrance, we couldnโ€™t stop eating it.