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Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

My favourite tang yuan stall in Singapore - Ah Balling Tangyuan! They also have a stall at One Punggol Hawker Centre!

I love that the tangyuan flavours can be picked ball by ball! Got 2 yam, 2 peanut and 1 matcha tangyuan with peanut ball soup!

Birthday freebies!

Claiming this for the first time this year because i finally got a koi card!! (You will need to make a purchase before you can join their free membership!)

For the birthday month promo, you can get one free drink (medium size) with one topping! I got the yakult green tea with golden bubble!

Was at Marina Square busy furniture Shopping and stopped by Oh My Cow for sweet treats!

Here is what we got
-Kyoto Matcha
-Osmanthus Oolong

Was using the 1 for 1 offer from Burpple Beyond, so we only paid $5.90 for both cups!

Their ice cream is on the creamier heavy side. I personally prefer the osmanthus oolong from BOP! But the matcha here was still pretty decent for me, it is on the sweet side though! If you prefer bitter matcha icecream, head to hvala instead!

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Super long time since I last ate Lee Wee & Brothers Nasi Lemak, as there is not alot of outlets islandwide.

Got the Honey Glazed Chicken Wing set ($6) which consists of the wings, fishcake, otah and ikan bilis. I liked that the ikan bilis was packed in an air tight packet, so it was still super crispy! The sambal chilli sauce was also in a separate packet, so it wasnt dozed all over the nasi lemak rice!

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I finally tried Little Caesars Pizza only after they moved further away from my house and price increased LOL

Got the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Pizza ($17.50) which is good for 2-3 pax! It was actually too much for 2 pax and I had to keep a slice for next day's meal! As for the pizza, it was made to order, so there is some wait time. Howewer, I am not really a fan of their pizza crust dough, it was too thick and chewy for me, almost like a bread! Still prefer thin crust pizza! Was surprised to see pineapples on the pizza actually (as their menu photo werent really clear, and almost wanted to change order to the Hula Hawaiian just to get the pineapples haha)

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Bugis has a new dessert option!

Have walked past Jane Deer Desserts many times before we finally decided to try it! Arrived on Friday at past 9pm timing and the place was soooo crowded! They have aircon seats on level 2 too, so head upstairs if they are full on level 1!

Here is what we ordered:
-The Claw Taro Bowl ($9.80): Ordered this because of the cute bear claw (and because I decided not to get the "The Bath Teddy Bear" as that contains red beans which I am not a super huge lover of). Kind of surprised by the size of the dessert when it was served. Initially I also thought the yellow cubes were fresh mango cubes, but they turn out to be mango pudding LOL! This dessert had more jelly than what I expected would have preferred more fruits). The only fruit here was rockmelon, which I thought was kinda weird as an addition to a dessert bowl as the texture was different. Loved the huge scoop of taro paste though! The cute claw is milk pudding!
-Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo ($6.80): For a less fanciful foolproof dessert choice, we opted for this! This tastes good! (but boring choice la haha)

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Super long since I last had Yakun!

My favourite items here are the Kaya Butter Toasted Bread and Iced Lemon Tea!

crispy buttery kaya bread!
-$5.60 for a set (with hot coffee/tea with half boiled eggs)
-$2.60 for ala carte bread
-$3 for iced lemon tea

They have expanded their menu offerings! Besides just selling their famous sticky yoghurt, they have the collagen yoghurt, yoghurt softserve and also acai!

Collagen Yogurt - Collagen Plus: Comes with black berries, mangoes, banana, watermelon, collagen jelly and strawberry sauce!

Premium Acai - Raspberry Delight: Comes with mango, raspberry, kiwi , peanut crush and peanut butter!

Collagen Yogurt Soft Serve- Berrylicious - Comes with raspberry, black berry, blueberry, strawberry, granola, goji berry and mixed berries sauce.

Featured here are the following items:
-Combo A Meat Madness: Signature Pork Belly + Honey Miso Chicken Karage
-Combo B Moo Moo: Black Pepper Beef and Rendang Beef
-Combo C Seafood Galore: Mentaiko Dory Fish + Butter Prawn
-Combo D Land and Sea: Honey Thyme Chicken Leg + Black Pink Calamari!
-Sides: Fried Crab Claw, Fried Scallops, Corn, Croquette, Achar, Tamagoyaki

The don all comes with coconut rice, flowy onsen egg, very crrispy tempura enoki mushroom, peanuts & ikan bilis, daikon and sambal chili!

My favourite protein item here is the signature pork belly! It was unexpectedly good! Smoky fragrance, nicely charred, and the balance of fat to meat ratio was just nice! The Black Pink Calamari was also super aesthetic! It is actually calamari rings coated in black charcoal flour and with pretty pink mayo sauce!


Steamed fishes from 吃了吗 Chi Le Ma!

This shop has been on my to-visit list for the longest time! Famous for their value for money steamed fish set meals! Finally made a trip there one fine weekend! The stall only opens 1030am-2pm (mon closed). When we reached at 10.25am, there was already a snaking queue of more than 10 people infront of us (we didn't know they were SOOO popular still!). Anyway, they started accepting orders at 1030am, and it took another 30minutes before it was our turn (people infront of us were buying so many sets at one go)!

We opted for the Salted Black Beans Steamed Fish Set Meal (Set 4) and Chopped Chilli Steamed Fish Set Meal (Set 5). Both set costs $6.50 each and they come with white rice and chawanmushi!

I like how the steamed fish came with vermicelli too! Quite a substantial portion of fish given, but must be very careful of the fish bones while eating! However somehow I feel the sauces can be more salty (slightly too plain for me now).

But as the queue is soooo long, I don't think I will queue for it again. Try once will do!

Location: 505 Beach Rd, #01-87, Singapore 199583

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Have walked by Wu Pao Chun many times, but FINALLY decided to buy a bread to try as I was feeling indulgent!

Got the Ah-Pollo ($2.70) to try as it looked pretty interesting to me! Baked Boluo bun layer filled with milky custard filing, supposed one of Taiwan's Childhood Favourite!

However, the bread kinda of fell short of my expectations. Thought the bun was slightly dry and I was expecting more flowly milky custard filling LOL. Also, I think I am more of a savoury bread person than a sweet bread person, so I think I could not really appreciate this bread!

Anyone has any MUST try bread to recommend at Wu Pao Chun? Let me know!

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When I was working in Funan area, Tony Café caifan was one of my favourite food to get, and the only caifan place that I frequent the most (at least once every week)!

Tony Café is called a café, but they are not a café at all. They are situated in a very unassuming location at The Adelphi Mall Level 2. If you do not frequent this place, you may not even know that such food place exists in The Aldephi Mall!

What is so special about Tony Café caifan is that they have specialty meat dishes for each day of the week (hence my favourite caifan stall because I do not order vegetables LOL). Fried Chicken Wings are served on mon, wed and sat. Tuesday is meatball days. Thursday is honey wing days. (this is what I recall from 5 years ago la hor, not sure if it has changed over the years)

During my recent visit (it was a Friday), they were serving this Fried Chicken Cutlet! Like that they prepared special chilli sauce for the chicken cutlet too!

On fried chicken wing day they also have the option of "chicken rice" instead of "plain white rice"

My typical orders are the specialty meat + otah + egg tofu. But during this visit, there wasn't any otah. Hence I got a serving of curry potato instead (lol carbs on carbs). You can request for curry sauce or braised sauce!

This order amounted to $4.30.

Location: 1 Coleman St, #02-23 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803

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