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Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Global food chain with 400 outlets worldwide specializing in Authentic Chinese-Korean cuisine - Mincheng Bibimbap 민정비빔밥 !

Tried the following items:
-Seafood Tofu Soup
-Hotplate BBQ Pork
-Hotplate Squid
-Hotplate Egg Tofu
-BBQ Pork Bibimbap
-Cheese Pork Bibimbap
-Korean Grape
-Korean Pear

Enjoy your food pipping hot! Food is all very fragrant and extremely flavourful! Each order of main comes with free flow rice, kimchi and seaweed soup too! The prices here are wallet friendly too! Do note that the taste is more towards chinese style.

📍107 North Bridge Road 01-13
Funan Mall Singapore 179105
📍100 Tras St 01-06
100AM Mall Singapore 079027

If you are looking for quality authentic peranakan food that does not break the bank, this is the place to visit!

Featured here are the following food items:
-Babi Pongteh Don: $15.90 for a set that comes with the babi pongteh, blue pea rice, achar, keropok ikan and sambal egg! You can also top up to get an accompanying coffee/ tea / chocolate / mocktail/ alcohol! The braised pork was so tender and I love the soft braised potatoes!
-Laksa Pasta ($15.90): Interesting fusion dish! Comes with 2 fresh prawns, taupoks and a boiled egg.
-Kueh Pie Tee ($12 for 6 pcs): Crispy kueh pie tee shells with sweet savoury turnip mixture! Be warned that the accompany chilli sauce dip is VERY spicy!
-Otak Otak ($12): Super fragrant otah made of ground fish with fragrant spices! Love the crispy exterior edges and smooth fish paste!
-Pandan Kaya Croffle ($15): Do not leave without trying their desserts! Their croffle was so good! The croffle had pandan kaya sauce on it too, so it was so good even on its own! This comes topped with pretty aesthetic blue pea soft serve, drizzled with gula melaka syrup and sprinkled with coconut flakes!
-Momo Sencha: Hot fruity tea!
-Raspberry Honey: Super refreshing drink that is also soothing on the throat!

Be sure to bookmark this place and head here for your next culinary adventure!

Peranakan Buffet at Sun's Cafe!

First time here! First impression is that the buffet line is not extensive.

My favourite item at this buffet was the Yam Rice, which comes with yam, mushrooms, sausages and some meat.

The have live cooking noodle stations - Mee Rubus and Nyonya Lemak Laksa. However, both were not to my liking.

For soup, there is cream of mushroom soup or pig stomach soup.

The exciting part of this buffet is you can make your own rojak here! (Tip: Go to the dessert station and get the pineapple cubes from the fruit table to add it into the rojak! Hehe, I did this, because I didn't really eat the other fruits at the rojak stations - apple, mango, starfruit, cucumber and pear.

While I am usually a HUGE fan of kueh pie tee here.. I ate one of their kueh piee tee and just stopped there. The cooked vegetable fillings had a funny taste to me.

You can also DIY your own ice kachang or iced chendol here, but taste wise, not fantastic

Overall quite an average buffet. However, there is an ongoing 1 for 1 promo now (original price is $60++ per pax for fri-sun lunch/dinner) if anyone wants to try it out for yourself.

Sun's Cafe at Hotel Grand Pacific
101 Victoria St, Hotel Grand Pacific, Singapore 188018

You know the food is good when I am back at Tangled Pasta in less than 3 days!

This time round, I got the Smoky Ducky Pasta ($9.90). I was quite surprised that this time round the pasta sauce and pasta + ingredients were separated! This is great since the pasta shop is a takeaway concept! First time I see a pasta shop separating the pasta from pasta sauce! Kudos! (I think this is only done for the pasta items that have saucy pasta sauce! For the aglio olio kind, there is no mixture to separate from so it is all packed together)!

And again, I was impressed the pasta! It was totally the pasta sauce again which makes the pasta bowl nice! Spicy tomato sauce. This bowl comes with smoked duck, almond flakes and cranberries!

Have walked past Tangled (Fresh Pasta To Go) countless times when at Bugis Junction.. finally tried it recently! Have been attracted by their very interesting pasta choice that is shown in their display cabinet!

They have around 9 pasta choices here or you can also build your own pasta! Since it was my first visit, I decided to try out their signature pasta bowls first!

Ordered the Mango Tango ($10.90)! Squid ink spaghetti aglio olio with prawns and mango salsa. Picked this because I thought the edition of mangos to pasta was quite refreshing and wanted to try it out.

Did not expect the pasta to be mind-blowing, but I turned out to quite like it! The spaghetti aglio olio sauce was SO GOOD! It is slightly spicy! The combination of aglio olio + prawns + mango all went well together! Pastas also didnt stick up too much even though I only consumed them 20mins later.

@heyyakiniku is known for their affordable BBQ meat!

For non-beef eaters, get the Value Set (Pork Belly and Chicken Thigh)! Very value for money! highly recommended!

📍Check them out at Bugis Junction #01-92/96, Singapore 188966!

Claypot Sesame Chicken from Malaysia Boleh! ($6 + $1 for rice)!

I am a hugeee fan of lau wang claypot sesame chicken. This is my first time trying Malaysia Boleh's version! For the price point, it was not bad! However for some reason, I still prefer Lau Wang's version!

Visited Seiwaa to try their teppanyaki and okonomiyaki!

We made a last min decision to dine here, so no reservation was made. Hence, we were not able to get the hotplate tables! For the hotplate tables, the chef will cook the food infront of you at the tables! You will need to call in advance to make the reservation, and there is fixed timings for the hotplate tables!

Otherwise, you can also walk in to get the non-hotplate tables. You can still order the same food (except for some exceptions) at these non-hotplate tables, just that the food will be cooked in the kitchen backend before it is served to the table.

Here is what we ordered:
-Mix Okonomiyaki ($18+): They have 9 different choices! This that we choose had pork, squid and shrimp.
-Squid Teppanyaki ($30+): Got this as it was one of the recommended item! However, I feel that we had much better squid elsewhere before!
-Garlic Fried Rice ($12+): We ordered this for some carbs. but this garlic fried rice was kinda underwhelming. Not enough garlicky fragrant taste.

Besides Okonomiyaki, they also have monjayaki as well, but that can only be ordered at the hotplate tables!

For some reason, Sim Lim Square is known for Salted Egg Chicken Rice! There are two stalls selling similar things there!

We decided to try the salted egg chicken rice at 3 Meals a Day! They actually have a variety of chicken meat with rice series to choose from, but their most popular item is the salted egg chicken rice! ($5.90 + $0.6 for sunny side up egg)! Visited on a weekday dinner timing and it was soo crowded! Food took awhile to be served!

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and drenched all over with the creamy salted egg yolk sauce! The rice dish is served with a few keropok too!

We also tried the butter chicken rice! But between the two, I prefer the salted egg version!

Affordable and good!

Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, #02-01, Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504
Opening hours: Daily 9am to 7:45pm

Visit to bugis is never complete without heading to Ah Chew for Desserts!

Got the Mango Sago with Pomelo ($5.20) and Grass Jelly with Lychee ($3.80). I am always craving for their grass jelly desserts when I am here somehow! Note to self NOT to get the bowl with pomelo next time, and just get the mango sago ($4.40) as the pomelo bites majority of the time made my dessert bowl more bitter!

Visited Tipo Pasta Bar for the first time!

Realised that their pasta menu is actually very similar to Tipo Strada! Both outlets have the build your own pasta menu! The only slight differences for the pasta menu is the fixed bowl where their selections are slightly different!

Here is what I tried this time round:
-Absolute Alfredo for Gemelli (parsley pasta) [$17.90++]: Love their creamy white sauce! This came with swiss brown mushrooms and chicken (which was more like steamed chicken to me than "smoked chicken")
-Build your own pasta: Linguine Chilli Garlic Pasta + Aglio Olio + White Clams [$14.4++]: Free toppings were included and we added ALL and it was a WRONG choice lol! The toppings added were chilli flakes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic chips and birds eye chilli. The addition of the birds eye chilli and chilli flakes plus it was a chilli garlic pasta SUPER FIERY! I couldn't stomach more than 3 scoops of it whoops! Lesson learnt, just stick to adding garlic chips only the next time!

New Pizza Pasta place to check out at City Hall - Gioia Pizza!

Gioia Pizza is muslim-owned italian dining place! They are located within Capitol Piazza, you will find them when you spot the neon pink brightly lit interior!

They specialise in homemade pizza dough (choose from original or oregano base), pastas and paninis!

Featured here are the following items:
- Pizza Prawn & mushroom This comes with prawns and mushrooms! Super love their chewy pizza dough too!

- Cream Mushroom Soup: There is white button and shitake mushrooms! Drizzled with truffle oil. Absolutely love this rich creamy mushroom soup!

- Fresh Tomato Soup: Their tomato soup is made fresh from chopped tomatoes!

-Fettuccine Truffle Chicken Pasta: Super rich and creamy pasta! But it does not get too jelat. Love the flavours!

They are currently having an ongoing 1 for 1 promotion! 1 for 1 pizzas for margherita / pepperoni orders! Available for dine in or takeaway. Head to their IG to check out the further details!

Find them at the following location!
📍Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Rd #B1-32
⏰Mondays to Sundays 11am - 9pm


IG and TikTok @spoonsofdelights

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