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Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Cantonese style cuisine @WingSeongFattys Restaurant!

Have walked past this restaurant many years ago and was wow-ed by the huge amount of crowd! Fast forward many years later, I am finally here to pay this place a visit!

Featured are the following items:
-Seafood Hor Fan
-Fried Prawn with Salted Egg
-Chicken in Claypot
-Sweet and sour pork
-Braised Beancurd
-Fried Foo Yong Eggs

Overall the meal was quite tasty and affordable! Though the food may get slightly salty, so best to get plain rice to accompany the dishes!

Check them out at 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square # 01-31, S189649. They have both aircon and outdoor seats! Do make a reservation for indoor air con seats to avoid disappointment!

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My number 1 favourite dessert spot whenever im in bugis is at ah chew desserts! Head there earlier before everyone finishes dinner to have a shorter queue! My typical orders are usually an iced dessert and a cold egg pudding! 💕

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Introducing New Ubin Seafood’s latest creation - @ubinexpress !

Featured here are the following items:
-Authentic Heart Attack Fried Rice with House Smoked Pork ($8.50): This is a highly recommend main menu item! The dark cloured fried rice is cooked with beef fat and drippings! Every grain is caramelised to perfection! Love the wokhey smoky flavours! The smoked pork was very tasty delicious too! A special ingredient that you rarely find elsewhere for fried rice!

-Boss Bee Hoon with Seasoned Prawns ($8.30): This was SO SO GOOD! The beehoon had lots of wok hey flavours! There is chilli padi, fish cake and egg in the beehoon too! You can also request for more sambal chilli sauce to further spicy up the shiokness level!

-Hei Chor ($10): Who else loves Hei Chor! This is my must order item at every “tze char style” dining. This hei chor contains minced pork with juicy water chestnut. Goes well with the sweet dipping sauce!

-Squid Paste Youtiao ($10): Another one of my favourite chinese tze char starter side dish! This was fried till crunchy with a smooth delicious squid paste! Goes very well with the mayo sauce!

To have these affordable and tasty meals check out their website at to order now! You can pre-order for self pick up or have it delivered to your doorstep!

They are located at City Gate, 371 Beach Road, 02-29, Singapore 199597

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Had a lovely brunch at !

Visited this place on a sunday afternoon and didnt expect it to be still so crowded! (Do note they do not accept reservations, so only walk in) But the queue was still manageable, we managed to get air con seats in just about 15mins wait time.

Tried out the following bakes:

Blackcurrant Peanut Chocolate mochi roll ($6): This caught my attention because it was super unique! But sorry it doesnt look pretty here as I dropped it on the tray while trying to take it out opps. This was like a cinnamon bun, but with chocolate fillings, and topped with blackcurrant jam! There is also mochi in the middle of the roll! But somehow , the flavours did not really come together.

Guava strawberry keffir lime danish ($6): I quite like this! The citrusy combination was good! And guava danish is so rare! Recommend to try this!

Hazelnut banana danish ($5): There was natural sweetness from the bananas and crunchy texture from the crushed hazelnut!

Besides pastries, they also have cooked food and a wide range of drinks! There is no GST or service charge here. Will be back to visit this place again!

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Best bagels in Singapore - @keensbagelry !

Featured are the following bagels:

💖Truffle Chickin + Scrambled egg with mozzarella ($12+$4): This comes with an oven-baked house marinated chicken leg, torched sliced cheddar, house-made truffle mayo and ozzy scrambled egg!

💖Hash Stack + Smoked Salmon ($8.50+ $6.50): If you love hashbrown and smoked salmon, get this DIY customised combi! This comes with a layer of truffle mayo sauce too!

Having tried another brand of bagels recently, I can’t help but declare this is WAY BETTER! The bagel was soft, and the portion size was very generous! The scrambled eggs were soo fluffy, this is a MUST order! The chicken leg was nicely marinated, while the smoked salmon was so fresh! Love the sauces for the bagels too!

Enjoyed the bagels so so much! 💕

If you will like to try them out, check them out at 730 Northbridge Road! Their stall is located inside Curbside Crafters! Be here early! Do drop by early! They start selling at 12pm and sell out during early evening timing! They are closed on mon.

If you are dining in, they have 3 standing tables near the stall, and 8 seats on the other side of Curbside Crafters.

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Hey! Yakiniku 1st Anniversary Special! 🎉

🚨To celebrate their first anniversary, from 15-21 Aug 2022, @heyyakinku will be offering the first 100 customers to purchase 100g of Karubi / Pork Belly / Chicken at ONLY $1.00 with every Set Menu ordered. While stocks last.

🚨They will also be an Anniversary Special (15 Aug - 9 Oct 2022) - Hey! Niku Set @ $29.90! This consists of 5 different types of meat in a platter - Karubi, Pork Belly, Tontoro, Prime Karubi and Gyutan! This set comes with rice, soup and a side dish.

🚨Get a free Hey! Limited Edition reusable tote bag as well with $60.00 above spend in a single receipt. While stocks last.

🚨Join in the fun and play an Instant Win filter on Instagram and Facebook for freebies! You just need to snap, tag and share for redemption of freebies. Limited to 1 per customer.

Featured here are the following sets:
- Hey! Niku Set: A great mix of meat!

- Limited Edition Marumi Pork set (Marumi Pork Belly and Pork Collar): very special! There is more umami compared to regular pork! The meat shrinks less during cooking and retains more moisture. Try it for yourself!

-Value Set (Pork Belly and Chicken Thigh): For non-beef eaters, this set is very value for money and highly recommended too!

📍Check them out at Bugis Junction #01-92/96, Singapore 188966!


Grilled chicken from @nandossg !

Nando’s is well known for its signature chicken which are freshly grilled to order, so you get your chicken piping hot, as well as their signature PERi-PERi chilli sauce! Spice things up with their unique Nando’s breed of African Bird’s Eye chilli, which is mixed with a blend of fresh lemon, garlic, onions, oil and herbs!

Nandos has also recently created a new build YOUR own bowl menu! This menu was created specially for Singapore with local flavours and asian favourites! You can customise the mains and sides according to your specific preferences and budget!

Featured here are the following items:

Build YOUR own bowl ($14.90 + 2 or 3 sides)
PERi-PERi noodles (mee tai mak with laksa coconut sauce)
+ Two Boneless Thighs (mild sauce)
+ Cheese Crisp (+$1)
+ fried tofu (+$1)
+ grilled portobello mushrooms (+$3)

PERi-PERi Chicken Boneless thigh (hot sauce) ($16.90)
+ peri peri chips
+peri peri wedges

Pink Pine ($5.50): Pineapple, sprite and grapefruit juice!

Cheeky Cherry ($5.50): Cherry, pomegranate and orange juice!

For my last visit, I had tried the Mild and Lemon & herb sauce. Got braver this time round and we went for the HOT and MILD sauce! After training up my chilli tolerance level, the HOT sauce was tolerable for me!
I love how the chicken was grilled to perfection, very juicy and flavourful, wasnt dry at all! Overall, a very enjoyable meal! Their prices are affordable, and they are at nett pricing with no additional service charge!

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Featured here are the following food items:

Kra Pow Chicken Rice: Stir how ried minced chicken with fluffy steamed jasmine rice. I love how the spicyness level was just right, not overly spicy. Enough sauce was given too! Comfort food!

Pad Thai: This is the classic phad thai dish with sliced chicken and egg! I love how the pad thai still tasted good and was springy even though it was a takeaway order.

Creamy Tomyum Springy Noodle: This tom yum soup is hot and sour! Made with the perfect blend of aromatic herbs and spices. Crispy golden wanton skin is also given to top off the noodles! For takeaway orders, the noodles and crispy golden wanton skins are all separately packed!

Flame Grilled Ayam Legend: For this dish, a marinated and seasoned chicken thigh is grilled to perfection! Very juicy and tender! Do remember to dip it with the chilli sauce provided, it was a super good combination!

Fried Chicken Skin:For the once in a while indulgence, do try this crispy chicken skin! It was super flavourful, and it reminded me of KFC chicken! Love the marination used for the fried chicken skin!

Hot Steamy Sangkayaa:this is my FAVOURITE food item to get whenever I am in Thailand. And I am glad to be able to enjoy this in Singapore too! The bread was soft and fluffy! Super love the luscious kaya dip that is coconut and fragrant! I only wish there were more kaya dip option choices like those in Thailand :P

Cha yen and Cha Keow Yen: All thai meals aren’t complete if you don't get a iced thai tea! I like how the sweetness level was just right, and it was not super diluted!

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Introducing Asanoya’s Easter Series, freshly baked with premium Japanese ingredients and no preservatives!

Asanoya Bunny ($3.5)
Kouign amann ($3.8)
Pain Au Chocolat ($3.5)
Croissant ($3.2)

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Simple heartwarming meal for the cold rainy afternoon!

Toasted some bread with butter and garlic powder from @hexafood to make garlic butter bread dips!

Super love the frozen mushroom soup pack from @tracyjuiceculture ! It is so convenient, just need to thaw it and bring it to a boil, and you will have a bowl of hot pipping delicious soup for your meal! The mushroom soup is made from a blend of mushrooms, tomatoes and parsley!

From now till 9 Apr 2022, purchase 3L (6x500ml) of the mushroom soup and get 500ml free! Check out the details on @tracyjuiceculture page!

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Have been eyeing Sinpopo cakes for the longest time! Finally tried it last week because of the ongoing march 35% discount for pandan kaya cakes! So this slice waa going for $5 instead of $7.90!

The pandan kaya cake slice was quite a big portion! It is a light fluffy pandan chiffon cake kind of base, and not the denser kind of cake. I also like how the cream layers were light! Delicious! Paired it with an iced milo kopi! (They only have mostly caffeine drinks though! So not much choices for non-caffeine drinkers)

The 35% discount for pandan kaya cakes ends on 31 march 2022! So head down now! More details on @sinpopobrand IG page!

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Chinese desserts from @yatkayan!

Have been seeing alot of posts for Yat Ka Ya Desserts appearing all over my IG newsfeed. Had bookmarked it, but didnt take a closer look as to the exact location of the place. Was at Fortune Centre for a meal and was wandering around Level 2 locating the toilet when we spotted a loooonggg queue from afar, and look and behold, it was the Yat Ka Yan that I have been eyeing! And so I jumped right into the queue with no hesitation lol! Even though the queue was long, the wait was actually pretty fast. They will allocate seats for you after you order too, so no need to fret over finding seats!

We tried out the Yammy Chendol ($5.50), which was essentially chendol + orh nee, since it looked pretty unique! Plus we were craving for both chendol and orh nee, so why not have both in the same bowl!

Love the combination, it wasnt weird actually! But I was wondering throughout eating why the ice shavings melted soooooo fast! Way too fast! Or maybe the place was just too humid and hot. The gula melaka syrup was also slightly too sweet for me. But I totally love the green jellies, and their version was saltier, pretty unique! (hehe no comments for the red beans because I left that for my dining partner to eat heh). This is good for sharing between 2 pax, if you dont have an especially sweet tooth!

Will be back again to try the hot desserts such as the walnut paste and pure yam paste! Another dessert place to check out in the Bugis area!

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IG @ spoonsofdelights Food is always on my mind 30% off burpple beyond

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