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The best bagel I've tried at Keong Saik is the Salmon bagel which has a hint of spicy, savory and just melts in your mouth as it is made on the spot

as usual, the soft serve was rich in sightly salty cheese flavour!! the little cubes of red velvet cake topped w lemon custard were also a nice topping. would always recommend sunday folks for ice cream, but a little stingy with their waffles, can skip and get cones/cups instead

Kimchi Korean fish cake sando (14) and chicken katsu burger topped up to focaccia (14+1.50)

Both very yummy and surprisingly filling for two little sandwiches. Had slight homemade vibes but the breads were much yummier. Chicken burger had perfectly cooked eggs and the more flavourful of the two with mushroom cream sauce and cheesiness overflowing

All prices here before gst

Pango tart (8.50) best tart I ever had with crispy cookie crust and flowy tangy mango passion fruit filling. Gobbled it down instead of saving it for tea break as intended absolutely in love

Seashore (8.50) earl grey cheese cake base super rich in flavour and nutty. Mousse above lighter. Not bad too

Had the Cookie Monster and Golden Yuzu. Cookie monster had chunks of cookies in chocolate ice cream, pretty good for chocolate lovers. Golden Yuzu had a slight tinge of the citrusy tanginess, but after a few spoons it became pretty average.

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I really enjoyed their tea flavour for Earl Grey Lavender Waffles ($11.50) and not that milky or creamy texture for ice cream. Their waffles got crispy and crunchy texture after serving. Good for sharing with 2 people if you didn't wanted to share too much.

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Other than the local flavours such as this Ondeh cake (they have Chendol, Attap Chee...), the environment is so relaxing. Behind the busy Holland Village, next to landed houses with car park space along the road, there is a European feel to this place.


Nice coffee. Keong Saik along Jalan Merah Saga is a nicer place compared to Tiong Bahru Bakery.


Ebi sando was nicely done. Quite filling. Nice ambience for a lovely afternoon coffee n cake too.


very yummy food, i love matcha roll which was bitter yet sweet, the pango (mango passion) tart was sour and enjoyable. the ebi sando and katsu burger were filling and refreshing. will be back!

On the hunt for Mediterranean/Italian vegetarian cuisine? Look no further than Original Sin! All their dishes are made from the freshest ingredients and are bursting with unique flavours. Head over to enjoy their innovative menu & pair their mains with wines from an award-winning list!

Still my favourite ice cream waffle place. Quality and I like that I have a choice of the complements