Breakfast & Brunch, High Tea, Cafe 👸🏻 Hotel Holly Holly loves staycations。What she loves more are the dishes hotels serves! Price was never in her consideration、service and taste are the key to a satisfied meal!
Cafe, Dessert, Cake 👩🏼‍💼 Sweetie Stacy Stacy’s sweet tooth motivates her to visit places、 in search for sweet treats to satisfy her sugar rush。 Nothing stands in her way and a good dessert!
Cheap & Good, Hidden Gem, Interesting 💁🏼 Lucky Lucy Lucy isn't so much a planner... She roam around in search of what catches her eyes、and sometimes discovers Hidden Gems that's out of most Foodies' Radar。
Chinese, Taiwanese, Rainy Day Comforts 👲🏻Chinese Chai Chai grows up in a traditional Chinese family and have been missing the home cooked food ever since he was transferred to Singapore to work. He is always in search of the taste of Home。
Burger, Western, Pizza 🤠 Western Westin Western fares are Westin's staple、he adores his Burgers & Chips, Pizza, Pasta... & the list goes on。Follow him for the Journey to the West。
Hawker/Kopitiam, Kopitiam, Local Delight 👤 Hawker Howard Hawker food can be Hidden Gems and Hawker Howard is out Treasure Hunting, one hawker food at a time。
Cafe, Dessert, Cake ☕️ Cafe Carrie Carrie is a Cafe-Hopper、hopping around cafes island wide in search for the cup of coffee & slice of cake that satisfies her daily cravings。
Sushi, Japanese, Ramen 🌸 Japanese Jamie Jamie loves all things Japanese、Food especially! Follow her footsteps to satisfy you Tastebuds。 おいしい ~!