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Duck was reasonably tender, otherwise not too impressive

They tend to be stingy w their portions although the prices aren't too high

Idk why theres so much noodles, it's crazy. Maybe because I look like a somewhat big guy? They weren't particularly good, it lacks bite, sambal was acceptable

Fishballs and meatballs were both the good factory ones

Overall decent, nothing too special

The charsiew has the candy sweetness but not from the marinate, it's from the sauce so that's abit underwhelming

Siobak was fatty and crispy but there's a a weird slight aftertaste

Small portion for 5 bucks

I might have overrated them previously. The ckn is tender and the light sweet sauce is still nice, but I don't think it's mind-blowing

I have to say their diluted chili does work perfectly w the sweet sauce, hence the best way I think is to debone each piece and have it w the porridge along w some chili

However their ckn is rlly not deboned v well, there's a lot of small bones and it's v annoying to eat

Peanut wasn't v sweet, quite generous

Their pancake is soft and chewy, with some alcohol, very different from the norm and closer to the Chinese steamed cakes actl

Best Lor Mee in the West. $5 portion gets you braised noodles with mackerel fish and fried meat balls plus half a braised egg. Add chilli, garlic purée, celery and extra vinegar for extra flavours.

Please note that the queues can be very long during meal times but be patient. They tend to move quickly due to efficient teamwork at the stall.

The Seafood Thick Soup here is Thick and so flavourful.

The Grouper Fish slices tasted so soft and so fresh, prawns were fresh also.

The minced pork also damn good.

And the chilli provided compliments the seafood so well. It was tangy flavoured.

We also had the fish soup, which was ok, but once u go seafood soup, u just lose interest in the normal fish soup.

Pumpkin rice also good, very fragrant.


58 BCM noodles are springy, their pork liver was cooked to perfection, and the chilli sauce was damn good. Alot of pork lard.

Spring onion self service.

This is a rather popular store here, and expect to queue at least 30mins for this.

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Was having lunch at Taman Jurong Market, and was seated very near this BBQ seafood stall, and the aroma of their sambal, just enticed me to come over to order even though I just finished by lunch.

The sambal was damn delicious, the stingray was fresh and tender, meat slide of the bones so easily.

Must return again for their other seafood dishes.

Only open for lunch on weekends.

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This has got to be my family’s go-to-place for our favourite Teochew-style bak chor mee [a.k.a. minced meat noodles] ‘cause we are here for a meal nearly every week.

The stall is located in an air-conditioned food court within Taman Jurong shopping centre and we spotted the 1st generation owner of 58 Minced Meat Noodle at this stall!

Each bowl comes with slices of liver cooked perfectly, just the way we like it — tender & soft, as well as minced meat, pork slices, sliced mushroom and crowned 👑 with plenty of fragrant & crispy lard.

On the side, the bowl of clear soup broth actually packs a ton of flavour. Finally, for those who prefers bolder & stronger flavour [like me!], there’s a bottle of black vinegar placed at the counter so that I can add as much as I want to. 😍

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Chicken so tender, I thought I was eating fish.

Chicken well marinated also, very tasty and is rather popular with the jurong west crowd. A friend of mine that previously stayed In jurong west will frequent this store often.

This $19 portion maybe not enough for 2, Next time get $25 for 2 pax.

No garlic or chicken rice chilli provided here. Only chilli paid and soya sauce.

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