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At $18.80 it's average. It does taste garlicky and comes with a decent amount of tobiko topping with sakura. It doesn't taste bad and reminds me alot of a fried garlic noodle dish. I just think it can be done at home too when you buy the tobiko and sakura topping. That said, it's a nice cooked food option to have before digging into the dessert at this place.

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This cost $14 in total as I topped up $1 to make it a premium pistachio. The pistachio ice cream is thick and I recommend ordering to try if you love pistachio. As for the waffle, it's crispy and freshly made. But I don't really taste the presence of a strong pandan fragrance. It's a good effort considering Babba isn't a dessert place but a cafe. If you don't wanna head down to Wimbly Lu a few doors away then I think it's an ok dessert. Not really the best. It's just something ok to share at the end of a meal. In short the pistachio ice cream is ok and the waffles is normal lah.

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This salad tastes exactly like the usual Burrata salads in most cafes. The Burrata tastes exactly like your average Burrata. At $18 a plate, it's between ok-abit expensive because I do feel that Burratas in general are quite expensive in most places, even NTUC.

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The crab omelette cost $25. I will leave you the reader to decide whether it's expensive. I will rate the taste. So far it's quite nice and unique. I rarely see such an omelette done this way in many cafes. The hae bi hiam,(shrimp seasoned) is so flavour and add such a great depth of flavour with paired with the omelette. The egg is fried well with a creamy onside. Goes so well if paired with a bowl of rice. It's worth giving this dish a chance, plus they have some salad at the side. With 2 slices of bread.

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Aiyoh omg did I catch them on such a bad day. The bun isnt warm at all and yet the top part seems abit burn. I think they tried to it quickly. But I don understand why because the cafe is so empty today just 1 lady customer and me. What the heck. Plus the fries portions is slightly smaller today. If this happens a 2nd time I will not order this dish again. I am not a cook I have not idea whose fault is it. But this is no excuse for such a badly done dish on such an quite weekday. I am so disappointed and angry.

super lovely place with great service! sadly, we only had their desserts…🥲

Going 🍌 ($14)
going bananas will probably be one of my favourite desserts at this cafe! warm waffles that was served with our choice of ice cream (decided to try the hazelnut praline), walnuts, caramelised bananas and maple syrup! literally the best combination ever, ice cream and waffles can never go wrong☺️

Nutella Pie🍫🥧 ($8.50)
chocolate was super rich and creamy, went well with the tart. could have been better if it’s chilled a bit more~

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There is a slight root beer taste. Reminds me more of a chocolate lava cake. The cake seems to have its fans.A few of us love it. Some found it tasting like a normal chocolate cake. I guess you gotta try to find out.

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Among their new range of cakes. This one is slightly better. It's not the best. But the earl grey is distinct and rich. Inside, you will find some crispy chocolate layer.You can also find a layer of blue berry jelly inside but it not too strong in taste and doesn't add much to the overall taste. But it really help that they added a large number of fresh blueberries on top and make it pretty yummy to pair with the rich earl grey dense cream.

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Not my cup of tea. At first taste, the outer layer is a thin piece of cake which doesn't add much to the taste and bland. As I dig inside I do taste the cheesecake cream inside but at this price, I think it's just average. I prefer the taste of their earlier range of chocolate cheesecake which is since and a yummy version rivaling the cat and fiddle. This one just tastes plain and average. Sorry Wimbly

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For the price of $22 the portions are quite large. Parts of the chicken thigh are quite juicy but the outer parts are a bit dry. It think it's just ok.

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This cake also gave me mixed feelings after they revamped their range of dessert. I do like the contrast of the raspberry layer between the dark chocolate. But I was let down by the dense dry layer
of cake. It's not a good thing considering the fact that their desserts are not cheap. I might try it again to confirm whether this dessert is a flop. Maybe it's a one off that the cake layer is dry and old. But it does seem kinda short changing your customer.

This is their new lemon meringue pie after they have revamped their desserts. I am having mixed feelings about this. While love the addition of the bits of candied lemons on top, I prefer the original pie with a simple layer of lemon tart curd and torched meringue topping. This new pie doesn't have it. Plus some parts of the topping seems sweeter. I am not too thrill about it.