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One of the vegetarian restaurants you can find in JB, Roots Bistro focuses much on the fusion cuisine of meatless foods here.

To suit the local taste, they also have a few Asian style of meatless foods such as this pasta.

Served just exactly like a normal laksa, but using pasta as the noodle. Lemak and spicy enough.

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Visited this cozy little Italian restaurant opposite Amari Hotel, JB. Parking at Amari makes it convenient. We ordered pizza too. Burpple Beyond one-for-one can be used for pizza too. For an additional RM 6 you're given a mushroom soup and choice of gourmet coffee. Worth a visit when in JB.

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I actually finished it before the thought of review surfaced. Not bad, especially the large prawns and fish.


The meatiest pizza I've ever had, has chicken and beef in all manner and cuts spread over this pie

Tender and succulent chicken thigh and drumstick in a rich mushroom Ragu served with mashed potatoes and braised spinach.

The meat was juicy and not dry, with the mushroom sauce just adding a bit of earthy sweetness to the dish.

Made with chicken and beef salami, beef pepperoni, cheese all sandwiched between two baguette breads.

Each flavor was distinguishable, with the BBQ sauce melding them together perfectly.

Almost the entire main course menu is 1 for 1 for beyond members.
And that adds up to an insane amount of savings at this incredible Italian restaurant.

The food here is superb and the service and atmosphere is top notch.

The pizza was amazing, the sandwich was spectacular, the chicken was scrumptious and the pasta was perfect.

Yes, that's cheese on this iced mocha.

And yes, I loved it

Roots has literally mastered the making of sourdough, you can tell the fermentation is done perfectly making their breads have the signature tanginess of sourdough that is not intrusive

A springy eggy delight, with tomatoes and spinach to surprisingly brighten the eggs.

This is an lacto ovo vegetarian dish