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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Weird slightly nutty sauce, the crab is a variety I have never had before, because the meat quality is so different from stone or Dungeness crabs, but it's hefty at all.


Idk which style this is, kind of like teochew since there's so much stuff on top, esp black fungus, but also kinda sweet sour.

Seabass wasn't the freshest

Quite mild and there's a lot of ckn pieces which was quite decent actually, even if the soup isn't good enough

This was incredible, the sauce was so intensely umami, from various dried seafood? I srsly can't tell what's in there, except that it's explosive. I saw anchovies

Otherwise there's some sweetness as well in the sauce.

If you're here, this is a must try

I gambled and lost. The marshmellowy top was interesting but too many flavours going on and it clashed. As you can tell there's 10000 layers, in particular the mango's sourness clashed w the rest of the cake's mild sweet profile

It's still passable but best to get their mille crepes here probably

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The packaging might be fancy but the content didn't stun too much. The ratio could have been better, not sweet enough, but the skin was alright(it's the soft kind)

Haven't had too many of these so this is probably the best I've had, the exterior had some crunch even after half a day, and it wasn't too dry

Her favourite flavour at Baskin Robbins. Surprised how deep the flavour is, and texture was decent too. Not quite sure what's accounting for the deep flavour but the fruitiness was nice as well, doesn't taste too artificial

I hate to say this because I loved their Kaya, but I think standards have really dipped. Same custardly liquid texture, same egginess, but the aroma is much more muted now.

I remember being blown away by the strong pandan and coconut which melded well. Maybe someone else can confirm this? I'll try the gula melaka one instead next time

Taiwanese snack

Thin layer of nutty, sweet and sticky filling w a bit of bite encased in a flaky, buttery pastry. Decent I guess, quite well executed, but I can't rmb the authentic one as it's been so long since I've been to Taiwan. Seems legit to me tho

Freshly killed on the same day and a rarity. Well steamed too with the accompaniments being used well

However the texture is really hard to get used to. It's basically dried glue but softer I guess. Sticky texture (isn't actually sticky), quite a bit of chew, a bit soft, no crunch at all. No taste except for mild fishiness

Except for adventure there's no reason to get this.

Their menu is basically combinations of seafoods for the seafood porridges, just think about what seafood u want and you see if there's a closest match, then add on anything you want. Prices are reasonable so don't worry, but good to ask first because it's all seasonal

Minced pork add on wasn't very generous but good enough, surf clams were numerous. Surf clams and squid were both slightly overcooked though. Crab is decent, not super good but doesn't detract from the experience

Portion is really huge, we thought this could feed 4(it's meant for 2-3), but we struggled and finished everything

Their soup is delicious, it's so unique and unexpected. It's clear and theres the seafood umami but there's something to it. Maybe it's just the pickled veg but it really feels like a lot more. Nonetheless flavour is still clean and it's very comforting yet indulgent. Good stuff overall

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