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From the Burpple community

Weekend brunches are nice and all, but it ain’t a great brunch until it’s a BOOZY brunch. And here at @supplydemandnovena, you can booze up your brunch with FOURTEEN different cocktails, priced at an astonishing seven dollars and ninety cents each. That’s right, slightly under eight bucks for a cocktail at brunch. Oh baby YES!!⠀

Since it’s still in the AM, grab yourself an Iced Baileys Latte. The reliable ol’ latte is spruced up with a shot of Bailey’s liqueur, and you can get tipsy and woke at the same time. The latte’s pretty decent with low acidity on the coffee and a moderate milkiness, but the Bailey’s was not incorporated well. The bartender should’ve shook the Baileys Latte up vigorously, and that will be something to note for the future.

As for the Lychee Highball, it was a ravishingly refreshing, fizzy and moderately sweet cocktail. The lychee syrup is near perfect with the soda water, while the whiskey gives the cocktail a weighty body and the all important alcoholic punch. It may not be strong, but you sure can guzzle a whole lot of them.⠀

Supply & Demand’s cocktails are certainly not the strongest, but at just $7.90 nett until four pm, you can just keep downing them one after another. Now that’s what I call a weekend. Thank you so much for the hospitality @supplydemandnovena & @marque.sg!

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For the final dish of the tasting at @supplydemandnovena, we were served the Chorizo e Pancetta off the Exclusive Passholder menu that’s reserved for hospital staff, and medical students & staff at the school of medicine that Supply & Demand has set up operations in. At $15.90 nett, this simple but surprisingly substantial spaghetti will sate voracious appetites while satisfying the need for deliciousness.⠀

A generous portion of crumbled up chorizo sausages, diced bacon, onions and shrooms are tossed together with spaghetti in a secret, house special umami broth & olive oil. The spaghetti was slightly past al dente, but it was in no danger of turning mushy. The umami broth delivered, with the amply salty broth fully flavouring everything present. However, Supply & Demand might want to give people an option on the spice level, as the Chorizo e Pancetta is scorchingly spicy. My tongue was set aflame from the spice, and I reached out for my $7.90 cocktail quite often to try and battle the blaze.⠀

While Supply & Demand’s brand new brunch menu is the star attraction, their regular lunch & dinner menu is too good to be ignored. Thank you for hosting us, @supplydemandnovena & @marque.sg!

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Besides the brunch menu, Supply & Demand have an exclusive menu for all Tan Tock Seng Hospital staff, and NTU Medical School staff & students. One of the exclusive dishes is the All-Anatra pizza ($15.90 nett), which has mozzarella, tomato sauce, onion, rucola and smoked duck slices, complete with dashes of hoisin sauce sitting on a nine inch pizza base. I will admit, I’m not a fan of the house-made pizza base, as it was more bread-y & stodgy than other pizzas. Also, I do think the pizza could’ve done with more Pizzaiolo sauce & cheese, as I found that the toppings tended to flop right off the pizza. Still, it’s pizza, and for $15.90 flat, it’s pretty palatable.⠀

Thank you so much for the hospitality, @supplydemandnovena & @marque.sg!

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@supplydemandnovena most expensive item on the new & exciting brunch menu is the Panzerotto ($18.90 nett). That’s right, the most expensive brunch item doesn’t even come close to twenty bucks. It may be priced very affordably, but its size is considerably colossal. You could split it between a party of four along with a couple of other dishes and everyone would be stuffed. The panzerotto is an upsized, deep fried Italian savoury puff that’s stuffed with bacon, chorizo, mozzarella, mushrooms, onions and a house-made tomato sauce called Pizzaiolo Sauce and it is every bit as glorious as the description makes it sound.⠀

Now, most of the interior of the deep fried puff pastry shell is air, but there’s more than enough filling to stuff you to your socks. The molten mozzarella is the glue that holds together the salty bacon, the spicy chorizo, and the shrooms & onions, and this delicious cheesy mess is incredibly savoury & satisfying. As for the puff pastry shell itself, it was an intriguing cross between a pizza dough & puff pastry. The most peculiar thing about the panzerotto is that it actually gets better when you reheat it by pan frying it. I’m not sure why, but the dough gets flakier and less stodgy. Either way, I know what I’ll be storing in my fridge for those 2am beer munchies.⠀

Thank you so much for the hospitality, @supplydemandnovena & @marque.sg!

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Sweet and salty is an elite breakfast combo, and when your cravings demand that combination for brunch, @supplydemandnovena is there to supply with their Pan Dulcis Con Uova. In layman’s terms, it’s a cinnamon French toast served with scrambled eggs, a side salad of mesclun mix, and your choice of meat. We picked Parma ham ($15.90 nett) as we were feeling posh, and the nosh certainly did not disappoint.⠀

The French toast was slightly thicker than average and egg-citingly eggy, with a slight sweetness and hint of cinnamon. The sweetness is customisable as you can drizzle on as much maple syrup as you want, but Supply & Demand could’ve been a lot bolder with the cinnamon. As for the scrambled eggs, it was sufficiently soft & fluffy, but they definitely made a mistake by not seasoning the eggs. The inclusion of the salty parma ham did alleviate the problem a little, but those scrambled eggs were definitely begging for salt.⠀

Despite that miscalculation, the French toast itself was rather fetching, plus it was only sixteen bucks, an absolute steal for a café brunch dish. I found myself staring longingly at the sweet version of the French toast that came with mixed fruits and gelato instead. Well, perhaps next time.⠀

Thank you for inviting us, @marque.sg & @supplydemandnovena!

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I’ve seen @supplydemandnovena constantly pop up on my insta feed, but it’s only now that I’ve learned of the existence of their outlet in Novena, near to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The menu is slightly different to the outlet at Somerset, and Novena has an emphasis on their new Brunch Small Bites. Everything is well under twenty dollars, and get this, it’s ALL NETT PRICE. That’s right, no GST & service charge only at Novena Supply & Demand. ⠀

If you’re looking for a screamer of a wake up call, look no further than S&D’s Israeli Spicy Chicken Shakshuka ($1490 nett). Bell peppers, onions, chicken chunks and pumpkin are stewed in a spicy chunky tomato stew, and it’s all topped with an egg and crumbles of feta cheese. The stew is startlingly spicy, and while it was tolerable for me, it could be too violent for some, and S&D might want to consider letting patrons choose their spice level. There’s an ample amount of veggies in the stew, and it goes a long way towards making this stew feel healthy and wholesome.⠀

The chicken chunks, while ample, were all notably dry. Dipping the chicken in the spicy stew does help lubricate the poultry though. Most impressively of all, despite everything getting baked in an oven, the egg that topped the shakshuka was still runny! Start your day right with fire in your belly and order this sapid shakshuka when you visit S&D!⠀

Thank you for the invite, @supplydemandnovena and @marque.sg!

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