Brunch Munch

Brunch Munch

There's no meal more important than breakfast (or brunch if your bed's gravitational pull is too strong), so it's vitally important that you do it right. And these places definitely hit the nail on the head.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

@supplydemandnovena most expensive item on the new & exciting brunch menu is the Panzerotto ($18.90 nett). That’s right, the most expensive brunch item doesn’t even come close to twenty bucks. It may be priced very affordably, but its size is considerably colossal. You could split it between a party of four along with a couple of other dishes and everyone would be stuffed. The panzerotto is an upsized, deep fried Italian savoury puff that’s stuffed with bacon, chorizo, mozzarella, mushrooms, onions and a house-made tomato sauce called Pizzaiolo Sauce and it is every bit as glorious as the description makes it sound.⠀

Now, most of the interior of the deep fried puff pastry shell is air, but there’s more than enough filling to stuff you to your socks. The molten mozzarella is the glue that holds together the salty bacon, the spicy chorizo, and the shrooms & onions, and this delicious cheesy mess is incredibly savoury & satisfying. As for the puff pastry shell itself, it was an intriguing cross between a pizza dough & puff pastry. The most peculiar thing about the panzerotto is that it actually gets better when you reheat it by pan frying it. I’m not sure why, but the dough gets flakier and less stodgy. Either way, I know what I’ll be storing in my fridge for those 2am beer munchies.⠀

Thank you so much for the hospitality, @supplydemandnovena &!

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Sweet and salty is an elite breakfast combo, and when your cravings demand that combination for brunch, @supplydemandnovena is there to supply with their Pan Dulcis Con Uova. In layman’s terms, it’s a cinnamon French toast served with scrambled eggs, a side salad of mesclun mix, and your choice of meat. We picked Parma ham ($15.90 nett) as we were feeling posh, and the nosh certainly did not disappoint.⠀

The French toast was slightly thicker than average and egg-citingly eggy, with a slight sweetness and hint of cinnamon. The sweetness is customisable as you can drizzle on as much maple syrup as you want, but Supply & Demand could’ve been a lot bolder with the cinnamon. As for the scrambled eggs, it was sufficiently soft & fluffy, but they definitely made a mistake by not seasoning the eggs. The inclusion of the salty parma ham did alleviate the problem a little, but those scrambled eggs were definitely begging for salt.⠀

Despite that miscalculation, the French toast itself was rather fetching, plus it was only sixteen bucks, an absolute steal for a café brunch dish. I found myself staring longingly at the sweet version of the French toast that came with mixed fruits and gelato instead. Well, perhaps next time.⠀

Thank you for inviting us, & @supplydemandnovena!

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I’ve seen @supplydemandnovena constantly pop up on my insta feed, but it’s only now that I’ve learned of the existence of their outlet in Novena, near to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The menu is slightly different to the outlet at Somerset, and Novena has an emphasis on their new Brunch Small Bites. Everything is well under twenty dollars, and get this, it’s ALL NETT PRICE. That’s right, no GST & service charge only at Novena Supply & Demand. ⠀

If you’re looking for a screamer of a wake up call, look no further than S&D’s Israeli Spicy Chicken Shakshuka ($1490 nett). Bell peppers, onions, chicken chunks and pumpkin are stewed in a spicy chunky tomato stew, and it’s all topped with an egg and crumbles of feta cheese. The stew is startlingly spicy, and while it was tolerable for me, it could be too violent for some, and S&D might want to consider letting patrons choose their spice level. There’s an ample amount of veggies in the stew, and it goes a long way towards making this stew feel healthy and wholesome.⠀

The chicken chunks, while ample, were all notably dry. Dipping the chicken in the spicy stew does help lubricate the poultry though. Most impressively of all, despite everything getting baked in an oven, the egg that topped the shakshuka was still runny! Start your day right with fire in your belly and order this sapid shakshuka when you visit S&D!⠀

Thank you for the invite, @supplydemandnovena and!

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Everyone knows about fried chicken & waffles, but what if we pressed the upgrade button? That’s right, @supernovaforeva Fried Chicken French Toast ($24.70++) is the upgrade, and it’s unarguably better. Admittedly, the fried chicken tendies were slightly disappointing despite them being sensationally seasoned and spiced. Yep, they were manifestly dry, but the problem is easily solved thanks to two other components on this dish.⠀

The hot maple syrup is basically just Canada’s biggest export spiced up with chili flakes for a little extra feistiness, and this sweet & spicy syrup lubes the dry chicken up and offsets some of the spice with the syrupy sweetness. Just in case the maple syrup ain’t doing enough, a pat of garlic compound butter is also there for you to oil up the dry tendies and infuse everything with a solid whiff of garlic.⠀

It’s really no surprise that the French toast was the rockstar of this dish. The thickly sliced shokupan (Japanese milk bread) was flamboyantly fluffy, which allowed the bread to absorb more egg than a normal slice of bread. What you get is an eggs-ceptionally eggy French toast that has developed a thin, crunchy crust on the exterior similar to the top layer of a crème brûlée, while the middle is charmingly custardy. ⠀

The chicken tendies may be wack, but the French Toast deserves a toast to its eggs-traordinary egg-cellence that carried this entire brunch dish on its own.


I occasionally like my menu choices to come outta left field, and I surprised my cuisine clique when I ordered @supernovaforeva Baked Eggs #1 ($24.70++). The Baked Eggs came in a surprisingly large serving size, certainly a lot more than I was led to expect, and I was definitely more than sated once I was done.⠀

The Baked Eggs numero uno consisted of baked eggs (duh) cracked atop a bed of cauliflower mash that concealed the other ingredients of spinach & the same stellar smoky bacon that I’ve raved about before. Garnished very generously with a charitable portion of portobello mushrooms that have been enhanced with a drizzle of truffle oil.⠀

The cauliflower mash is a lighter, less dense but no less satiating version of mashed potatoes. In fact, it’s a keto version of mashed taters, retaining the same creaminess & richness that everyone associates with superb mashed potatoes. The extra thick smoky bacon bits buried within the mash adds that majestically meaty element to the breakfast, pairing perfectly with the aromatic, earthy truffled portobello shrooms. The spinach within shakes up this dish with its tart herbaceous qualities, and everything in this earthenware bowl is perfectly balanced.⠀

The baked eggs, to my very pleasant surprise, still managed to preserve a runny molten core of yolk even after everyone in the party had taken photos. The rich, luscious quality of the yolks mixed into the mash made everything even more luxurious. Of course, it wouldn’t qualify as a brekkie dish without bread, so there’s a gargantuan slice of freshly baked focaccia that’s standing by for you to wipe the bowl clean with.⠀

Just like everything else in the Baked Eggs #1, it was utterly sublime. Crusty exterior, impossibly fluffy interior, and flavoured with top quality olive oil & sun-dried tomatoes, the focaccia definitely earned its place in this dish. Truly, Supernova’s Baked Eggs are Number One.


Steak & eggs are amazing, but it could be better. Enter @supernovaforeva Steak Hash ($27.10++), which has a hundred & eighty grams of steak cubed up and mixed into diced fried potatoes, kale and julienned red onions, and almost completely covered with two enormous eggs, fried sunny side up.⠀

My only complaint with this dish is that the steak was cubed up, and in the process it lost some of its nice meaty texture. That aside, the steak was still tremendously tender, and was salted to perfection. The fried potatoes in the hash are slightly crisp on the outside, and had a very appealing mashed potato like texture held within the crispy skin. The potatoes contrast well with the crisp kale & onions, which also provide a slight bitterness & sweetness to break up the saltiness of the steak & potatoes. The giant eggs are some of the prettiest I ever did lay eyes upon, and the #eggporn you get when bursting the yolk is gorgeous.⠀

However, the element that united everything and made the Steak Hash so stellar is Supernova’s top secret green sauce. It tastes and has a mouthfeel like a superbly salty pesto hooked up with avocado to form this rich, creamy & stunningly savoury sauce. I simply couldn’t get enough of this sapid sauce, and I’d gladly take Supernova’s entire stock if they bottled this glorious green sauce for sale.⠀

Breakfast & brunch is motivation for humanity to leave the protective cocoon that is your bed every morning, and Supernova’s Steak Hash is all the motivation anyone will ever need to part with their bed.⠀


@thestacksg is a halal café focused on two brunch staples: sandos & waffles. The sole savoury waffle option is the Morning Glory ($16 before additional GST), which lives up to the name of the café. It’s amply stacked with slices of smoked salmon, avocado, tomato and a half boiled egg. It’s a hefty brekkie, but it’s plenty healthy.⠀

The waffle is chewy and delightfully dense, possessing a mild savouriness. It’s an excellent vehicle for the fresh avo & tomatoes, and pairs surprisingly well with the sublime smoked salmon. It also does quite an adept job of soaking up the runny yolk from that perfectly poached egg thanks to its spongy quality.

However, the thing that carried the entire Morning Glory to, well, glory was the stunningly stellar sriracha aioli. Spicy, sour, salty and rich, the demand for this creamy, awesome aioli far outstrips the supply. One of the best aiolis I’ve ever sampled for sure. I’d gladly rise & grind for this glorious stack.


There is only one correct way to have the perfect @mcdsg breakfast:⠀

1. Order a McGriddles Stack meal⠀

2. Politely ask (or demand) a little tub of hotcake syrup, and if you’re extra bougie, a set of McDonald’s finest silverware⠀

3. Get order, admire the breathtaking perfection that is the McGriddles Stack⠀

4. Drizzle exactly three quarters of the syrup over the divine brekkie sanger.⠀

5. Praise the breakfast gods, and devour this sexy stack in their honour.⠀

“Verily verily I say unto thee: ‘tis easier to pass through the eye of a needle than it is to enter breakfast nirvana.” - The 🅱️ook of 🅱️reakfast, chapter 6 verse 9⠀

Lockdown 2: The Encore That Absolutely Nobody Wanted, Needed Or Even Asked For is hitting most Singaporeans extra hard, but none have it harder than the restauranteurs & other F&B proprietors. One of those who’ve been utterly slapped in the face by the no dine in government order is, who was slated to officially open yesterday, the 17th of April. However, since the 16th was the start of the ban, they had to hurriedly throw a soft launch on the 15th, Saturday. Glad they did, and I’m glad I discovered them after about a half dozen pints of beer.⠀

Sure, hot chocolate may not necessarily be the best thing to stave off any unnecessary acts of drunkenness, but it sure is comforting. Clap does a ridiculously indecent rendition too, with three different kinds of chocolate melted down into the delicious Dirty Chocolate ($8 nett). If I remember correctly, the bossman, Frank, informed me that it was a mixture of melted dark chocolate, premium quality cocoa powder, and…well, I forgot. I’ve got an excuse for that, and it’s called ‘six pints before’.⠀

What I do remember, though, is that this hot choccy is incredibly chocolatey and only very mildly sweet. You can definitely taste the bitterness from the dark chocolate that’s been melted in, and the creamy concoction strikes the perfect equilibrium between bitter, sweet, smooth, and luscious. Of course, gotta have the marshmallow. Can’t forget the marshmallow.⠀

While I do think that it could be a touch thicker in body and the flavours could be enhanced with a sprinkling of coarse salt on top, it’s a hearty hot chocolate that’ll make you feel like you’re snuggled cosily into your safety blanket. It may be a Dirty Choccy, but it’s nothing but pure bliss.⠀

I wish all the best in these gruelling (albeit completely avoidable) times, and I think they’re still open for coffees/teas/Dirty Chocolates to go, plus you can bag one of their homemade pecan tarts or Basque cheesecakes to go. It’s a lovely little café that needs all the help it can get, so please go and get a delicious drink from them to support them.

7 Likes wouldn’t actually be a breakfast club if they didn’t flip up a gratifyingly greasy fry up, so of course they got that covered. Their normal Breakfast Plate ($9.90) has two triangles of French toast, a bratwurst, a hefty hash brown, cherry tomatoes, baked beans and of course, creamy scrambled eggs piled high on a ponderous plate. Of course I added on bacon & mushrooms for two bucks each, go big or go home fellas.

The bratwurst sports a comely char, with a sexy split in the sausage casing to indicate a great grill on it, while bacon is always brilliant, no exceptions. While the scrambled eggs aren’t quite a match for mine, they’re still serviceably sumptuous thanks to their marvellous moistness & charming creaminess. It’s seasoned lightly, which is fine when you marry it to the salty, stellar bacon that you should be adding on to this.

As for the baked beans...well, they’re tinned beans. Moving right along, the French toast was excitingly eggy & subtly sweet, with a respectable ratio of bread to egg. The sautéed shrooms were generously seasoned with salt, pepper & a hodgepodge of herbs, and they are guaranteed to will have you trippin’. To Flavortown, of course. The cherry tomatoes were a deal breaker though, as the raw tomatoes were sour and decidedly past their freshest. Sauté your tomatoes fellas, never forget.

Another thing that gets my goat in da Club is their ‘English Plate’ ($6.90).They’ve swopped out the sausage for bacon, subbed the scrambled eggs for a pair of sunny side ups, and dropped the baked beans entirely. Lad, it isn’t an English unless you’ve got baked beans, fried eggs, sausages AND bacon, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes on the plate. Bit sad innit bruv? Call it the petite plate or something mate, you don’t ‘ave a loicense to be butcherin’ the ol’ English like that.

Still, the Club does a decent fry up brekkie, and watch me go all out on these brilliant breakfasts. The club can’t handle me right now.

The first rule of Breakfast Club: tell everyone on Instagram about it. I don’t even remember who I first saw featuring on insta, but I definitely remember thinking: ‘sumbitch, this place is in my hood. Time to pay ‘em a visit.’ Operating out of the coffeeshop at the corner of Upper Serangoon & Simon Road, it’s about three doors down from the OG café that kicked off the entire cafehopping craze years ago.⠀

Setting up shop that close to the godfather of cafés? It’s a bold move Cotton, but it seems to be paying off for the Club. Yes, they’re selling café breakfast dishes for cheap in a coffeeshop setting, and they might just pull it off. This pancake threesome was only three dollars and ninety cents. That’s right, THREE. NINETY. While it ain’t three fiddy, it’s still a breathtaking bargain. They’ve got the clown prince of fast food thoroughly beat, and their pancakes are roughly the same size as those that the clown slings out.⠀

They’re adequately fluffy, and still retain that satisfactory satiation of a good pancake. They’re only mildly sweet, and require a decent dousing in ol’ Aunt Jemima’s syrup. Slap a pat of butter onto each pancake, and that’s all she wrote. Alternatively, you could pull off a 200 IQ play & come armed with some fruits or even ice cream to really personalise your pancakes. ⠀

Yes, these pancakes are passably pleasant, but getting your hands on ‘em for slightly more than tree fiddy? That’s a banging bargain right there, change my mind. Hint: you can’t


THE MCGRIDDLES ARE BACK! WHAT’S GOOD, BABY!!! Also, the McGriddle Stack is the best way to eat a McGriddle, thank me later.

Ok that’s all

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