Gourmet Trip

Gourmet Trip

The better and the best of the places I've eaten at.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

@shakeshacksg Black Truffle Fries ($8.90) marks a return to form for the Shack’s renowned fries. The last time round, I ordered the Steakhouse fries and got stale, stodgy spuds and a distressing lack of sauce. This time, the fries were nearly fresh out the fryer, and they’re sauced to the socks.⠀

Just like with the burger, the fantastic fries were doused with black truffle mayo and garnished with crispy fried shallots and scallions. The gratifyingly crisp fries got an extra boost from the shallots, and that truffle mayo turns the excellent fries into godly fries. The intoxicating essence of truffle permeates everything, turning the spuds into an amazingly aromatic experience, while the rich creaminess of the mayonnaise turns the lusciousness up to eleven.

However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, as the mountain of fab fries combined with the hedonism of the truffle mayo and the fried scallions got too much to bear after the halfway mark. These breathtaking Black Truffle Fries demand to be washed down with a pint of four of Shake Shack’s Shackmeister ale, and to be shared with friends (may or may not come with benefits). Tis the season of giving after all, no?


I’ve been a @yeastside.sg supporter when they first opened at King Albert Park, and I was only too happy to hear that they’ve expanded into a second, swankier premise closer to home. Not only that, but their menu has also expanded from their stellar sourdough pizzas to include small dishes like this Crabcake with Coleslaw ($18++).⠀

You only get a solitary crabcake for more than eighteen bucks, but it is a chonky crabcake. This is most definitely large enough to warrant a fork and a knife, and you’ll definitely want to slowly savour every bite of this cracking crabcake. The shredded crabmeat is mixed in with what feels like heavy cream for a creamy filling, which is shrouded in a delicate shell of breading before heading off to the deep fryer. This crabcake mix is plenty heavy on the spices, as I could taste whiffs of lemongrass, ginger and a few others within that creamy, salty crab filling.⠀

The compelling crunch of the thin shell of breading is contrast enough to the soft, mushy crab mix. However, the crunch factor here is upped with the inclusion of a remarkably fresh coleslaw. The ‘slaw is incredibly zesty and quite spicy, and definitely has Thai flavours as its inspiration. It’s a very forceful palate cleanser, and it’s probably is overkill for this delicious crab cake, but I rather enjoyed it. The tobiko didn’t make much of an impact tastewise, but it still happily came along for the ride, occasionally chipping in with a few small pops to keep everything interesting.⠀

With this crabcake, Yeast Side have gone full beast side when it comes to food. This crab got cake, and imma clap that cake.


Besides shucking fresh oysters, @goodmangroupsingapore does have a small selection of cooked food. Considering that their Kinex outlet is quite a small place, I think we can excuse their lack of entrées on the menu.⠀

Out of the half dozen or so mains, the Goodman Classic Fish & Chips sounded the most appealing to me. At $12.90 nett, these fish & chips were decent enough for the price of admission. Two fish (probably dory) fillets are seasoned lightly, battered, and deep fried till they attain a glorious golden hue. The fish is decent enough, with just enough moisture retained and a sufficiently crispy batter. However, it does rely very heavily on the tartar sauce for sufficient flavouring.⠀

Truth be told, this ain’t really fish & chips, but just fish & fries. Still a decent chippy though, and I liked the coleslaw which was leaning towards the sweet end of the spectrum as a palate cleanser. With $1.90 oysters, affordably priced entrées, and nine buck pints of beer from the tap, the good lads at Goodman are doing some seriously good work.

Believe it or not, I actually found @goodmangroupsingapore while I was mindlessly scrolling around google maps. Anything to do with oysters has my curiosity, but Goodman had my full attention with one picture: a little board proclaiming that their oysters were only $1.90 nett a pop. As far as I know, $1.90 an oyster is the cheapest you can get in Singapore, so I hustled down to slurp on some shellfish sharpish. Thanks for wanting me to win for once, Google.⠀

The $1.90 oysters were actually a limited time promo, but the results were so good that Goodman decided to make it a permanent deal. And the best part about these oysters? They weren’t just some minuscule mollusks scraped off the keel of a fishing boat, oh no. These mammoth mollusks from Japan easily dwarf most other oysters out there. Yes, don’t adjust your screens: that is a platter, not a plate, and those lemon wedges are full sized.⠀

On average, these oysters will span from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. They are exceptionally fresh, and pleasurably plump to boot. The briny, salty creaminess of the oysters are just downright irresistible with a splash of Tabasco and a squirt of lemon juice, and it’s all too easy to polish off these oysters in record timing. However, they can be pretty challenging as a one-biter, but that’s a challenge I’ll gladly accept.⠀

For just a dollar and ninety cents flat, you can savour the same oysters that Godzilla eats. If you’re looking for some massive mollusks that you don’t need to shell out too much for, the good men at Goodman Oyster Bar have you sorted.

I’ve always correctly regarded cauliflower as trash tier broccoli, but trust @lumbre.sg to turn this unpleasant veggie into a desirable one. The Grilled Cauliflower with Black Tahini ($24++) features a whole head of cauliflower grilled on Lumbre’s flame grill, showered in black tahini and garnished charitably with pomegranate seeds.⠀

Just like with the meats, the grill has bestowed a sexy smokiness upon the cauliflower, charring it just right for maximum impact. The rich, creamy tahini might be fortified with squid ink to achieve its colour, but I can’t confirm that. What I can confirm, however, is that the tremendously tasty tahini transformed the dull cauliflower into a vivacious veggie bursting with sapidity.⠀

The pomegranate covered two more flavours that the human tongue perceives: sweet & sour. These little seeds burst forth their sweet and tart juices, harmonising with the salty & smoky cauliflower & tahini flawlessly. This savoury symphony was so sublime that I was compelled to finish my veggies in short order.⠀

Alright, alright, I’ll admit it cauliflower. Perhaps I treated you too harshly.

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Y’all might scoff at us for ordering the Grilled Iberico Chorizo with Mexican Cheese ($22++) at @lumbre.sg, but sausage and cheese on bread is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. It’s right up there with the wheel, alcohol, and nuclear energy. If you disagree, go argue with the wall. Snags are an amazing appetiser, and these chorizos had us snagged real good.⠀

As the chorizo uses ground up Iberico pork, it is felicitously fatty and full of fabulous flavours. This extra juicy sausage was spicy, salty and the casing was sprightly and snappy, which are the prerequisites for a stellar sausage. Grilling the chorizo gives it an additional smokiness and oomph that it didn’t need, but is still incredibly welcome. That spicy, smoky sausage is plopped atop a small slice of crusty cheese toast, and quite liberally drizzled with nacho cheese.⠀

Cheesy, creamy, crispy, fatty, smoky, salty, and supremely satisfying, the Iberico Chorizo with Mexican Cheese is the ideal appetiser, and a sublime booze bite that goes well with every drink on Lumbre’s well curated drinks menu. My only issue with this meaty slice of heaven? There wasn’t nearly enough of it to satiate my desperate need for more of its excellence.

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Yes I know lobster laksa pasta has been done to death in Singapore, but believe me that @cherki_sg isn’t like all the other restaurants. First and foremost, that ain’t no slipper lobster/crayfish, that’s a legit Boston lobster baby! Well, half a Boston lobster, if the description on their menu is anything to go by. Besides that, Cherki’s Laksa Lobster Linguine ($27++) also has more lobster meat, taupok (fried tofu puffs) and a whole heap of linguine tossed in laksa gravy.⠀

The linguine was juuuuust barely al dente, with a more distinct bite to each noodle. The laksa gravy it was coated in was remarkably rich, with a weighty, gluttonously gratifying creaminess to it from the coconut milk. It wasn’t spicy enough to light up your tongue, but the ambrosial aromatics of the belacan (shrimp paste), galangal & lemongrass will certainly please your palate. I do wish there was much more of this luscious laksa gravy on this dish, that gravy was truly glorious.⠀

The lobster meat was sweet and tastefully tender, with each lobster chunk effectively melting after a bite or two. The sweet lobster paired impeccably with the luscious, spicy & savoury laksa, a match made in culinary heaven. The airy, charmingly chewy taupok was mainly there to give a familiar element to the laksa linguine, but it made the dish feel more complete. All Cherki needs to do now is throw in some crunchy beansprouts for a much needed textural contrast, and this dish would be perfect.


Argentinian Prawn Pasta? I didn’t expect the Argentinians to do pasta, but I really shouldn’t be that surprised considering that pasta is pretty much a universal dish. While it is neither a hundred percent Italian or Argentinian, @tonito.singapore piquant prawn pasta is definitely a hundred percent exquisite.

Silky strands of spaghetti done al dente are bathed luxuriously in a palatable pomodoro sauce, and fortified with two titanic Argentinian prawns, littleneck clams & shredded crabmeat. The sauce is a textbook example of how to do an excellent pomodoro : smooth, thick, garlicky, and jam packed full of satisfying savouriness with just a little sweet & sourness to shake it up. Just the perfect sauce for the pasta.

As one would expect of any self respecting restaurant, all of the seafood on the plate were commendably fresh. The huge prawns still retained their subtle sweetness, but now boasted a newly acquired smokiness from being grilled expertly. Garlic & prawns are a match made in heaven, and this is definitely seventh heaven. I mean, the prawns are comprehensively blanketed by fried garlic. Unless you’re Dracula, that’s Flavortown on the back of a couple of prawns.

As for the clams & crabmeat, they don’t add much in the way of flavour, but they definitely complete the dish and give it a sublimely satisfying weight. The crabmeat in particular will ensure that almost no mouthful is purely pasta and nothing else. Nossir, the carbs are completed by all the deeply satisfying seafood that rounds it all out. If you’re ravenously hungry and have an insatiable craving for pasta, this ponderous plate of prawn pasta is just what you need.

But wait, there’s MORE! With the brilliance of #burpplebeyond, you can enjoy TWO plates of this amazing Argentinian Prawn Pasta for the price of one! That’s right, TWO of these Argentinian beauties for the low, LOW price of $26++! Now, I’m crying for this Argentinian prawn pasta, but they are most definitely joyful tears.

Thank you so much for the invite, @tonito.singapore and @burpple!

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Usually when someone has their virgin experience, it’s a cringefest that’s better left forgotten. However, my virgin experience with lechon was an intensely pleasurable & unforgettable affair. @don_lechon_singapore has been one of the original dons for this porky Filipino staple, so it was a natural choice to go to get my lechon virginity taken.

God damn, I regret being a lechon virgin for so damn long. I have been persistently robbing myself of the carnal pleasures of that crazy crispy pork rind, and the salty & slightly herby joys of that fatty, immaculately roasted meat. For just ten bucks, I got a hearty helping of hog, which I hogged down in short order.

When you hear lechon, the sounds of earth shattering crunches and crackles immediately dominate the imagination. Don Lechon delivered all that ASMR and much more, with a ridiculously crispy rind that was more like a superbly savoury cracker.

Under that crunchy armour lies the juicy, stupidly sapid, smoky & tremendously tender meat. All porky odours have been banned here, with the scallions, lemongrass, pepper, garlic & salt marinade transforming each sinew of meat into a veritable orgasm of flavours. The smoke serves to intensify said orgasm of flavours, and each bite will send you into nirvana.

Normally it just comes with a heap of steamed rice, which serves its purpose well, but if you ask nicely enough, the proprietors will generously give you a bowl of kare kare sauce to pour over your rice. Kare kare isn’t actually curry, but a peanut butter based sauce. Think of it as watered down peanut butter and you’re right on the money. Yes, this is almost guaranteed to induce a sore throat, but you can’t have pleasure without a little pain. Also, you can call @don_lechon_singapore the don.

Chinese brand Yu Ba Fang had these stick-looking Pan-Fried Dumplings (or some call them 鍋貼 or pot stickers) catching my attention along the food kiosks at Basement 1 of Raffles City Shopping Centre.

At 8 pieces for S$10.90, I initially thought it might be a tad pricey. However, when eaten immediately, these Pan-Fried Dumplings were comforting and tasty, with pork and chive fillings going well with the dark vinegar. But perhaps I took my time with the food from start to finish, the last couple of pieces started to stick to each other as they cooled down.

In short, unless one could eat this very quickly upon serving, I would think that the dumplings might be expensive to savour.

@sevenscafe.sg has only been officially opened for less than 24 hours at time of writing, and they’ve already deeply impressed me with their fantastic food. Besides all day brekkie staples, the modern Australian inspired menu features this lipsmackin’ Land Protein bowl ($21++).⠀

Sliced smoked duck is fanned out on a bed of white rice mixed with quinoa, and is accompanied by smashed avocado plus diced beetroot and radish on the side. Of course, it wouldn’t really be a rice bowl without an egg, so there’s a nicely poached egg that crowns the entire affair. The carbs have the occasional additional bite to them due to the quinoa mixed in with the rice, and unaware diners may mistake the added resistance of the quinoa as the rice being undercooked. The rice is cooked perfectly, it’s just the natural bite of quinoa, relax.⠀

As expected, the star attraction is the smoked duck. It’s sliced a touch thin, and it’s a little uncomfortably close to being so thin that the texture of the duck is ruined. Fortunately, it’s thick enough to retain the tender, meaty texture of the duck, and the flavours are utterly scintillating. The already savoury smoked duck is glazed with a sapid soy glaze and is blowtorched, giving the fowl a delightfully deep smoky & umami flavour. The fat is skilfully rendered out, leaving a tastefully moderated layer of unctuous duck fat under that gloriously browned skin.⠀

I haven’t had smashed avo & beetroot since I left ‘straya, and both elements really take me back to the best year of my life. The avo is universally welcome with its comely creaminess, and the beetroot balances out the stellar sweet & salty elements already in the bowl with its zesty tanginess.⠀

At $21++, this is a premium portion, but the premium pleasure it provides will bowl you right over.

I haven’t seen any posts repping the sweet potato bites ($3.80 as a solo order) from @momstouch.sg, so imma be the pioneer. These bites are some sweet treats, as the small sweet potato balls are satisfyingly sweet & soft at its core, and creditably crispy on the exterior. These bites are some of the best you’ll ever get at a fast food joint, change my mind. Hint: you can’t.⠀

I find the cheese stick kinda funny, I find it kinda sad because it’s alone, and it costs $2.80 for a solitary stick. Still, it’s a a stick of mozzarella cheese that’s been breaded & deep fried, of course it’s gonna be awesome lmao⠀

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