Banana French Toast with Mascarpone

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The Banana French Toast ($12) from @vxxcooperative is a wicked combination of toasted banana bread, mascarpone, frozen berries and then a drizzle of that COFFEE CUSTARD!
Ah... itchy for another portion and a cup of their good coffee already!

A pretty dish destined for Instagram, but sadly fell short of expectations. Instead of a comforting eggy French toast, this tasted more like normal toast sandwiched with jam and a couple of bananas, and it was on the drier side. The saving grace was the mascarpone and freeze-dried raspberries; we ended up eating only the top layer with the accompanying coffee custard. This dish definitely has potential for improvement.

Must try. And this place is #halal so no alcohol too 😊
VXX Cooperative
20 Foch Road, Singapore 209261
Tel: +65 8720 0093
Opening Hours:
10am – 8pm, Food Last Order 6pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 6pm, Food Last Order 4:30pm (Sat - Sun)


As soon as you step in, you know you're entering an extraordinary cafè. Welcomed by a smile and greetings, enthusiasm in sharing information about the menu; it was indeed a great ambiance for a Friday night me-time.

I ordered their Banana French Toast. I was told that it's only served until 4PM, but they were nice and accommodating enough to serve me my order eventhough at 8PM. 😉

The balance of flavour in this dish was admirable. There is sweetness yet tartness. The fragrance that was so addictive. The texture of lightness, softness and chewiness that made this dish a symphony of a great food experience. 💕🤤
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Thanks burpple for the discount I came here 3 times in a week because of it HAHA. Loved the robust fragrance of the banana bread. Coupled with the buttery mascarpone and raspberry bits, the blend of flavours were just great :)

[Muslim-Owned] This was highly recommended among some people on here, so it was only natural that I took the liberty of ordering it without any second thought. It's their Banana French Toast that sandwiches a layer of blueberry compote, and is lathered with a spread of tangy mascarpone, then garnished with finely chopped raspberries and strawberries. Finally, on the side, you have a coffee custard for you to drizzle on (or flood if you prefer) the centrepiece. 🍞🍳

The coffee custard made all the difference with this one. Before incorporating it into this dish, all you'll get is tang after tang, punctuated by mild sweetness. But after doing so, you'll realise how extremely sensible and breakfast-esque of a combination it is. The coffee flavour wasn't woody or bitter-potent like that of the black ones. It was understated enough to be able to click well with the wisp of sweetness. It enhanced the dish, needless to say, but without doing too much. I personally liked this! 🍌🍓☕️

Yet, there's just something about this which didn't floor me. Perhaps I'm just feeling blasé about the commonplace, ubiquitous brunch items. Or maybe I'm still smitten with a similar rendition of this that I've tried elsewhere. Whatever it is, I'll still stick to my guns and say that this was pretty good! (7.5/10)
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Well if you can, you... you have no... Damn you're basically on the side of the Terrorists. Too bad, Not bad. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: You add the ice cream. You don't say no to someone who asks if you want an extra service(s) after whatever you are doing be it massage or yea... 😏
It's not like you're going to stop having sex before you climax right? Fu*k No! You do it till the every end fam. It always come as a package. So add the ice cream, plus it's a Collaboration with Apiary made using Nylon's coffee beans. 🖖🏻


I've been seeing VXX Cooperative pop up every now and then on my social media feeds, but I've dismissed them as yet another overpriced hipster café that you could unabashedly whore yourself out to Instagram in. Oh how wrong I was, and VXX's stunning banana French toast set the record straight.

Two thick, fluffy and subtly sweet banana laden slices of French toast are conjoined by a beautiful berry compote that's satisfyingly sweet, yet tastefully tart. Light, airy mascarpone is generously slathered atop the beautiful banana French toast before a smattering of frozen berries are artfully arrayed atop the whole thing.

On its own, it's a satisfying, sweet start to any day of the week, but when that delectable coffee custard sauce rains upon the colorful parade, and when a scoop of VXX's stellar signature coffee ice cream is tacked onto the already amazing affair, it just takes you to a higher level. At no point while consuming this tantalizing toast did I ever feel like I needed an insulin shot.

All the flavors combine to bring you a sweet symphony of delight, and good God do I need to get myself an encore of this palatable performance. When the price of admission is just a modest $12 with an additional $4 for that superb scoop of ice cream, there really isn't much that can dissuade me from returning for more.


Berries compote between simple banana bread, with mascarpone and freeze-dried raspberries.

Enjoyed the delish coffee custard which was fragrant and not cloying. Not the best banana bread around (wished there were more banana) but decent enough for a happy dessert with good coffee. Topped up $4 for a scoop of espresso-based ice cream that seemed to have a hint of earl grey(?!) which was an absolute delight.

Setting high standards with their specialty coffees, VXX Cooperative uses beans from all over the world — Cloud Catchers (Malaysia), Koppi Roasters (Sweden), Tim Wendelboe (Norway) and Nylon (Singapore). Keep it simple with a Cold Black ($5) on hot days, or go for the unique Espresso Set ($8) that sees a white coffee paired with a shot of espresso on the side. Alternatively, ask the friendly and knowledgeable baristas about their Selection Coffee which changes every few of days. Their recently revamped menu features comforting dishes like the Chilli Crab & Cheese Omelette on Sourdough ($14), where a sweet and spicy omelette gets a generous stuffing of crabmeat and cheese and sits atop a slice of sourdough from The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough. For a dessert to share, have the Banana French Toast with Mascarpone ($12) that comes with freeze-dried raspberries and a nice earthy touch of thyme. Be sure to add on a scoop of their Signature Flavour ($4), an espresso-based ice cream birthed from a collaboration between Apiary and VXX Cooperative.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan