[Muslim-Owned] This was highly recommended among some people on here, so it was only natural that I took the liberty of ordering it without any second thought. It's their Banana French Toast that sandwiches a layer of blueberry compote, and is lathered with a spread of tangy mascarpone, then garnished with finely chopped raspberries and strawberries. Finally, on the side, you have a coffee custard for you to drizzle on (or flood if you prefer) the centrepiece. 🍞🍳

The coffee custard made all the difference with this one. Before incorporating it into this dish, all you'll get is tang after tang, punctuated by mild sweetness. But after doing so, you'll realise how extremely sensible and breakfast-esque of a combination it is. The coffee flavour wasn't woody or bitter-potent like that of the black ones. It was understated enough to be able to click well with the wisp of sweetness. It enhanced the dish, needless to say, but without doing too much. I personally liked this! 🍌🍓☕️

Yet, there's just something about this which didn't floor me. Perhaps I'm just feeling blasé about the commonplace, ubiquitous brunch items. Or maybe I'm still smitten with a similar rendition of this that I've tried elsewhere. Whatever it is, I'll still stick to my guns and say that this was pretty good! (7.5/10)
Oh, just wanna quickly say that I was really pleased with the 20% discount that is available through this app. 😛 This sweet deal is among the handful on this app that are waiting to be discovered. Soooo if you know of any thrifty hedonist, hint hint: tell them to download the revamped Burpple app pronto! 😎