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Featuring Concetto by Saveur, NOM - Bistro & Bakery, Fynn's, Chabuton ([email protected]), burger joint, Ho-Jiak, Momolato, A.S. Seafood Soup 安盛海鲜汤 (Bedok), Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, Fried Chicken Master
Raine Liu
Raine Liu
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The most intriguing cocktail I have ever had - Tom Yun Bloody Mary ($25).

Coming from the stands of a cocktail amateur, it tasted like a cold version of your usual tom yum soup! Slight heat and spice while covering up nicely all the strong alcoholic taste.
The drinks here were all pretty interesting - another drink I really liked would be the easy to drink Bandung inspired Babung Blush ($25). This was a hosted tasting courtesy of @museamusesg and thank you @sixthsensepr for the lovely invitation.

Brown says: "Goodnight and Sweet dreams".

Brown ($4.50) from @bonheur_sg in Nutella flavour! Always cannot resist getting one after walking past their store in Raffles City basement 🙈

#MeatlessMondays done right while settling my cravings for Jajangmyeon!

You wouldn't believe this is meat free as it was pretty tasty. Absolutely love the addition of cucumber slices and radish cubes providing a nice crunch and bite.

Comfort desserts to end any meal - Cookies and Cream Dessert (additional $4 if you have their weekday set lunch).

Every component worked really well together from the frozen vanilla bean parfait, homemade chocolate chip cookies to even the salted Milo sauce, every part well thought of to satisfy that cheat day sinful dessert cravings.

Dedicating my 3000 post with Baked Eggs ($18) from @firebakesg!

Simple ingredients but big on flavours - I mean just look at how beautiful are those Swiss Woodfire Bacon 😍 pure umami love. Everything was well balance and so so tasty. Best part was definitely still tasting their incredible firebaked breads, can really taste the difference from the usual run of the mill bread.

Brunch menu available from Thurs - Sun 11.30am - 2.30pm!

Cold Mocha is OUT at @oldhencoffee!

Best of the both worlds as I always can't decide between their smooth white cold brew or delicious Valrhona Chocolate 🤣

Prettiest sight to wake up on a Saturday morning!

The Banana French Toast ($12) from @vxxcooperative is a wicked combination of toasted banana bread, mascarpone, frozen berries and then a drizzle of that COFFEE CUSTARD!
Ah... itchy for another portion and a cup of their good coffee already!

TGIF feels....

for Korean BBQ and definitely for one of the best one in Singapore would be @eightkoreanbbq! Just have to love their 8 Colour Pork Belly - every different "Colour" is of a different flavour from original to wine, miso and curry.
This was a tasting by @eightkoreanbbq, thank you @juicyfingers for extending the invitation 🙌🏻

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