I've been seeing VXX Cooperative pop up every now and then on my social media feeds, but I've dismissed them as yet another overpriced hipster café that you could unabashedly whore yourself out to Instagram in. Oh how wrong I was, and VXX's stunning banana French toast set the record straight.

Two thick, fluffy and subtly sweet banana laden slices of French toast are conjoined by a beautiful berry compote that's satisfyingly sweet, yet tastefully tart. Light, airy mascarpone is generously slathered atop the beautiful banana French toast before a smattering of frozen berries are artfully arrayed atop the whole thing.

On its own, it's a satisfying, sweet start to any day of the week, but when that delectable coffee custard sauce rains upon the colorful parade, and when a scoop of VXX's stellar signature coffee ice cream is tacked onto the already amazing affair, it just takes you to a higher level. At no point while consuming this tantalizing toast did I ever feel like I needed an insulin shot.

All the flavors combine to bring you a sweet symphony of delight, and good God do I need to get myself an encore of this palatable performance. When the price of admission is just a modest $12 with an additional $4 for that superb scoop of ice cream, there really isn't much that can dissuade me from returning for more.