Bangkok, Thailand
Travel, Thai, Cheap & Good Bangkok, Thailand Only the Best in & Around Bangkok, Thailand. 🇹🇭
Desserts & High Teas
High Tea, Waffles, Desserts Desserts & High Teas A page dedicated for Dessert, for the sweet tooth but hopefully not diabetic.
Michelin Starred
Fine Dining, Michelin Guide Michelin Starred 1⭐️- A very Good Restaurant in its category. 2⭐️- Excellent cooking, worth a detour. 3⭐️- Exceptional Cuisine, worth a Special Journey.
For Your Cafe Hopping Pleasure
Breakfast & Brunch, Cafes & Coffee, Cakes For Your Cafe Hopping Pleasure Many cafes open & close in Singapore, but which deserve to stay??
Chirashi & Kaisendon
Salads, Japanese, Healthy Chirashi & Kaisendon On a hunt for the Best Chirashi & Kaisendon
Indian Food
Local Delights, Indian Indian Food 3 months in India totally made me appreciate Indian food to a whole new level.
Healthy Eats??
Salads, Healthy Healthy Eats?? We all have to eat, you might as well eat well. Healthily or Arteries Clogging Caloric Mind Boggling Food?! It's definitely Healthy, right?? HAHAHAHAHA 😂
Breakfast & Brunch
Breakfast & Brunch, Cafes & Coffee, Bread Breakfast & Brunch The only thing that motivates me to wake up in the weekdays are Breakfast, in the weekends?? Brunch. Otherwise, one might as well sleep in & wait till Dinner.