Fast Food, Western, Burger American/English/Western Huge grills, burgers, fries, well fast food too?
Popular, Hidden Gem I Cried Well, I almost. But these were enough to bring me to a standstill where my heart goes “Thank you God. (That there is such good food), God is so good” P.S. I’ve ever only cried unknowingly from that piece of sushi in Japan coming out from very food-deprived college days
Hawker/Kopitiam, Interesting, Hidden Gem Singapore Hawker With a twist! The unconventional, the unique 💪🏼😋
Western, Healthy, Others Unidentified Food Categories But is generally, surprisingly not bad!! The not great ones enter ‘Overrated’ list Could be hype? that I fear would someday become passé Could be fusion?
Hot Pot, Soup, Chinese Chinese Hotpot and all things spicy, pungent 💪🏼🌶 #spicegirl