Chinese hotpot with various soup base and fresh ingredients. Most importantly, our soup bases are all free of MSG! LongQing truly treasure family values and believes having quality time spent over a good meal would bring closer bonds...

18 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059661

05:30pm - 11:00pm


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These little balls of taro (terror) is so good, you'd have every legitimate reason to get them even if you are so full from the hotpot feasting. This came deep fried with a crispy yet QQ outer layer much like a 鹼水角 (lye water) and had a nice sweet blend of sweet potato and yam inside. For those who like the teochew iconic dessert - orh ni 芋泥 (sweet yam purée), this is a great rendition of your favourite yam paste dessert that you would want to end your meal with. However, you need to pre-order this beforehand.

Otherwise known as the "hundred pages of the beef stomach" 牛百頁”. It has an almost Japanese sounding name, and is actually the 3rd compartment of the stomach which has really a not well understood function. Who cares anyway as this almost crunchy texture gets chomped down, again goes best with the Mala broth.

For those who love the flavours. This is as "strong" as it can get, if you get what I mean.

Full bodied chive fillings that would certainly keep us coming back for more! A thought crossed our mind that this might be the one we can come back for just for a light lunch!

Best for Mala hotpot, soaking in all the flavours of the broth.

Sliced tioman fish rolled beautifully into rose blossoms with cherry tomatoes as buds. Not the most impressive, but visually captivating.

This Hong Kong Street restaurant is our pick for Chinese mala hotpot with class. Elegantly decked out, it is perfect for an intimate dinner with a spice-loving date. For a fuss-free meal, order one of the three hotpot set menus (from $55, serves two) to share. Each set comes with a variety of meat and vegetables, along with a divided pot for two MSG-free broths — we highly recommend the tongue numbing mala as well as the rich and concentrated wild mushroom. If you're really specific about what you want though, consider ordering everything a la carte, from broths to ingredients. That's what Burppler Veronica Phua did, filling the table with tender Premium U.S Short Rib ($22) and Mangalitsa Pork Collar ($30). For best value, visit on a Tuesday, where you can enjoy their one-for-one promotion on all meats, except luncheon meat. You're welcome.
Avg price: $40
Photo by Burppler Sam Chua

All the meat they served are quite fresh as you can tell. Sauce is free here in Long Qing. Service is excellent too, as staff is very accommodating and adding soup for us without we ask actually.

I think this is one of my favorite steamboat place in Singapore. Soup was really fresh and you can feel straightaway there’s no MSG inside, as you don’t feel thirsty when you eat more soup.

All the sides are freshly served too.

Highly recommended! And will definitely come back again 👍🏻

Hence, hearing many good reviews on the place from the Burpple tastemakers, I had to bring my friends down to LongQing when we were searching for a spot to have a casual get-together. And of course priding themselves in various soup bases that are free of MSG, we were looking forward to LongQing’s soup bases that are cooked for hours on end.

Having a yuan yang with the classic Wild Mushroom and Signature Broth ($20/ mix of two soup bases), the former was definitely my favourite with a tinge of herb detected in each spoonful - light and “mushroomy”. Offering fresh and quality ingredients, you can choose from the sets or have them ala carte. For us, we ordered the Vegetable Platter, tender Premium U.S Short Rib ($22), succulent Pork Belly ($12), Pork Collar and Luncheon Meat ($6.80). The short rib being my pick. Overall, I enjoyed my experience at LongQing and found them to be an excellent alternative to other steamboat restaurants that provide heavier as well as overly seasoned items.

Smear on some condensed milk if you like your desserts extra sweet. Even @jonathanleewe who doesn't like Orh-Nee, approves of this.
You may think "taro after hotpot's too heavy for dessert", but trust me, no matter how full you are from your meal here, you wouldn't wanna miss these balls 🤓

9.8bucks/serve of 6pcs

We had a taste of the citrusy Miwa Yuzu Sake (personal fave), the traditional Kiku Masamune Junmai Taru and the sofisticated Ozeiki Junmai Rai for more experienced alcoholics. 😉
If you need recommendations for broth choices, try these:
- Spicy MaLa Broth | good amount of heat without too much of the numbing sensation.
- Wild Mushroom Broth | the friggin' best extracted mushroom flavoured broth I've ever tasted. More than three types of mushrooms boiled for hours with their signature Pork broth!
- Shark's Fin Melon Herbal Soup | newest addition to their broth choices, naturally sweetened with Honey Dates and Chinese Almonds.

58bucks/bottle of Yuzu Sake

Gelatinous, yet still retains a good bite.
It's THE cold appetizer we never fail to order whenever we're here 🖤

These can be elusive as they are hand-made in small batches by the Head Chef. Do make sure to reserve them when you make a table booking. Otherwise you may miss out on ending your steamboat meal with these delightful domes of smooth yam paste coated in a thin, lightly crispy dough.

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1. Minimum of 4 dining guests. 4th guest will dine for free with every 3 paying adults

2. Applicable for set lunch from Tuesday to Friday between 11.30am to 2.30pm only

3. Reservations required. Please call 65331618 and quote 'Burpple Promo' when making reservations

4. Not valid with any other ongoing promotions, vouchers or discounts

5. Not available on eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays and on Special Occasions

6. The management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice