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Restaurant In Sg

Featuring Marina Bay Sands, Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant (Ngee Ann City), Hjh Maimunah Restaurant (Joo Chiat), Teppei Syokudo (Republic Plaza), The Diner by the Travelling C.O.W, Royale (Mercure Singapore Bugis), Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen (Orchard Exchange), Robertson Quay, Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen (Northpoint City), Wagyu Omakase by Ayumu
Cecil Dulam
Cecil Dulam

Feature their limited broth, Golden Preserved Vegetable Seafood broth, combination between sweet from seafood and tangy from preserved vegetable and punch of pickled peppers.

Don’t miss their Special Ladies Promotion (18-24 July 2022).
Dine with 1 lady - 10% off food ingredients.
Dine with 2 ladies - 20% off food ingredients.
Dine with 3 ladies -30 % off food ingredients.
Dine with 4 ladies - 40 % off food ingredients.
Dine with 5 ladies and above - 50 % off food ingredients.
Valid for dine in and walk in only.

📍Beauty In The Pot Outlets.

Feature :
💕Live Lobster Porridge.
The broth taste lighter compare to the last time I visit, served with live Lobster (photo is using Live Southern Australian Lobster - $288)
💰Start from $72 (depend on lobster).
💕Salt Baked Yellow Crab roe.
The crab baked with salt and house blend spice.
💰$120 for 2 pcs.
💕Seasoned Fried Baby Squid with sweet and spicy thai sauce.
The baby squid deep fried and served with sweet spicy sauce, red onions and cucumber strips.
💕Signature Steven chicken.
The chicken kept on the bone, deep fried and coated with homemade marmite and honey sauce and sesame seeds.
💰$16 for 8 pcs.
💕Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clams.
Steamed bamboo clams with soya sauce and vermicelli.
💰$16.8/ pcs.
💕Lobster Salad.
Chunk of lobster, served with honeydew, cantaloupe and celery with house made mayonnaise sauce, and topped with uni.
💰$158 for 4-6 pax sharing ( price on the highside for this item).
📍Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant.
2 Yishun Walk, #03-01.
HometeamNS Khatib

💕 Braised Fish Maw with Porcini Mushroom.
Fresh fish maw from local farm served with Wild porcini mushrooms lunnan solo clove garlic, Chinese yam and Yunnan Qiubei Chillies.
The fish maw texture is softer than usual, with enough spice and perfect pair with with rice
💰$42.8++( Small ) or $52.80++ (big).
💕 Steamed Cod with “Mei Cai”.
Cod fish cooked with preserved mei cai vegetable from Dabu Country, neither too salty or too sweet.
$31.9 ++
💕 Claypot Rice with Minced Beef / Pork and Crispy Red Beans
The rice cooked with special house-made sauce, served with stir-fried minced beef / pork and vegetables. Topped off with salted vegetables, crisp-fried pork lard and spring onions.
💰$24.9 ++
💕 Pomelo Salad with Osmanthus Dressing.
With a highlight of lily bulb, tossed with shredded pomelo in house made osmanthus honey sauce.
Beside these 4, I also tried :
💕 Lychee Prawn Ball.
Bite sized ball of fresh prawn paste, deep fried with crispy bits for crunchy exterior.
💕 Hotplate Milky Tofu with Spicy Garlic.
Soft tofu fried to crispy brown and served with spicy garlic seafood sauce.
💕 Sautéed Cabbage with Dried Chillies.
Simple but yummy, stir fried cabbage with garlic, thin slices of pork and dried chillies
💕Charcoal Grilled Chicken Wings .
💰$3.8 / skewer, min 2pcs
💕Charcoal Grilled Chicken Skin.
💕Steam Pot Chicken Soup with Lily Bulb.

ION Orchard #B3-17

I ordered Ajitama Uma.
The broth was rich and flavourful (I finished entire broth), served with noodle that we can choose the texture from firm, original and soft. I chose firm coz I like my noodle with bites. The thick cut Chashu a bit tough for my liking.
📍Bari Uma.
273 Thomson Road, #01-03/04.
Novena Garden.

It’s a decent mee rebus, but I prefer their toast over the mee rebus.
📍Wang cafe.
Amk hub.

Start today,, by Chef Bruce (from Meat N’ Chill) launched newest line of burgers, with highlight of Japanese Wagyu X Angus Patty Blend ,a blend of the highest-grade Japanese A5 Tochigi Wagyu Steak and dry-aged Australian Angus Beef.
Feature 3 out of 4 burgers :
💕For The Carnivores:
Soft toasted bun served with thick-cut bacon and Japanese Wagyu-Angus patty, Monterey Jack Cheese, Smoked Umami Mayo, Pickled Onion Jam, Steakhouse Seasoning
💕The Next ‘Big Thing’:
Soft Toasted Bun served with Wagyu-Augus Patty, Monterey Jack Cheese, Szechuan Mala Mayo, Raw Onions
💕Good O’ Classic:
A classic has been Chef Bruce's masterpiece for the past 7 years Toasted Bun, Wagyu-Angus Patty, Monterey Jack Cheese, Smoked Umami Mayo, Caramelised Onions, Pickles,Chef’s Signature BBQ Sauce
💕Smash Burger:
With a choice of double or single patty,
a classic Toasted Bun, Secret Wagyu-Angus Patty, American Cheddar Cheese, Iceberg Lettuce, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise
💰$21 ( double patty ), $16 for single patty.
All burger comes with 2 sides, available only via delivery and takeaway.

They just launch Summer Menu curated by Chef de Cuisine, Francesco Di Marzio for Singapore diners.
Feature :
💕Amela Tomato
Smoked Burrata with Chou Chao and mint sauce vierge.
I think the most yummy tomato I had in my life, the tomato was sweet with a filling of milky Burrata, with refreshing sauce.
Iconic Pasta parcels served with “Laksa” herbs coulis from the garden.
💕Amadai from Yamaguchi.
Fresh Amadai with edible crisp scales served with Lettuce , pine buds and capers leaves yellow wine and trout roe
Love the texture and combination flavour.
💕The Pigeon from Bresse
Chrysanthemum and chamomile, baby eggplant and black garlic.
Tender delicates squab served with Chrysanthemum and chamomile, baby eggplant and black garlic.
💰$248++ Per Guest and $158++ for Wine and Sake Pairing
Will share more about dessert in next IG post.
📍La Dame de Pic.
1 Beach Road
Raffles hotel Singapore

💕Murasaki Uni | Tairagai
Murasaki Uni and Japanese Pen Shell from Hokkaido and Kristal caviar are served on a homemade egg-yolk sauce. 

💕Kuro Awabi
Abalone dashi served with steamed sliced black abalone with abalone liver sauce fortified with uni.

💕Nodogoro "Benihitomi"
Grilled Nodoguro, or blackthroat sea perch on sushi rice, homemade diced narazuke.

Pacific Sea Perch Served with salted kombu. 

Shabu Shabu
Kinki fish from Hokkaido is filleted and flash poached in a broth made with the kinki fish bones. Served with pumpkin somen. 

Deep Fried
Silver pomfret from Yamaguchi is wrapped in spring roll skin and deep-fried. Served with fruit tomato sauce and topped with Kristal Caviar.

Charcoal Grilled
💕Hida Beef
Sirlon cut, grilled over binchotan and served with rice salt (rice powder + sea salt) from Hiroshima

Hokkaido Hairy crab rice with pickled cucumber - served with a homemade hairy crab 'mayonnaise' and spicy pickled mustard leaves 

Musk Melon From Shizuoka

💰 $450++ for ten-course dinner

Shaw Centre , #01-11

The portion is big, the bread was soft inside with light crisp on the outside, served with crispy bacon, salad and berries.
📍Parallel Cafe.
3 club street

The latest dining concept by JUMBO Group of Restaurants celebrates the Singapore cuisine through tasting menus and wine pairing. Beside tasting menus also available a la carte menu.
Feature :
Signature fragrant rice in rich seafood broth
Pipping hot umami Prawn broth, served with shelled mud crab meat and botan ebi.
📍JUMBO Signatures
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands , #B1-01B
2 Bayfront Avenue

Feature :
💕 Chinese Lettuce Salad in Szechuan.
A re-inspired Northern Chinese, the lettuce was crunchy served in tingly numbing sauce.
💕 Small Bowl La Mian with Picked Mustard Green Soup
Chilled Crab Meat Crystal Jelly.
Jelly with filling of crab meat set in a superior stock and served with a tangy black vinegar dip
💰$10.9 for 6 pieces
💕 Shredded Crispy Duck served with Pancake.
Little boss fav, crispy meaty duck fillets served with homemade crepe with julienne cucumber and Chef’s special sauce.
💕 Mala Grilled Patin Fish.
Fresh Patin fish served in mala-based broth, not too numbing, and with ingredients like beancurd knot, black fungus, lotus root, preserved vegetables, flat mung bean noodles and deep-fried garlic chips.
💕Steamed Prawn and Cheese Xiao Long Bao.
combines flavours of fresh prawns and mozzarella cheese, finely-balanced.
💰&15.9 for 6 pieces, $24.9 for 10 pieces.
💕 Purple Sweet Potato & Cheese Pastry.
sesame studded mochi ball with a not-too-sweet purple sweet potato and mozzarella cheese filling
💰$5.9 for 4 pieces.
📍Crystal Jade.
Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #01-70

The fish was tender, succulent served in tasty, numbing and not too spicy soup based.
Will prefer if the fish debone.
📍Hand in Hand restaurant.
Jalan Besar 141-143.

IG : ShootandSpoon

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