Italian, Fine Dining, Pasta Italian 👨🏼‍🍳 Freshly baked focaccia, Hand-made pasta, bittersweet tiramisu... Traditional home styled Italian cooking never fails to give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. 💕
Malay, Local Delights, Travel Malacca Hunts 🇱🇷 A documentation of the local food finds in the heritage city of Melaka!
Western, Italian, Pizza Pizza 🍕 This list includes the tomato-based, olive oil-based etc; there's no discrimination here. So long as we are talking about having lots of mozzarella cheese... 🧀😌
Western, Date Night, European Risotto 🍚 Ang-moh rice that is so well-cooked to absorb such flavourful stock; can't get any better than that.