Pau 包子
Dim Sum, Cheap & Good, Hawker Fare Pau 包子 no not 抱 (hugs) but sometimes, they are so fluffy it's really like a warm hug :D
Cafes & Coffee, Bread, Healthy Toasts to fuel my carbs and bread obsession 🙊🙉🙈
Supper, Cheap & Good, Hawker Fare, Healthy Popiah on the hunt for the best popiah in Singapore, one stall at a time...
Popular, Salads, Healthy Salad Bowls healthy salad bowls do not mean bland or boring!! Here's my guide to filling and healthy green bowls 🌱
Bite-sized Treats
High Tea, Desserts, Bread Bite-sized Treats 'fun-sized' tiny baby treats that may be small but full of character and flavour!! (just like short little me 🙋🏻)
High Tea, Cakes, Desserts Cakes just because it isn't your birthday - doesn't me you can't have a cake and eat it too
Traditional Pastries
Local Delights, Hidden Gem, Desserts Traditional Pastries give me all your kueh, egg tarts and tau sar piah!!