Sor Hei

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I bought this not knowing anything about it. I even thought it's black sesame. It's really good, no wonder a signature. The name is Cantonese for majie's rite of passage. The pastry and chocolate were fantastic.

this is one of their signatures and it honestly did not disappoint. think of this as a croissant filled with rich, dark cocoa goodness! you’ll love this if you’re a chocolate lover.

Top-left clockwise
Kouign-amann @ $3.80
Back sesame croissant @ $5.20
Sor Hei @ $4.90
Garlic cream bomb @ $5.20

There's so many pastries and it took us so long to choose these 4. The staff was nice enough to ask if we would like it toasted too.

The kouign-amann was simple and great, especially after being toasted as the taste of the caramelised sugar is accentuated.

The black sesame croissant is really great, put it near the mouth and one can alr smell the black sesame and the taste bursts into the mouth when bite into it. Think there might have been some chocolate in it which makes it just a little too sweet but it's also balanced out by the walnuts.

Sor hei is their signature item and there's a whole story behind it. Taste wise it's not bad, the texture of the pastry is really great but just a little too sweet once again.

The garlic cream bomb is really full of garlic, we could smell it just by opening the container. Overall it's really great but would have been perfect if the amount of cream is reduced as it kind of overshadows the garlic flavour by quite a lot.

Definitely going to be back for other pastries next time and then going to be back for these as well!


Sor Hei is a signature pastry on the menu as a tribute to the the Majie (妈姐) of Keong Saik. The pastry is shaped like a hair bun and the name Sor Hei derives from Cantonese which means combing up (梳起) and is a symbolic of the Majie's Sor Hei ceremony where they comb up their hair and take a vow of celibacy.

This black and white Danish pastry is buttery and crispy outside with chocolate chips nestled within the fluffy layers of pastry inside. Heat it before consumption and it taste even better with half melted and oozy chocolate chips inside 》$4.50

• Burnt Cheese Cruffin (S$6.20+)
So good after heated up! Crispy on the outside and gooey cheese custard filling.

• Matcha Cruffin (S$5.40+)
Uji matcha ganache.

• Sor Hei (S$4.90+)

• Matcha Almond Croissant (S$4.70++)
Uji matcha & roasted almond frangipane

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Clockwise from top-left:
👉Two Face - SGD8.10
👉Sor Hei - SGD4.50
👉Truffle Potato Cube - SGD6.20
👉MSW Burnt Cheese Cruffin - SGD6.80

Ranging from cakes, cruffins, viennoiserie, bread, sandwiches & loaves, I was spoilt for choice. Any recommendations for me to try next?😬

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📍Keong Saik Bakery
33 Keong Saik Rd, S089140
👌Takeaway only, no dining in

With Keong Saik Bakery’s spread of innovative pastries and flavors, it’s easy to look past their Sor Hei. But trust me on this - this pastry is not to be missed. Crispy on the outside and oh so soft on the inside, every bite of this black and white danish left me wanting more. Though it was studded with chocolate chips, the chocolate flavor was subtle and allowed the buttery pastry to shine.

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Okie this is another thing that I’ve heard many nice things about but I honestly preferred the texture of the croissant to this? I could taste the dark chocolate, and it wasn’t too sweet, but somehow it lacked the flakiness I was looking for (it could just be a personal preference thing!!)

Both were really well done and delicious pastries, but not very stand out

Probably one of the signature bread here with an interesting history. It is a black & white danish pastry with some chocolate chips inside. $4.50