🧁Pastry • Tart • Sandwich • Bread • Street Eats • ETC

🧁Pastry • Tart • Sandwich • Bread • Street Eats • ETC

Featuring Old Airport Road Food Centre, Park Bench Deli, YY Kafei Dian, Lokkee, Rich & Good Cake Shop (Kandahar), Swatow Seafood 汕头海鲜 (Toa Payoh), Dona Manis Cake Shop, HOME, Coffee Break (Amoy Street Food Centre), Poh Cheu Hand Made Soon Kueh and Ang Ku Kueh
Yan Fang Lim
Yan Fang Lim

The toasted bun is soft and fluffy. It will taste even better if they spread more of their kaya & butter.


• Passionfruit
• Blackcurrent Peanut Butter
• Taro Coconut
• Caramelized Banana

(S$3.80 each)


• Valrhona Brownie Bars (Gluten-free) - S$4.50
• Hazelnut Dulcey Eclair - S$4.80

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2 x Uji Matcha
2 x Houjicha
2 x Kurogoma

My ultimate favourite is kurogoma (black sesame) because is fragrant and the sweetness is just nice for me.

(A box of six - S$28)


• Burnt Cheese Cruffin (S$6.20+)
So good after heated up! Crispy on the outside and gooey cheese custard filling.

• Matcha Cruffin (S$5.40+)
Uji matcha ganache.

• Sor Hei (S$4.90+)

• Matcha Almond Croissant (S$4.70++)
Uji matcha & roasted almond frangipane

The bombs are naturally leavened and fried in 100% pure coconut oil. Apart from a slightly denser texture, taste isn’t vastly different from regular doughnuts. The standout is the generous custards that isn’t overly sweet.

(Original Box of Six: S$29)
(Box of Nine: S$44)
(Seasonal Box of Three: S$15.50)
(Individual: S$4.80 ~ S$5.60)

The lavender flavour is light, aromatic and balances perfectly with bright citrus lime.


The basil was light but distinctive with herbaceous notes, coupled with lemon balm & lime in the custard and a small amount of tangy rhubarb compote to elevate the taste.


With its sweet banana flavour mingling with the tanginess from the passionfruit, this combination of flavour is refreshing!


This flavour departs from the usual sweetness from donut. It’s gooey and burnt with a deliciously thick molten lava of cream cheese and blue cheese.


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