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(3 Pieces) (RM 6.90) really taste so good tbh but overall experience for me is just saw a lot of SG people literally queued up for this around 8 to 9 a.m. as they ask us to write the order from the menu first before getting to sit down. I noticed that their seating arrangements was quite not that big as most of people come in big group from 4 to 6 people (they get sitting first once previous big group finished, left table and staff cleaned up mess already) instead of small group from 2 to 3 people (getting share table with other small group or outside sitting place). Once we sit down, they started to serve beverages first before serving dim sum. I felt that it really not worth it to queue it or come down for second time tbh and got other JB places for dim sum also. It really got convenience location from KSL Mall like 10 to 15 mins walking distance from the mall.

(3 Pieces) (RM 9.90) the verison of their xiao long bao was quite different from SG which they stand on their own whereas they placed them on aluminium foil cups. One thing difference from SG is that they added shaoxing rice wine and filled up inside xiao long bao's soup broth and like I felt that it was really interesting perspective from usual norms.

(2 Pieces) (RM 5.90) My sister saw people ordered this and their bun didn't coated with gold much lol but then good thing that my bun did coated with gold fully. But their salted egg bun was quite buttery and savoury taste but melted it off on my mouth.

(3 Pieces) (RM 12.90) I was quite impressed by they literally add one scallop on the top of the siew mai lol but I felt that it was really having a lot of effort from the staff and giving seafood vibes tbh.

(RM 8.90) I felt that the skin for cheong fun roll was slightly thick a bit tbh but char siew taste is so-so and not that sweet.

(3 Pieces) (RM 7.90) it's quite crispy texture and crunchy filling on the dumpling tbh and garnished with mayo sauce that they provided with.

(RM 8.90) I didn't really like the fact that they use special sauce means that using chili sauce to stir fry radish (carrot) cake and I felt that it was quite really spicy and not really like the spicness inside the dish. Not for people don't eat spicy food tbh. I think that the special sauce covered up too much for radish cake as I barely taste carrot cake also.

We did unique porridge (1 pax - RM 8.90) such as adding three different eggs such as century, salted and normal egg inside. But I felt that it was quite thick texture for porridge tbh and still having hearty and comforting vibes before dim sum served up. Good for sharing up to 2 Pax instead of 1 Pax if you want to order other dim sum tbh.

The name says it all – this fried rice is rich and fancy! Fluffy rice, charred bits for that wok hei magic, and a hint of salted fish flavour. It's like a luxurious dance of textures and tastes on your tongue! Eat liao, high chance will Huat!

Fire show time! Volcano Chicken makes an flaming entrance with flames and all. While the flame-cooked chicken might not have stolen the show entirely and kinda gimmicky, the vege consomme soup is the real hero here. Savoury and comforting, it's like a hug for your taste buds from the dry meat with crisp skin.

Fragrant fish fillet, stir-fried with ginger and spring onion – a boneless delight for the lazy bone in us. It's like a fishy delight of aroma and taste!

Deer meat, juicy and chewy, meets a black pepper kick. A flavour punch that's bold and tastisfying. Your taste buds will be doing the tango with this dish!