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From the Burpple community

How can I miss Curry Yong Tau Foo with Ke Kou Mee ($4.50) as it is my all time favourite! The portion is generous and all ingredients are really fresh. You can smell the aromatics of the curry filled with ginger, garlic, curry powder, herbs and spices. It is absolutely marvelous taking every bite on the bouncy, smooth and succulent Yong Tau Foo. Dipped into a mixed of their chilli and sweet sauce for a perfect meal.


Portion is decent for $3 with all sort of ingredients such as Minced meat, fishcake, fish dumpling, fishballs and meat ball. The handmade fishballs are definitely super fresh and bouncy. The savoury sauce, mixed with vinegar, fish sauce, lard oil, chilli, blended perfectly well with the springy noodles. The soup is light and great.


Bought Satay Bee Hoon from this Yong Tau Fu stall at Clementi West Hawker Center. The stall has been around for many years and just says Yong Tau Fu in Chinese. They also serve Laksa, Satay Bee Hoon, Cuttlefish Kang Kong.

At $3.50, the price is reasonable, considering the amount of cuttlefish, pork, Tau Pok and two shrimps. But the amount of Bee Hoon is definitely not enough to satisfy those who need a lot of carbs.

Learnt that they recently raised prices for Yong Tau Fu, something they have not done for last 10 years, from 50 cents to 60 cents a piece with minimum of 6 pieces. Sign of the times.

Will come back to try their Laksa and Yong Tau Fu one day.

It's always difficult to decide between their braised duck rice and Kway chap. Both also so delicious..
Location: He ji Braised Duck, #01-162 Clementi West Street 2, Blk 726, Singapore 120726

I like my pork chop thin and crispy, so I generally prefer the curry rice from Jie Xing (01-173)! This one ($4) is thicker and occasionally tough/ mushy. Also a little more expensive!

Is it really hainanese curry rice if it’s not heaped into a messy pile?? Had a plate ($3.50) from one of my go-to stores. The pork chop is tender and crispy, slightly sweet and richly flavoured. Particularly like that the curry here packs a bit more spiciness than most places!