Chirashi, Western CB Times Stuck at home looking at the menu for my lunch and dinner. All day and on repeat
Date Night, Great View, Cocktails Alcoholic - That’s Not Me Talking Taking small sips so slowly that’s what they call - appreciation.
Bubble Tea, Fruit Tea, Popular Bubble-holic - Someone addicted to BBT Blowing bubbles through straws until the evolution of bubble tea. Getting high (on sugar), one cup at a time.
Cafe, Popular The First Order: Coffee When you drink so much coffee you bleed caffeine.
Popular, Date Night, Dinner with Drinks Restaurants (Because Not Cafe) This is MY definition of restaurants. Expect to pay double ++ (service charge and gst). Probably get a blank gaze from the service staff if you try to order artisan coffee / instaworthy eggs benny over here.
Great View, Date Night, Fine Dining 💸 $$$$$ 💸 Fine food that flows into my belly and a waterfall that pours out from my wallet
Buffet, Local Delight, Popular Keep Fit And Buffet On Pacing myself to outlast everyone else on the table.
Fast Food, Interesting, Cheap & Good Snacks/Light Bites & Everything Else Don’t waste money on disappointing stuff, only save the best for your stomach.