Indian, Good For Groups, Vegetarian Scintillating Spices And Vibrant Flavours Wish to luxuriate your palate with rich curries and adorn your tastebuds with palatial saffron? Whether you’re too shy to venture into the brilliant world of Indian cuisine, or too overwhelmed by the spread, take a gander at these spots for when you wish to make your first foray!
Hawker/Kopitiam, Local Delight, Cheap & Good Hawking SG’s Food Heritage Just because Singapore’s hawker culture has been listed as part of UNESCO Intangible Culture list doesn’t mean it stopped facing the threat of erosion from modernisation and rising costs. Hawkers provide us with cheap, accessible food with incredible variety — the least we can do is to keep supporting stalls we love by enjoying their fare, and paying them for their craft. Here’s a little collage of places that hold a special place in my heart, and hopefully yours too when you try them!
Vegan, Vegetarian, Healthy Eating Green Without Your Face Turning Green Let’s be real: Who r e a l l y wants to have vegetables when you’ve glistening, succulent cuts of meats awaiting your attention? But at the same time, having too intense a meat-rich diet doesn’t necessarily help you — especially if you aren’t on a high protein workout regime! To ease those of you who want to try a lower calorie diet, here are some places whose innovation and ingenuity with their meat subs make you reconsider your staunch meat adoration. They also tend to be great for those looking for places that actually know how to cook and serve fresh greens without pulverizing them with heat!
Cafe Eat At Your Own Risk Whether it is appalling service, atrocious food, or audacious health violations — or even all of the above — go to these places at your own risk.
Japanese, Ramen, Sushi Outrageously Oishii Who doesn’t like Japanese food? I sure do, but unfortunately there are many mediocre Japanese establishments that crowd Singapore’s F&B scene. To save you time, money, and calories, why not browse through this selection to get a head start on where to fulfill your cravings next?
Good For Groups, Zi Char, Chinese Don’t Be Chain-ed Up: Local-Owned Zi Char And Homegrown Restaurants Who says you’ve to stay beholden to prices of major chains when you’ve a bevy of much more affordable zi char and homegrown restaurants islandwide? Canto, Teochew, Hokkien — the choice is yours!
Indonesian, Malay, Nasi Lemak Nasi Padang: The Joys Of Small Plate Dining Ah nasi padang, the definitive taste of my childhood! Who needs mixed veg rice when you’ve this as an alternative? For those worried about getting ripped off, fret not — here’s a list of my tried and tested that you can start your nasi padang journey on.
Dim Sum, Chinese, Zi Char Delightful Dim Sum Dining Who doesn’t like dim sum? I sure do, which is why here’s a dedicated list of dim sum dining areas for you to explore! Remember these three golden rules when picking your spots: Quality of ingredients, quality of make, and size-affordability ratio — and you’re good to go!