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A tart base, cinnamon apple mix, cheesecake and topped with crunchy oatmeal crumble drizzled with salted caramel. Apple mix and the crunchy crumble was just way too sweet but the cheesecake and tart base was okay.

Interior is amazing! Food is nice too. Forget to take picture of the food,
Pho noodle with tendon beef is nice! Price is still in the range.
The bhan mi is so so. Not recommended
The spring roll is so so too. Not recommended
The dessert is yummy but too sweet!
Overall, can give a try.... pho noodle is the best to try. The rest.... so so....

The thirteenth dish, the sixth course, the wagyu was served with green gazpacho cream, cauliflower pur茅e and handmade strigoli pasta. The A5 wagyu was cooked perfectly on a Robata grill, ensuring that the flesh is served medium-rare, still succulent on the inside, with the extra crispy char on the outside. Because of the high grade of protein used, the marbling on the meat ensures that each bite melts in your mouth after the crispy first contact. Every bit is really worth the extra RM198, better than most steakhouses that specialise. This dish is really taken to a whole new level.

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馃挼 RM498.00 / degustation + RM198.00 / steak
馃挮 5 / 5
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Kayra's entry into TTDI is a pleasant addition for all, but most memorably, for first-timers tasting Keralan food. Expect an upclass setting of white clothed-tables and wine service, which makes this spot great for celebrating occasions. Like in Kerala, the dishes here see multiple use for mangoes (the state's favourite fruit) as well as seafood 鈥 a combination that results in tangy flavours. The Allepey Meen Curry (RM30), in which fish is simmered in ground coconut paste and raw mangoes for a cheerfully zesty curry, is testament to this. There's no fault in going for something more familiar, and that has to be the Meen Muppas (RM30) 鈥 spice-laden fish curry in rich coconut milk. Burpple Tastemaker Blueskiescottoncloud has only good things to say about the aromatic Coconut Pepper Chicken (RM25), which works just as well in its mushroom version, the Koon Pepper Fry (RM22). There will be lots of gravy to ladle over Rice (white, RM5 per portion), which is a given, but we say up your quota for carbs (just this once) and order also the thin and lovable Appams (RM6 for three pieces)!
Avg price per person: RM35
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Blueskiescottoncloud

Had my late late around 4pm, since it's closed to dinner time, but I was starving so they recommended risotto lemak, which the portion is just right for me. Risotto to replace the usual white rice, no sam all added, but the risotto taste a bit spicy. The fried chicken is good.

A cupcake store all the way from Singapore to KL.

Milo cupcake with Milo filling in the center and Milo frosting on top. Definitely the perfect choice for Milo lover.

Chocolate coffee hazelnut dacquoise was interesting the different layer of texture combined to compliment each other.

Big Brekkies are great but I usually find them a bit of a drab. Got the Turkish Breakfast and yasss, satisfied my Middle Eastern & breakfast cravings in one meal! .
鉁旓笍 The poached egg wearing a delicate dress of phyllo threads was done the 63 degree way poached eggs should be.
鉁旓笍 Hummus. Need I say more?
鉁旓笍 Crumbly feta balls. Need I say more?
鉁旓笍 Often overlooked but plenty of greens (and a variety of them!)
鉁旓笍 A side of honey to balance out the feta & olives
Win. I actually want to have the famed Kale & Egg White Scramble and the Fluffy French Toast / Pancakes but...that'll have to wait for another visit!

Soft and minimalistic interior which was so comfortable and I could easily spend one whole day here! Perfect for getting work done in my opinion. The people were friendly and helpful too.

Although prices here are abit higher than most, but the quality was obvious and it made the tiny price difference worth it. These guys know their coffee. I ordered a hot matcha latte (Rm12) and Fish n Chips (RM20). The matcha might have been a tad bit too strong for my liking (it's only my 2nd time trying a cup of matcha latte) but I thought the viscosity of it as a whole was perfect!

The fish n chips was a pleasant surprise as 2 Dory fishes were stacked on top of each other and it was served with sides of huge waffle cut fries and peas with a dressing I couldn't identify. The peas tasted so good with a splash of citrus and I think a hint of garlic and onion. The garlic aioli sauce served with the dish was light and went well with everything on the plate.

Would definitely be back!

Tried this for the first time after so many years the other night and I liked it. I remember trying it when it first came out years ago, but I didn鈥檛 like it. Then again, I only started eating kimchi this year. There were pieces of kimchi in between the fries as well as bulgogi beef which was surprisingly soft, topped with sour cream and, some other sour-ish sauce 馃槄 I usually don鈥檛 like my fries soggy but this was an exception. I don鈥檛 recommend getting this if you鈥檙e sharing with just one person though, it鈥檚 a little too filling if you鈥檙e already having a burger yourself.

A venture by the team behind La Juiceria, here's a pretty lunch spot to charm you and the children into eating clean. Goodness Greens is housed in a lofty space that's cosy 鈥 perfect for meeting friends or eating out as a family. Let the kids head into the child-friendly zone, where they'll get to know their new friends in a cute teepee tent, all within your line of sight. To cool off on a hot day, have a freshly cold-pressed juice. Favourites include the health-giving Goodness Greens (RM12.99) with celery, kale and cilantro as well as the Cold Pressed Fruit Tea (RM12.99). For food, rope the kids in to build your own Salad Bowl (from RM14.90) 鈥 not only is it fun to assemble, it helps them learn the names of their veggies too! Alternatively, the Acai Berry Bowl (RM24) is a colourful smoothie bowl, extremely nourishing and fit for kids too.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Richfullife

Here on a weekday after meeting and as usual this place is alway crowded. People are crazy over all sorts of patisserie especially their salted egg cronut which ran out when I arrived. Ordered the sinful Onde-Onde Pandan Cronut that topped with soft serve and coconut flakes.. The flaky pastry was so good but the ice cream is a bit tad sweet for my liking. Overall was quite good. Nicely price at RM11 per serving.

Who doesn't like pho? When I was having my post-exam holidays with sister at Australia, Pho is our comfort food after eating all those western foods! This Special Beef Combination Pho (Ferr) is only RM19.90 and it comes with a plate of bean sprouts, lime, basil and chilli! I personally prefer this over other Vietnamese restaurant (the quite famous one) because (1) their broth is nicer (2) huge portion at the same price. Totally WORTH IT! 鉁ˋnd, don't forget to order their rice paper roll (with chicken and prawn! 2 pieces at RM9.90), it really tastes quite similar to the one I had in Melbourne! 馃槏 Highly recommend if you want to have a good bowl of pho! But it is quite a lot of people during dinner time and you might need to wait for seats but luckily foods are served fast so... no HANGRY 鉂わ笍