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For An Authentic Nyonya Experience

This little known restaurant along the outdoor strip of Glo Damansara is a gem for Nyonya eats. The quaint decor is set against large wooden tables, best suited for dinners with friends and family alike. The traditionally Peranakan dish of Ayam Buah Keluak (from RM33) is what to come for; the Tranquerah is one of the only places in town to offer this formidable delicacy. Cooked in a light, appetising gravy resembling asam pedas, the tender chunks of chicken come in second to its co-star buah keluak that boasts earthy flavours. Pro tip: Use a teaspoon to scoop out the crumbly flesh (or get the helpful staff to show you how). Also recommended are their rich lemak dishes, such as a Pucuk Paku Lemak (RM23). A bulk of the menu are dishes steeped in copious amounts of gravy, so prepare to lay on the rice! Cap dinner off with a hot House Black with Butter (RM8), an extra luscious way to enjoy their special blend of beans from Melaka.
Avg price per person: RM25
Recommended for 4-8 pax

Iced Butter Kopi (RM8)

Local coffee is dark-roasted, redolent of a strong, bitter taste. Here, they use a blend of Malaccan beans that give a mellower tea-like flavour albeit still strong compared to many other variants. The addition of butter makes it taste a heck lot like drinking popcorn. I'd imagine the combination will taste even better if I ordered it hot!

For Affordable Wines By The Bottle

The casual atmosphere at Wine Kaki sets the mood for a laidback night, bolstered by their bottles of wine from all over the world. Get a few friends or colleagues to come around after dinner and clink your glasses to celebrate the end of a long day at work! Wine (from RM99) is only sold by the bottle, but these are well-worth their prices, typically lower than the usual rate at restaurants. Be sure to seek the expertise of servers as they stand by to bring you their best bottles off the shelves, from light, aromatic ros茅s to full-bodied Ser Lapo (Chianti wine). Also order some bar snacks to share, as recommended by founder Chew. The Cured Duck Breast (RM25) and charcoal-cooked Quail Eggs (RM8) are delicious pops of savoury flavours that pair well with the wines.
Avg price per person: RM60
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh

Belles Vignes Carignan-Syrah RM99

If you鈥檝e been dying for a bar where you can drink and be super casual in singlets, save this place on your list! Total judgement-free and easily one of the best casual wine bars in KL thanks to their extensive, ever-evolving wine list full of red, whites and other alcoholic beverages scrawled across the dining room. The service is impeccable, with knowledgeable servers and founders who have been in the industry for decades. Note that wines are sold by the bottle (highly encouraged to as all bottles are priced lower than what you would usually get in restaurants). Call on your vino-loving friends to share a bottle and settle in for some 鈥榮hare-style鈥 food too as recommended by one of the founders, Chew.

For Drool-Worthy Pork Dishes

This restaurant and bar set along TTDI's busiest stretch is worth a visit, especially if you love yourself a meaty affair. Sporting walls painted in royal blue and cream-coloured cushion seats, here's a modern venue for lunch with your colleagues. Alternatively, make it here for an after-work dinner and bring your own bottles 鈥 there's no charge for corkage! If you're here in the day, look to the affordable lunch deals, priced from RM10 for a main and a fizzy drink. The Char Siew & Pork Belly On Rice (RM18) promises comfort 鈥 the meaty duo comes doused in lots of flavour-packed 'zhup' to go with rice. For dinner, the focus turns to their Western pork-laced dishes instead. Order the Hog's Chop (RM29) that features a whopping 500g slab of premium chop, pan-roasted with herbs and black pepper. Otherwise, try the Fortune Fettucine (RM19), little ribbons of pasta lusciously coated in a salted egg yolk sauce with bacon bits.
Avg price per person: RM30
Photo by Burppler Erica Jioe

Poisson Pork

Visited Meatology in TTDI after we brought our dog for a long walk in DesaPark City. We were starving and there鈥檚 no way for us to head back home first to drop our dog and go out again for dinner. So we Googled for pet friendly restaurant and found that Meatology in TTDI is a pet friendly restaurant and bar that actually allows your pet to sit with you inside the restaurant!

Service here is good i would say. My dog was also starving and I brought her kibbles but not her bowl :( I asked the staff if they could lend me some bowl to feed my dog and they happily lend me one :) Our dog were also allowed to sit on a high bar chair, for us to be able to eat with a peaceful mind.

We ordered their snacks called Poisson Pork, basically is caramelized, deep fried siew yok and garlic served with pork skin. This dish is the bomb I would say (although the picture doesn鈥檛 tell you so). Crunchy, roasty flavour and the fragrance of fried garlic cloves. For our mains we ordered fish and chip, and carbonara pasta. The carbonara was nothing to shout about, whereby the fish and chip was kinda disappointing. My boyfriend ordered that and found that the deep fried fish were still smelling fishy, an indication that the fish is not fresh. We called the staff to notify them and offered to replace the dish. We got our new batch of fish and chip which taste slightly better (and no more fishy smell), but I would say the taste is still not that great.

Overall: Most probably won鈥檛 come back here anymore although they are one of pet friendly restaurant in town :(

Celebration For Mothers Day

Cocott is now serving Mother's Day set dinner, we decided to go for 5 dishes set course. 4 mains 1 dessert to end our meal. Really like it 馃構 they do serve bread as starter, we ordered the mushroom soup which match perfectly with bread! The portion is more to small portion but is just fine for girls. The lava cake dessert wins my heart!

Hog's Chop (RM29)

Swing by to Ground Hog (TTDI) if you feels like having a porky day! This restaurant is relatively new in the block, thus I decided to give it a try. Step in and enjoy the cosy, modern half-restaurant half-bar kinda of atmosphere that will spoil you with all sorts of drool-worthy pork dishes :9 The staffs are very friendly and helpful btw!

There鈥檚 so much going on in the menu, starting from salad, bread, pasta to pork chop. I decided to give their Hog鈥檚 Chop (RM29) a try. Approximately weighing 500 gram of premium slab pork chop pan roasted with herbs and black pepper, placed on top of smooth pur茅ed potato infused with milky + buttery goodness. The dish is perfected with healthy serving of freshly made red cabbage slaw, yumms!! I heard that usually they鈥檒l use apple pur茅e to replace the potato pur茅e, unfortunately today they ran out of the apple pur茅e. However, in my honest opinion, they shouldn鈥檛 take out the potato pur茅e completely because it鈥檚 really good! Maybe they should serve both potato pur茅e and apple pur茅e to give the combo of both salty, tangy and sweet tastes.

For the drink, I decided to give their 鈥渇ancy drinks鈥 a try. It鈥檚 basically their house collection of non-alcoholic drinks. I ordered the Cranberry Citrus (RM10), the pink coloured drink came in a tall glass topped crushed mint leaves. It鈥檚 very refreshing in general but I can鈥檛 really taste the cranberry, it鈥檚 more of like a glass of orange juice taste in my opinion鈥 The staff told me that they are also famous for Lemon Lime Bitters (RM10), but unfortunately they are running out of Angostura bitters today 馃槥

Payment: Cash (temporary) & Credit card
Smoking: yes (outside seatings)
Air-conditioning: yes
Parking: Tough a little
Children friendly: Yes
Halal: No
Alcoholic drink: yes, BYOB is allowed
Price: Quite reasonable, portion is quite huge that you may want to order for sharing :)

Cozy Place

The coffee is decent! However their kitchen closed at 6pm, didnt have the chance to try their dessert/food. Tried their nutella & salted caramel millecrepes instead, overall were good 馃憤

Cronut Dotty's

Best of the best at Dotty's. I've never had this before throughout my whole life and am pretty sure it's hard finding it anywhere else. However it was toooo sweet and u might need something savoury to complement this otherwise u might get sugar rush lol:

Soft shell crab with onsen tamago | Favourite hangout spot that comes with good food, prompt service and cheap alcohol 馃嵑  #burpple

Everything on the menu is worth trying! Visited this gem 3 times a month just to tryout everything. Good for sharing so do order more 鈽猴笍 But if you really had to choose, go for the stone grilled sirloin, mackerel and escargot pizza

Heat Wave (RM17.90)

Quite blown away by the flavours of this one! The salmon cubes, coated in a spicy, umami-packed marinade, blends well with brown rice for a foolproof combi. Meanwhile, edamame, sweet corn, onions and an appropriate amount of toppings (furikake for the win) supplemented with crunch and a burst of fresh flavours. At times felt like the frilly piece of lettuce got in the way of my gobbling down that poke but alas, the annoying piece of green came in handy to end the meal on a clean note. Good spot in TTDI to swing by, grab lunch with an unsweetened green tea.