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Introducing to you the favourite of many! I'm ecstatic to say that Common Man does this breakfast staple justice. Nothing on this plate lacks the kick that you need to start up your day, a-hem, any day.

Two free-range organic eggs to be done anyway you like, streaky beef, grilled chicken sausage, herb tomatoes, sauteed wild mushrooms, sweet corn relish accompanied with honey spelt bread and mint sour cream atop potato hash.

This 'Big Breakfast' is a game changer.

Price: RM 39

For Fancy But Affordable French Lunches

Secluded in Greens Terrace at TTDI, Cocott' boasts classy settings and fine food that make it a suitable venue for business lunches. This new French restaurant serves everything in cast-iron cocottes and the authentic experience doesn't end there. The menu is a picture of French comfort food, relying on roasts, stews and casseroles to please. Start with the Ratatouille (RM22), a well-seasoned vegetable stew topped with parmesan crumbs. For a hearty, easy-to-love main, the Chicken Fricassee (RM28) straddles perfectly tender chicken with sumptuous, savoury gravy. Not surprisingly, bread is taken seriously here. The restaurant's house-baked bread is soft, crusty and delicious for dipping. Set lunches (RM32 to RM58) feature a medley of two to four dishes on a weekly rotation, and all include the stellar bread.
Avg price per person: RM50
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Melanie Yu

Set Lunch RM32-58 | Grilled Beef Rib-eye (80gr), Ratatouille, Mango Tatin

Three words: Cast iron cocottes. Nothing says French than cast iron Staub pots. Literally everything's served in these pots, hence the name. The menu boasts classic names like ratatouille, beef bourguignon and pan seared foie gras. Their set lunch menu is one of the best deals in KL – for RM32-58, you get to choose 2-4 courses, which includes one of Cocott’s must-have homemade crusty bread. Their take on the Ratatouille was a whole pot of deliciousness! A total textural perfection with the parmesan crumbs on top. Seasoning was ace. Get that. Their set lunch menu changes weekly, so be sure to check on their Facebook page first before devising your ordering gameplan. Bon appetit!

For A Johorean Breakfast Feast

You know you're in for a treat when the matriarch still helms the kitchen at this Johorean family-run restaurant. For a hearty local breakfast with the clan, begin your day at this casual corner in TTDI. Topping the menu is the Nasi Ambang (RM9.80) — a Johor-style nasi bungkus (packed rice) characterised by the addition of serunding (grated coconut) and a side of fried noodles. Here, it is more modernly presented on a plate but the rendition is reliably tasty, served with either ayam or beef rendang. Those who don't fancy rice in the morning can turn to their Mee Rebus (RM6.50). The thick, yellow noodles swim in a slightly spicy potato-based gravy for an impeccable dish, especially on cooler mornings. Apart from savouries, D'Cengkih is known to hit the sweet spot with their special Lempeng Pisang (RM3.50) dessert. The yummy banana pancake is only available every Friday till Sunday, so the weekend's when you should make your way here!
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu

Nasi Kukus

Nasi Kukus & Nasi Kerabu is highly recommended at this hipster Malay food restaurant. The fried chicken is always juicy, tender and flavourful! Oh yeah, don't forget to mix all the sambal and curry sauce together for the best taste. It's addictive, and you have been warned :)

Apple Sin-namon (RM14)

Chocolate chips pancakes with cookie crumbs in between. Menu states 'extra fluffy pancakes' but it didn't turn out that way. Flavour was good though with generous amount of spiced apple. Portion may look small but it was just enough for me. Decent price as well.

Best Place For Plated Dessert

Back to the favourite dessert place.

Love the peaceful ambiance and great plated dessert that made from scratch using all natural ingredients.

Red wine poached pear with chrysanthemum ice cream is so elegant yet delicious. With the spices that added in the poaching liquid, it add extra warm flavor to the dessert. Pairing with chrysanthemum ice cream to clear the palate and the granola do add some crunch to it.

Mango lychee ice cream slice with fruit salsa. A very refreshing dessert that make your palate dancing. Especially love the mango pineapple salsa with mint that add another layer of freshness to the dessert, best to enjoy with Malaysia weather.

Last but not least Belgium hot chocolate with rose, do give a try if you love rose drink. This will not let you down.

For Creative Fine Desserts

Away from the hustle-bustle of TTDI in an alcove above the Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi shoplots, this fine dessert parlour is a haven for those seeking sweet solace in the night. The friendly service and thoughtful recipes also render it a top spot for quality time with the girls, or for sweets with your date after dinner. With plated desserts on the rise, innovation is king and Foo Foo knows it. Chef Foo makes it a mission to revamp the menu periodically, and in the past year, 10 volumes have already made their mark. Winsome desserts that once adorned the menu like the red wine-poached pear with chrysanthemum ice cream and the irresistible crispy profiteroles with salted caramel ice cream have established their prowess for creative desserts done right. You will notice that the menu lacks visuals — the founders believe that when they get the opportunity to explain the dessert, it builds anticipation and enhances the entire experience. For now, come for the decadent Ginger Date Toffee Pudding with Guinness Stout Ice Cream (RM26) and keep your options open for what you might find on the menu!
Avg price per person: RM30
Photo by Burppler Utopia Choo

Sautéed Kale & Egg White Scramble

The little haven for all things great in the world which is coffee and brunch is done fantastically by the people that brought us the Common Man coffee roasters! This haven is hailed from the land of their merlions and they have seem to have perfected the art of brewing excellent lattes, the mastery of roasting beans to make lovely coffee for us and not to mention adding another feather to their cap would be making scrumptious brunch not matter what the time of the day it is! Great things was buzzing the moment they open their welcoming doors to the public and I have been so eager to try their coffee and their churros.. With pure determination and also additional stomachs came along to tick this brunch place off our list of brunch places to go and so we venture into the TTDI area to try them food and coffee.. Their current menu now comprises from breakfast classics and their new creations to catering lunch & dinner which are rather interesting yet substantial from their description alone.. So we had their Sautéed Kale & egg white scramble (RM29)which is follows the current craze of anything Kale and healthy.. Initially we were rather skeptical about having Kale as it isn't the type of greens we were brought up with but since it's something new and unique and not to forget an excellent choice for those who are on a vegan diet or day; this would be just great! The moment it came to our table, we were in awe with their composed yet beautifully plating it has for a plate of greens consisting mainly Kale, broccoli, sweet peas & asparagus which are actually music to my ears considering I love eating vegetables! The texture of the vegetables are crunchy yet sweet on its own and the Kale was sauteed with just the right amount of balance in terms of oil and seasoning which made it even more enjoyable to eat.. Lets not forget the unique egg white scramble that is topped with shaved Parmesan & lemon zest crumbs! The scramble whites doesn't resemble anything like an egg white and in fact they rather look like fluffy clouds which also in texture was like a cloud itself when we ate it and the lemon zest crumb just brought out the zesty yet salty elements which somehow goes amazingly well with the Kale! It's really a delicious yet mind blowing awesome plate of greens with a twist! This plate would convert any non green or non vegetarian loving people to try it and finish the whole plate itself! It's a must try in common man!

For Affordable Japanese-inspired Tapas

At first glance, the eye-catching murals at Kouzu will immediately have you know that the establishment breathes fun, quirky Japanese vibes. Expect the same from the menu, which displays a flair for contemporary Japas (Japanese tapas). Tasty dishes are aplenty, like the Pan Seared Foie Gras and Tuna (RM28) and a Crispy Unagi Roll (RM22), but our favourite has got to be the Creamy Baked Oyster (RM19 for five). Baked in their shells chock-full of piquant masago (capelin roe), these are incredibly easy to love. Also order the Stone Grilled Sirloin (RM27), painstakingly served on a stone wrapped in foil to retain its moist, juicy texture. From the grill, don't miss out on the fresh, plump Rock Lobster (RM12 per stick) and the Sirloin (RM12 per stick) — we can't get enough of these. The neighbourhood bar is great for both food and drinks, but even better for how affordable it is to have them. Make it your next spot to kick back with friends or talk business with a partner over beers, sakes or whiskies.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler Nicholas Ng

Ipoh Hor Fun at TTDI

Finally a place with good Ipoh Hor Fun in PJ! Chicken was smooth and tender & bean sprout crunchy, just like the ones in Ipoh! If you like prawn wanton as much as I do, good news, they serve it here!