Worthy Of A Return Visit

Worthy Of A Return Visit

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Xiu Hui
Xiu Hui

The only place, as far as I know, that serves Wok-Hei flavoured Congee. Originating from Hongkong, this renowned chain expertly imparts the charred flavour whilst wok frying large chunks of fish into their congee broth, such a genius idea, I wonder why no one else does it. The YouTiao (dough fritters) are also a must-order item, takes a short while to get to your table, but comes out crisp and fresh fried every single time.
All their fish congees may contain bones, so please take extra caution if you’re bringing your children or older folks.
For a quick dining concept within a small space, their service was exemplary. Cheers to that @lesamisgroupsg!

Have fun wrapping up your own makimono! Hehe.🤭
The set consists of sticky vinaigrette rice, shredded cucumber, ikura, flaky seaweed and of course umami creamy Uni.🤤
Was advise to get this Uni set(40~50g) as it was more valuable compared to Hokkaido Uni Sashimi(50g), which was $60+ on that day since it goes by daily market rate. Thanks for advising us, appreciated.🙏
We made Ikura maki roll and ate the Uni like Sashimi.😅 Pretty awesome.
🚩Sen-Ryo Singapore, 2 Orchard Turn, 03-14, Singapore 238801
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Turn to this hidden gem in Far East Plaza for value-for-money roast beef dons around town. Make a nosedive for the Roast Beef Don (from $15 for 100g), comprising melt-in-your-mouth sliced beef finished with a runny onsen egg. Well worth the splurge is also the juicy and tender Black Angus Prime Sirloin Steak Don ($29 for 200g).

Photo by Burppler serene goh

Sweet sweet delicate lobster meat’s impeccably rolled within sheets of rich, buttery avocado, then topped with little bright gems of briny roe and Avruga caviar. Those elements together pack a lot of amazing flavours, but Olivia piles on more with some fragrant sesame oil, citrusy ponzu sauce, and an epic lobster sauce that, may I say, tastes like the most decadent lobster bisque. I wanna do this dish so much justice and wax lyrical about how heavenly it was, but we split it into 6 and I only took a bite so it really was a fleeting taste of heaven 😅 Full of regrets btw I’d kill to have the full portion to myself.

Lobster avocado roll ($32)
Octopus ($38)
Spanish omelette ($25)
Roasted meat canelon ($28)
Cheesecake ($14)
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Elegant, spectacular Spanish food that’s pricey but so worth the indulgence. We found everything we tried delicious, although our favourites (though this was more personal preference than what was done better) were the octopus with potato foam, and the lobster avocado roll. The former came with tender octopus and crispy pork belly - with melt-in-the-mouth fats - laid on a cloud of creamy potato goodness. The lobster avocado roll was pure indulgence, with juicy lobster meat hidden underneath a blanket of thinly sliced avocado. The meat canelon was also perfectly executed, with savoury shredded pork and foie gras wrapped with thin chewy pasta. Finally, we had the cod omelette, with a set exterior that revealed gooey luscious eggy goodness within. And of course, we had to end off with two slices of the family’s favourite cheesecake in Singapore (scroll to the end to see that ooze)!

Overall, we couldn’t find fault with any dish, as they were of extremely high standards with flavours and textures all on point. Our only gripe was that the portions were quite small for the price, but I guess that is to expected at an upscale place like this 😅
📍@oliviarestaurant_sg, 01-03, 55 Keong Saik Road, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Other than @oliviarestaurant_sg famous burnt cheesecake, you should try their other Spanish dishes while at it!✨ especially their black rice paella that will burn through your wallet 🔥💸 and melt your soul 👻 the juicy Mediterranean red prawn is a first for me!⭐️ definitely not your usual with that tender flesh and unami thick prawn head juices that you have to mix it with the black rice to achieve that 💯 flavor depth of the sea🦐 the beef ragu is definitely beef lovers’ delight with that strong robust aroma that soaks into the pasta broth🥩 the omelette was a usual, no further comments. That mushroom croquette though was another must-order, if you love a excellent bowl of mushroom soup you will love this crispy pop of earthy mushroom 💣💕 but damn this place is pricey🥲

The 𝑩𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒌 𝑩𝒆𝒂𝒏 𝑴𝒂𝒔𝒄𝒂𝒓𝒑𝒐𝒏𝒆 ($16) is a blend of creamy mascarpone cheese with sweet Suritae beans and topped with chive oil. Love the crispy oven-baked sourdough topped with creamy, sweet, and savory mascarpone.

$22.90 // ((crabmeat + mushroom in pink sauce)) this pasta rly nothing to fault, it was just that good 😍😍 the HOMEMADE pasta was amazing, you could really taste the doughy texture and it was cooked al dente (which i like a lot), loved the balance of cream sauce and tomato sauce and wow they were so generous with the ingredients!! there were huge chunks of juicy and sweet crabmeat and button mushrooms and there were shreds of crabmeat scattered all throughout the sauce. yumzzz!!! soo worth the price (AND calories)

BB-BUL-GO-GI ($10.50): 100% Black Angus Beef 🐄, Toasted Brioche Buns 🥯, Grilled Leek, White Onions, Secret SSAMJANG Sauce 🌶
Fried Chikin' Burger ($8.90): Buttermilk Doused Chikin Thigh 🐔, Signature Toasted Brioche Buns 🥯, A Big Ball of Lettuce 🥬, BB Mayo

We got three dishes: the braised beef pasta, tomato crab meat pasta and the honey roasted chicken.

Braised beef pasta was fantastic because of the beef which melted in our mouths, and the unique sauce that was added to it. The pasta was a little bit too hard though, and could have been softer.

The tomato crab meat pasta was a little too acidic and was not very special but was overall enjoyable. The honey roasted chicken was aptly cooked as well.

We enjoyed the meal very well and will definitely go back again for the food and especially the beef.

Pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and mushroom - this was so good!

Pot of comfort here, filled with the sweetness and starchiness of potatoes, and a generous amount of pork ribs. And of course that ramyun !!

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