[CLOSED] Ladyboy - Mookata/Steamboat Cheese

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They’re currently having a promotion at $53 nett/2 people or $26.90/person!! Not sure how long their promotion is for (so call up before going down) but it’s super worth it 😍😍 Salted egg cheese is easily the best cheese pull in Singapore and it tasted so so good with bits of curry leaves and strong hints of salted egg, all masked in a scrambled-egg-looking cheese. The mookata comes in a grill with 4 side slots, of which 3 can be different cheeses (salted egg cheese, truffle cheese, mozzarella cheese, ladyboy cheese, in descending order of bombziness) and the last being grilled egg (light taste was good for neutralizing the greasiness so can eat more!!). The variety was decent with 3 main categories. Category 1 (cheap ingredients) with vegetables, 3 types of mushrooms, maggi mee and rice. Category 2 (cheap meat ish things) with cheese tofu, different types of cheese balls (so so), pork collar, pork belly and quail eggs. Category 3 (the goods) with lamb rack, beef, chicken, smoked duck, salmon, clams, scallops and imitation abalone. Felt that the seafood wasn’t great except the salmon, and the beef, pork collar and chicken (takes long to cook tho) definitely tasted better (especially with the cheese). MVP of the meal still goes to the salted egg cheese which made everything taste amazing 😋😋 As if all these wasn’t enough, the meal comes with free flow super sweet drinks (thai milk tea, green tea milk tea, lemon tea) and ice cream (chocolate, raspberry ripple, mint, yam, blueberry). Pretty worth it meal with amazing superb service and no time limit. Location is near the supper stretch and opens till late as well! Free parallel parking around the area on weekends too 💯💯 Ambience might be a little hot and ventilation wasn’t great, but definitely a great spot to pig out and roll around in endless cheese 🐽🧀

There was a wide variety of dishes and meat to choose from and the cheese was good too! The buffet includes free flow drinks and ice cream which makes it a pretty good deal!

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Ah 😍 ladyboy's buffet sends you to heaven with the free flow of crayfish here!! Well, that's basically what I filled 90% of my stomach space with, heh. The rest of the choices for bbq were adequate, so don't ask for much.


If you like cheese and don't mind busting a week's worth of calories in a meal, then this mookata is for you. Apart from luscious grilled meats, their pièce de résistance is none other than... molten cheese! Three types of cheese are available — mozzarella, salted egg cheese and their signature ladyboy cheese (nacho cheese-like) — feel free to slather your grilled meats in it! While it is a buffet ($29.90 Mon-Thu; $32.90 Fri-Sun) with free flow cooked food, iced milk tea and ice cream (the lychee lime's our favourite), the restaurant adopts an a la carte style ordering system for its fresh ingredients. These include lamb rack, prawns, pork belly, bacon and their much raved about crayfish. While waiting for the meats to cook, head to the small selection of cooked food like rice, fried chicken and papaya salad to whet your appetite. The restaurant gives you a choice of steamboat or BBQ hotplate, and we are not surprised most opt for the latter — grilled meats just taste so much better with cheese!
Avg Price: $30 per person
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The main draw is definitely the crayfish! Fresh but a bit troublesome to peel and BBQ. The cheese is alright, don't expect fanciful fondue type of cheese though. The meat spread is decent, but it gets tiresome fast. Prawns were disappointing as it was already pre cooked. The mushrooms and squid were doused in a sweet teriyaki sauce which was a huge turn off. $32.90 nett for Fri/weekends.


An EXTREMELY sinful indulgence with free flow lamb racks, crayfishes, prawns, pork belly, bacons etc etc!
Not to mention the drinks which also include Thai iced tea, coke and others as well!
Extremely helpful staff and there is also basket to put your bags and a transparent plastic to mask over it to prevent the smell of the BBQ also!
Really loved how big the portion is, extremely the lamb racks! It's sooooo good! Definitely worth a try over if your a cheese lover, oh ~ the sinfulness!
Finally a good meal after weeks of assignments and projects, exam up next!