Breakfast & Brunch, Chinese, Dim Sum Dim Sum This list is a collection of dim sum places that I have visited.
Pizza, Italian, Good For Groups Places For Pizzas 🍕 is life. I prefer thin crust but enjoy a good old fluffy and thick crust pizza as well.
Popular, Good For Groups, Thai Thai Cuisine Love Thai food, mainly for their Phad Thai (if done right), green curry and a must have Thai milk tea!
Good For Groups, Korean BBQ, Korean Korean Cuisine Always on the look out for good Korean BBQ places with fresh meat, good side dishes and most importantly, great environment.
Travel New Zealand Trip New Zealand trip December 2015.
Popular, Dessert, Ice Cream & Yoghurt Ice Cream/Soft Serve/Froyo Joints All cool desserts go here. Always on the look out for good ice cream parlours!
Local Delight, Popular, Hawker/Kopitiam Coffee shops/Casual Eateries Makan places at coffee shops/casual eateries/food courts.