[CLOSED] Kombi Rocks Diner

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Love the vintage vehicles and interior decor. But nothing worth commenting about the food. Quite average.

Mee goreng (wasnt spicy at all), shrimp and char siew fried rice (ok lo, the normal zhichar fried rice i get haha), and cod fish tofu (interesting dish) with iced honey citron. It was a pity that the vehicles were not nicely displayed, but was covered up or scattered along the street. (Meal bought using #favesg coupons). #burpplesg #burpple #kombirocks

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A unique fusion of Thai and Western flavours, the Loaded Cheese Fries with Thai Basil Minced Pork ($12) totally nailed it! The thick crispy fries with warm pillowy insides are doused with glorious melted cheese, and sprinkled with a flavourful topping of basil minced pork. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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Kombi Rocks is located just a stone's throw away from my home but strangely I've never had a chance to dine there! With Deliveroo, I managed to try their signature Koon Kee Mee Goreng ($9) and Wok Hei Fish and Prawn Hor Fun ($12) at the comforts of my home.

Mee goreng and hor fun are our usual zichar favorites and it's such a lovely surprise to see a cafe offering it! The mee goreng had very generous amount of egg stir fried within, alongside prawns, fish cakes and chicken. The sauce leans towards more sweet and sour rather than spicy, so even the non-spice eaters can order this! The horfun was soft and slippery with lots of sauce so it doesn't get all sticky together even after delivery. However, it could do with a lot more wok hei.

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Thanks to Deliveroo, the age old question of 'what's for dinner' has been solved while staying dry in the downpour!

Thankfully, this coming week's theme of café week allowed me to satisfy my cravings for some local zi char from Kombi Rocks. The medium wok hei beef horfun ($20) was rather disappointing considering the price tag, unfortunately. The sauce was flavorful enough, but there was an odd bitterness that pervaded the dish despite nothing being burnt. There wasn't much beef in there either, which made my inner carnivore rather sad.

Fortunately, the shrimp and char siew fried rice ($15) was considerably better. Savory and loaded with wok hei, every spoonful was loaded with either shrimp or char siew, which had a texture more akin to pulled pork than char siew. The rice was plenty fluffy as well, which was a welcome perk.

Indulge yourself with café fare this week without ever leaving your house, courtesy of Deliveroo! They're doing a 2 person set for $25, and four people can be fed for just $45! What're you waiting for? Whip out those phones and get ordering!

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Inlove with this. A nice dessert after a stressful day! In afordable for me ar, price is 10sgd but group can enjoy to eat alredi. :)