Featuring Raffles City, 109 Teochew Yong Tau Foo, Blackball (The Clementi Mall), Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant (People's Park Centre), Restoran Tuck Kee (德记炒粉店), Gum Gang Won Korean Fusion Restaurant, Funny Mountain Soya Bean 奇峰豆腐花, McDonald's (IMM), Square 2, Kazu Kazu (Platform M by MOF)
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights


Back at my favourite coconut smoothie place to to try out their CNY special coconut smoothies! ($6.90. Top up $1 for upsize):
🍋Heng Heng Yuzu
🍍Ong Ong Pineapple
🍊Huat Huat Orange

Heng Heng Yuzu: First taste, it was quite sour, but after a few sips you will get used to the tangy citrusy taste!

Huat Huat Orange: Love the tangy orange flavour! Very refreshing!

For the drinks, we opted for 0% sugar and chunky! My typical customisation order for cocoboss drinks!

These CNY exclusive drinks are only available till 15 Feb 2022, so head down to the nearest cocoboss outlet to try them now! Have a HENG ONG HUAT new year everyone!

Rice bowls from fullstop at funan mall!

Have been wanting to visit this eatery for a long time since I always frequent Funan mall area, but always putting it off because i found the price slightly ex for the ricebowla. Finally dropped by to try the food one fine day! Have read quite a few good reviews for the Fried Tofu Rice Bowl ($9.90) so decided to try it out! This rice bowl came with crispy coated fried tofu, scrambled egg, braised mushroom, furikake, seaweed and with miso soup. I will say portion wise it was filling. But it was not something super wow to me. Price was affordable because I had one for one with burpplebeyond , otherwise I will find the food slightly pricey. But for cityhall area standard, it is still one of the more affordable meal option choice.

To get 30% off the Burpple Beyond Premium plan! Sign up at or use my referral code: MAND8435

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Teochew Handmade Fishball Noodle (Dry/soup): What’s not to love about handmade fishballs! Very large fishball noodles with qq noodles!

Kin Moo has since relocated to Bendemeer, and besides selling thai noodles, they also sell local noodles now!

Featured in the photo are the following items:

Signature pig trotter noodles (Dry): It is quite rare to find stalls selling pig trotter noodles! The pork trotter was very well braised, had glistening fats and was very tender. Loved the black sauce gravy for the noodles!

Fishball Soup: Huge round fishballs that were bouncy and had a firm bite to it!

The mee kia noodles were served thai-style, so expect very springy qq noodles that are cooked till al dente! The noodles soaked up all the accompanying sauce with shallots, pork lard and spring onion! Delicious!

They are located at 29 Bendemeer Road (Bendemeer Market and Food Centre) #01-01. They are open Sat-Thur, 6am-7pm. Do note that they sell out pretty early, so head there earlier for early lunch if you will like to check them out! Thay are also available on Grabfood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo!

While emicakes is known for durian cakes, send a non-durian lover to emicakes and I ended up getting the ondeh ondeh swiss roll cake ($9.9) and mini mango cake ($3.50). 🤣

I was quite suprised by how delicious they were! Not overly creamy and also not overly sweet for both the swiss roll and mousse mango cake! Price was subsidized by FoodLine vouchers!

遍地黃金twister fries style!

This year apart from the typical prosperity burger, macs introduced a new strawberry pie! But nah, i didnt like it leh. Is just like strawberry jam for the filling. I only like macs banana pie, not even the original apple pie. But the best pie imo is the taro/yam pie from ock or burger king!

I love their twister fries though! Prefer twister fries than the normal mac fries. Prosperity chicken burger was good, super peppery black pepper sauce with crunchy sweet onions!

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Featured here is the 8 pax portion for $388 (price I thought was slightly expensive, but oh well CNY reunion dinner pricing. Some misses but mostly hits for their food items)

1. Prosperous Yu-Sheng with abalone: i was kinda appalled by the small amount of lohei veg given, it seems like 1/3 of usual size no? (But is ok doesnt matter to me coz i dont eat those veg anw)We added 2 packets of smoked salmon ourselves hehe

2. Signatures Sambal Fish: Lai Huat is actually famous for this dish! It was also my first time eating such a fried sambal fish, and I must say it was good! Though I thought the fried fish was slightly too dry/hard, but the sambal chilli was super good. Best to eat with rice! Our family cooked some white rice to accompany this dish

3. Fishmaw with crabmeat stock
4. Spinach with abalone
5. Emperor Chicken

6. Poached Live Prawns: I thought the prawns wasnt really fresh, and also maybe because the prawn was cooled down already so not as nice as eating it hot

7. Ee Fu Noodles Canto Style: Woah this was the first time I attacked! Good thing about eating it at home is I ate it BUFFET STYLE. lol i always dont unds why restaurants serve noodle / rice as the last dish (just like wedding reception), when I like to eat it with the rest of the dishes. This ee fu noodles had omelette egg and shredded carrots in it too, not only mushrooms!

8. Dessert: Ai Yu Bing Jelly with longan. While cold and refreshing, the lemon juice was way too sour for me. I ended up pouring away the lime juice just to eat the jelly haha

Before everyone’s feed get crowded with steamboat / 10 course reunion meals, here is my cny eve brunch! My favourite makisan!

Bought with grabfoodsg vouchers l so only paid $1.90 for this indulgent meal!

Tried out the Ramen from @ato.mein ! The ramen is made from imported flour from Japan and the noodles are self-made! For the soup, real pork bones are cooked for 12 hours to make the delicious ramen noodle soup! All the ramen comes with black fungus, spring onions and an ajitama egg.

Chicken Confit ($13): This was the highlight of the meal for me! French and Japanese Fusion dish! Very impressed with the very tender chicken that is slightly grilled on the outside. The chicken was surprisingly flavourful, not dry at all. It was sooo good that one can just eat the chicken without dipping it in any sauce! The ramen for this item was the thicker cut ramen!

Spicy Tonkotsu ($11): This ramen was the thinner round kind of ramen. Be warned, this spicy soup is really spicy! Not for the faint hearted. Love how the two portions of tonkotus given was very meaty, not stingy at all!

Gyoza (6 pieces for $9): Must get side dish to complete the Japanese Ramen Meal! Gyoza skin was crisp and not dry/hard at all. Generous amount of minced meat, and goes well with the gyoza sauce and mayo (self service from the cutlery counter)!

Curry Croquette ($1.60): Tried this unique croquette because I rarely see such croquette sold elsewhere. Very delicious! It is like eating japanese curry rice in croquette form. Recommend to try this!

Roselle ($3): I kind of like this roselle tea! It was slightly sour, but not overly sour.

Yuzu Green Tea ($3): Very refreshing drink to quench all thirst! Fragrant jasmine green tea with some yuzu twist!

Do check out ATO Mein! They have 3 outlets located around Singapore:
-191 Sin Ming Avenue, Marymount Community Centre, #02-01
-906 Upper Thomson Road
-8 Wilkie Road, Wilkie Edge #01-22

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Visited Cheval Chi Bao because they were listed on burpple beyond 1 for 1. First impression was mehh already right after enquiring with staff A what we could order using burpplebeyond. Staff A informed us the free item was for the mains only, and customers need to order a chicken/pork/beef dish that is at least $15.8++ value to even get the free mains. Upon hearing this, we were all ready to walk off. But decided later on to stay. When ordering later on, we got another staff B to come take our orders and upon trying our luck to enquire again, this time round staff B replies on what items could apply for burpple beyond was completely different from that of staff A! We could in the end order two mains using 1 for 1 burpplebeyond with staff A. While i understand restaurant can have diff practice for burpplebeyond, this should be stated clearly in the app if they want it that way. In addition, the staff should also be giving the same replies on how the 1 for 1 should be treated. So because of this, our appetite was already spoiled even before the meal came as we were still uncertain throughout our meal whether the 1 for 1 offer will be granted since different staff said different things and we werent sure which staff had the final say over payment matters lol 🙄

Anw this was what we had
- signature truffle fried rice ($13.80++): while special and unique, my only gripe was that there is no meat or seafood in it. Basically just egg fried rice with truffle taste

- seafood fried mee sua ($13.80++): was surprised by the amount of seafood in this. There was squid, prawn and slices fish! Tastes like xin zhou fried beehoon! Would have preferred if sambal chilli was given! But at this point, we were already trying to avoid unnecessary conversation with the staff and just wanted to faster finish eating and leave

So if anyone intends to dine here using the burpple beyond 1 for 1 to get two mains (rice/noodles etc) dishes, best to clarify before heading down.

Third time back at @munchidelights but the first time using @burpple beyond for it! My favourite min jiang kueh because they have many interesting flavours! Not just original min jiang kueh with peanut / coconut fillings. I love these charcoal and matcha mee jeng kueh! Although the matcha/ charcoal taste is very slight, but colourful makes me happy! I love the sweet coconut shreds and also their peanut fillings, which is more like peanut butter texture rather than just dry chopped peanuts with sugar. 1 for 1 with burpplebeyond so i paid $1.30 for 2 pieces!

If will like to signup for a burpplebeyond plan, use this code to get 30% off Burpple Beyond Premium plan!

If you are lazy and will like to have these delicious min jiang kueh delivered to your house, @munchidelights is also on ! Quote “SPOONSOFDELIGHTS” for $5 OFF your order (for new and existing users)! This promo code can be used multiple times on all your orders! 😉 so you basically will be able to get the food delivered to you without additional shipping cost!

For first time user sign up, use my referral code: QLYX9XI to get SGD 8 off for your first ShopOnPickupp order at !

Forage Cafe has been on my to-visit cafe list for a long time! (but always procrastinating to go because it is quite out of the way and not that near tanah merah mrt)

Thanks to @seatsasia @theforagecafesg giveaway, I finally made the trip down! Tried out the dark chocolate tart! Delicious dark chocolate, not too bitter, and I especially like the chocolate butter pastry crust!

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IG and TikTok @spoonsofdelights

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