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Featuring Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, Angelina (Capitol Piazza), Caffe Pralet By Creative Culinaire, Heng Hua Restaurant (Yishun), Equilibrium, Poh Cheu Hand Made Soon Kueh and Ang Ku Kueh, Food Republic ([email protected]), Swensen's (Plaza Singapura), Yentafo Kruengsonge (Kallang Wave Mall), The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
Voila Bluesky
Voila Bluesky
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Level 1 spicy was enough for me. (Chilli is added on by yourself and it ranges from level 1 to 3) #burpple #burpplesg

But there wasn't much honey taste. Chicken Up's soya wings would be a better choice. The spicy hot shots was like crispy popcorn chicken. #kfcsg #burpple #burpplesg

It was coca last year. This year it is hai xian lao.had the beauty collagen soup, tomato soup and chicken soup. So so full now! #burpple #burpplesg #haixianlao

Our usual favourites: satay and chicken wing. And we had an additional order of white carrot cake after this 😄 ( I wasn't the hungry one 😜) #burpple #burpplesg #burpplesghawkerfare #eastcoastlagoon

😍 thanks bf for the awesome treat! All the tarts and pies and eclairs were so delicious! 😘 #leclair #burpple #burpplesg (high tea set for 2 with coffee/drinks/soda)

recommended dishes we loved: mushroom bao (it was an interesting medley of soft bao with the crispy bottom layer of crust), salted egg pumpkin tart, charcoal skin siew mai (skin was chewy!), liu sha bao with polo bun crust. On the other hand, the Mee sua kueh was shockingly such a tiny portion (3 pieces and yeah they cut one normal size kueh into 3 tiny portions 😅), Chee cheong fan skin was a tad too thick, Xiao long bao skin burst before it even left the plate. The other items were pretty normal. All these + lomaikai+2 drinks for $69 for 4 pax (only affordable because we used fave vouchers:$36 for $60!) #burpple #burpplesg #dimsumhaus #favesg

(5 given to my bf in case you think I can't count haha) (buy 19 give 4 . Their v weird way of counting and they almost cheated me of $5 tskk) My favourite ones are the mango and lychee! #burpple #burpplesg #chinatownsg

$11! Coconut soft serve (although we can barely taste the coconut) with macademia nut topping, cocoa nibs and chia seeds. #sarniescafe #chopesg (one of the five cafe voucher we got for the chope fortune bag) #burpplesg #burpple

Clam chowder. Chicken and mushroom ragout. (And once in a blue moon, pumpkin soup). Finally tried the tokyo chicken stew too! A v light broth! #soupspoon #burpple #burpplesg