Back at @cocoboss.sg my favourite coconut smoothie place to to try out their CNY special coconut smoothies! ($6.90. Top up $1 for upsize):
๐Ÿ‹Heng Heng Yuzu
๐ŸOng Ong Pineapple
๐ŸŠHuat Huat Orange

Heng Heng Yuzu: First taste, it was quite sour, but after a few sips you will get used to the tangy citrusy taste!

Huat Huat Orange: Love the tangy orange flavour! Very refreshing!

For the drinks, we opted for 0% sugar and chunky! My typical customisation order for cocoboss drinks!

These CNY exclusive drinks are only available till 15 Feb 2022, so head down to the nearest cocoboss outlet to try them now! Have a HENG ONG HUAT new year everyone!