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Been seeing a lot of good reviews for CocoBoss so i got them today hehe ~ We got the Cookies n Cream Coconut Shake, as well as the Salted Caramel Coconut Shake! You can also choose if you would prefer bits or chunky of coconut 🥥 As compared to the Cookies n Cream, i would prefer the Salted Caramel one more! Do give it a try if you are around the area ~ It is quite worth if you have the Burpple Deal as well! However, do take note the deal is only applicable for some of the coconut shake!

Get the original coconut shake from CocoBoss at a great price at all 7 of their outlets islandwide! Choose your desired sugar level (0, 35, 75, 100%) and even your preferred coconut meat crunch preference (bits or chunky). It's the perfect drink for hot sunny Singapore with the perfect blend of creaminess and sweetness for a coco-nut good time.

Only available via the Lazada App (https://www.lazada.sg/shop/burpple)

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honestly rly good & the coconuts bits are complement the drink rly well(they r v generous w it too)😋 not too sweet 👍👍


Back at @cocoboss.sg my favourite coconut smoothie place to to try out their CNY special coconut smoothies! ($6.90. Top up $1 for upsize):
🍋Heng Heng Yuzu
🍍Ong Ong Pineapple
🍊Huat Huat Orange

Heng Heng Yuzu: First taste, it was quite sour, but after a few sips you will get used to the tangy citrusy taste!

Huat Huat Orange: Love the tangy orange flavour! Very refreshing!

For the drinks, we opted for 0% sugar and chunky! My typical customisation order for cocoboss drinks!

These CNY exclusive drinks are only available till 15 Feb 2022, so head down to the nearest cocoboss outlet to try them now! Have a HENG ONG HUAT new year everyone!

Wanted to try the signature flavour but burpple only allows certain selection, ended up with the roasted coconut flavour instead.

Shake is less creamy than MrCoconut (great for my preference! But bf prefers a creamier texture). Roasted flavour tasted like caramelised? Sweet like popcorn. It was sweet enough even with zero percent sugar. Think I might prefer the signature flavour… Opted for chunks so there’s coconut bits to chew one, chunks were not huge, but still chewable. Love that they have this option.

Price: $6.90 for regular roasted coconut, $5.80 for signature. Very worth it with burpple beyond!

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Setting itself apart from the famous Mr Coconut with their roasted coconut shake, CocoBoss rather successfully presents itself as a worthy opponent to Mr Coconut. (It is difficult not to compare coconut shakes with Mr Coconut!)

The roasted coconut shake contains slightly sweeter and popcorn nodes naturally, even with 0% sugar. Being less creamy than Mr Coconut, the signature roasted coconut shake feels extremely milky instead. Looking past that, I like how preferences could be made clear upon ordering - whether one wants their drink more blended with smaller coconut bits, or larger coconut flesh in their shake.

Ultimately, branches of CocoBoss seem rather out of the way, with them not really located in shopping malls. Yet, it is a convenient alternative for people who stay around their outlets. Nonetheless, it is a bit pricey for what is being offered, especially when there are more affordable alternatives out there.


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