Cheek by Jowl is a Modern Australian Restaurant located in Singapore, helmed by husband-and-wife team, Rishi Naleendra and Manuela Toniolo.

21 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069620

06:00pm - 10:30pm


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Main Course: Barramundi (part of 3 course lunch at $38++).

I liked this. This barramundi came with crispy skin and moist flesh, with crispy prawn floss served on the side. I absolutely love the burnt lettuce which had that heavenly smokiness, served alongside that espuma that tasted like lobster bisque.

(Repost, my previous pic got deleted!)
Desserts: Plum (part of 3 course lunch at $38++).

This is my recommended dessert of the set lunch. What is said to be "burnt coconut husk" is actually brunt meringue that's pretty light. It's laid on coconut sorbet, marinated plums and sichuan pepper. Pretty, and good.
#dessertporn #handsinframe #setlunch

Main Course: Roast Pumpkin (part of 3 course lunch at $38++).

I thought my barramundi was good, but my lunch partner insisted her pumpkin was even better..
Turns out to be true, this pumpkin sounded like a simple main course but it was done well. Mushy pumpkin retaining a bite, with faint smokiness, balanced by amazingly refreshing and crunchy kale. Spiced cashew nut and pumpkin seed served on the side. #pumpkin #sgfinedining #sgsetlunch #kale #cheekbyjowl #handsinframe

Burnt Pear (part of the $38 3-course menu)

Explosive in flavour! Each component was delicious in its own right - silky panna cotta, intense pear sorbet, thick caramel sauce, and stewed pears. Together it was an explosion!

Super Good Beef!

Part of the $38++ set lunch and it was well worth the additional $15. Juicy on the inside with a crisp crust 👍🏻. The accompanying sauce was also really good (no idea what it's made of) and the fresh fries are a cute # ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️

Appetizer: Mackerel (part of 3 course lunch at $38++).

This zen looking dish cleverly used the bones, fried till crisp and laid neatly on top of the mackerel. The radish had a refreshing scent of wasabi, meant to balance the saltiness of the cured mackerel. Dill added for that beautiful finishing touch.
I thought it's a great price for lunch :)

For a Smart Lunch in the CBD

The set lunch ($30 for two-course, $38 for three-course, $58 for five-course) at this highly acclaimed restaurant (it's no.1 on our 2016 Hot 100 list!) is a value-for-money way to experience chef Rishi Naleendra's take on modern Australian cuisine. Get the three-course for a holistic experience that won't leave you feeling over-stuffed. The crispy-skinned Barramundi with charred lettuce, prawn floss and onion is an iconic main, but we also really enjoyed the complex profile of the Roast Pumpkin with spiced cashew nuts, kale and pumpkin seeds. Get the laksa-inspired dessert (if it's available) for something different — it's a really unique manly dish for those who don't fancy anything too sweet. We, on the other hand, loved the delicate flavours of the honeydew melon dessert.
Avg price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Muriel A
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that barramundi dish..

...that chef rishi cannot take off his menu. love the fact that he insists on using locally-farmed producue, kuhlbarra.

Raw beef salad - dry aged wagyu, Kohlrabi, cured egg yolk and kimchi.

A great start to the 3 course lunch set. The beef packs a flavor punch on its own, pairs with the other ingredients you get a muted harmony that brings out the sweetness of the meat.
Loved it! I wish there was more!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #cheekbyjowl

Barramundi (Lunch Menu; from $30 for a 2-course meal)

Was most excited to try this, but I think we came with a wee bit too high expectations. Can’t deny that the fish was cooked beautifully (why, hello crispy skin and flaky flesh!) and that the bonito butter and caramelised onions complemented the delicate fish well, we just wished that the charred leeks were taken way further for that smokey punch, and maybe throw in some form of acidic relief too.

Raw Beef Salad (Lunch Menu; from $30 for a 2-course meal)

While this was a tasty starter, I wasn’t really sold on chef’s use of dry and grainy cured egg yolk as I prefer my steak tartare pieces to have the velvety veil of creamy egg yolk. I did appreciate how the dry-aged beef was hand-chopped to better appreciate the prized protein's concentrated flavours and enhanced tenderness.

Salt-baked Beetroot (Lunch Menu; from $30 for a 2-course meal)

I wasn’t always so fond of beetroot and goat’s cheese. The former’s earthiness and the latter's pungent smell used to put me off, until I had my fair share of really good ones while working for a food magazine and I was converted.
The classic pairing may not be exciting, but when done really well like this, it still brings a smile to my face. I love how every element had a role to play on this plate, whether it was for textural crunch, a zing, and even the refreshing garnish! #BurppleXChope

Coconut semi freddo with green chili sauce and pomelo, with OMG LAKSA LEAF ICE CREAM.

This almost savory sounding dessert eats like a dream! The slight spiciness of the green chili sauce is doused by the creamy coconut semi freddo, well complimented by the juicy sweet pomelo. But the star element of this dish for me was that laksa leaf ice cream that was mind blowingly awesome. I asked if they sold pints of the ice cream as I want to eat this on my couch with Netflix but was regretfully told that they do not. It's strange to associate all these ingredients with a dessert but the genius is this dish is in your face! #burpple #cheekbyjowlsg

Only a plump, sweet Coffin Bay oyster, bursting with a bright, fresh taste of the ocean.

The smoked tomato granita atop the flesh sends your brain into a frenzy when ingested - so sooooo goooddddddddddd. This was from the tasting menu but I would drop by the restaurant to have a dozen of these anytime. #burpple #cheekbyjowlsg

After a long time of watching and wanting to dine at @cheekbyjowlsg, I finally made my way down and had the tasting menu.

There are very few restaurants that wow you with every single dish, along with great ambience and service and I am very happy to say that I have found another gem. @rishinaleendra takes you on a gastronomic journey with clever manipulation of everyday ingredients and great punchy flavors. Simply amazing. #cheekbyjowlsg #burpple

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