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Singapore 208994

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Team lunch at Burpple! First time trying this modernist styled Roast Pork.

It is very tender, with crispy skin and complex base flavours.

Look how awesome it is. Definitely trying it again.

Really fatty piece with the crispy skin. I still prefer the char siew.

Best char siew ever πŸ‘πŸ»There’s so much going on in each slice. Think layers of succulent tender pork belly and melt-in-your-mouth fatty portions. This is what I call the golden ratio. And the smoky charred sweet sauce only is enough to make me run 10km for it.

This char siew is what made Char famous when they first appeared in our dining scene in 2014.
I was told that their signature recipe sauce took a year for the two brothers-owners to perfect and consists of over 30 ingredients blended to pack as much umami as possible. It then goes through a three-stage cooking procedure that makes the meat tender throughout. Finally, they infused the special recipe sauce and meat through a blast of extreme heat in the oven.
I like their choice of meat here, they uses pork belly which has a nice ratio of fat to lean part. The end result is moist, tender pork with a nice glaze of sticky sweet sauce on the outside.
Taken during a tasting.

I've been to Char a couple of times for their signature char siew, I love it but now this is my new favourite here.
It's about that phenomenal aromatic smokiness which came from lychee wood, achieved by slow roasting this with that wood and charcoal for hours under low heat to render the fats and keep the meat juicy. And yes, that meat was sweet and juicy, as I understood that it was marinated in their secret sauce for 2 days. I also like to that this cut is not as fat, yet moist enoigh and firm to the bite.
Available only during dinner only. They only serve 10 portions per day so each table can only order one portion. Reservations for this would thus be highly recommended.
This is taken during a tasting.

The Premium Slow Roasted Char Siew is one of the multiple new dishes at Char, as they bring in a new head chef who injects his personal Cantonese dishes into the menu. Do not belittle this char siew β€” using the kurobuta pork belly cut with a good amount of fats, the pork belly is first marinated for two days before being slow roasted over charcoal and sweet lychee wood. That work of magic (and hard work) translates into a beautiful smoky charred taste that makes you want to savour every bite of it.

As portions are very limited (10 portions during dinner service), it is highly recommended to reserve a portion before heading down!

New on their menu, comes an upgraded version of Kurobuta Slow-Roasted Char Siew [$20 for 150g] which boasts an even alluring smokiness to the tender juicy meat that captivated my heart. Limited portions available daily.
Now I am torn between choices.

Kurobuta pork marinated in a special sauce for over two hours, then roasted over charcoal and lychee wood for a distinctive, alluring smokiness that develops on the palate. Limited portions available each day, so best to make reservations and book your portion at the same time! #CharRestaurants #FindNewFood #MediaTasting

Premium Slow-Roasted Char Siew – (Limited to 10 portions a day / dinner only). Using Kurobuta pork belly means this premium version has a higher amount of lean to fat and the marbling provides a firm yet moist bite. They are marinated in a special sauce for over two days and then slow roasted over charcoal and sweet lychee wood.

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Perfect balance of fat and lean meat, smothered in a lip-smackingly, savoury secret sauce. #CharRestaurants #MediaTasting #FindNewFood

With a new Head Chef and a revamped menu, the food at CHAR is as good as ever–if not better.
Premium Slow-Roasted Char Siew η‰Ήθ£½ζ—₯ζœ¬ι»‘θ±¬ε‰η‡’ ($20 per portion).
One of the new dishes from CHAR's revamped menu. Kurobuta pork belly marinated in special sauce for 2 days, then slow-roasted over a combination of charcoal and sweet lychee wood.
Smoky, juicy char siew with melt-in-your-mouth fat, this premium version won my heart the moment I sank my teeth into it. Love the distinct smokiness of the char siew! -
PS: Available during dinner and limited to 10 portions daily. Reservations highly recommended as each reservation is allowed one portion only.
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Shop Name: Char Restaurant
Location: 363 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208994
Food Ordered: Double Roast(CharSiew&CrispyPorkBelly), 3eggs spinach
Price: $22, *cant rmb the price*
Verdict: Was there to try the roast meat - it was good but was quite expensive for the price. I was expecting to be jucier and the pork belly to be crackling crisp. The spinach could have been cooked longer for a softer texture.
Return?: Nope

Glazing char siew (barbecued pork). this is 300g for 3 rows and minimum order is needed for a table,

Thank you guys from Burpple for selecting my review for CheapNGood and the food treat! Enjoyed myself here. Ordered Triple Roast ($30) to try out the char siew, roast pork and soya chicken. Should have ordered all the char siew ones, they are really fatty and literally melts in your mouth 😍. Had butter chicken ($14) which was nice, salted egg pork ($14) was a bit heaty (i can feel my throat burning a bit..), also had Dou Miao ($10) and Spicy 4 seasons ($10). The Char Siew is definitely worth eating here! With all the drinks, service charge & GST, it cost us $98.87

Previously at Guillemard Road, Char has relocated to Jalan Besar just opposite from Kok Kee Wanton Mee. Occupying the first and second level of the Singapore Lee Clan General Association, this industrial chic restaurant dishes out quality Hong Kong-style roasts in air-conditioned comfort. If you fancy, bring a bottle of wine to share (corkage is only $25). Budget 100g of melt-in-your-mouth, super fatty Special Char Siew ($7/100g, minimum order of 300g) for each person in your party and be sure to pre-order your roasts while making a reservation to ensure you get your share before they sell out! The wok hei-ladened Beef Hor Fun ($12) and the Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice ($11) are great for sharing β€” portions are big and pair well with the roasts. If your group of friends or family gets particularly loud, opt to sit on the second floor β€” it’s almost like having a private room at no extra cost and you can have whole thing, well…not have, but, like, borrow for the night.
Avg Price: $16 per person
Photo by Burppler Titus Phoon

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