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Beef Hor Fun

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Quite decent for how the dish was slight sweet and savoury at the same time (more like Char Kway Teow), with chunks of beef within though lacks the wokhei that makes it truly stellar.

BUT tasted totally not great. Maybe they fried all the hor fun orders in one big wok and resulted with this "wok-hei-less" hor fun.


Decent rendition with tender beef slices and wok hei.
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The stellar dishes at Char that got my mummy nodding her head in approval. The platter of 3 ($32) with Char's mad famous char siew, crackling pork belly and decent roasted duck. The family loves the tenderness of the char siew, with almost same parts of fats and meat, making it almost too guilty to have and too guilty to not have. I particularly liked the cracking pork belly which comes with a golden crispy skin. A less known but stellar dish would be the beef hor fun ($12). Every mouthful was filled with wok hei, what's not to like really? Thanks Raine for reminding me about the Hawkerpedia vouchers, I managed to bring my parents out for a good meal for a nominal fee.

Not the most intuitive item to order here, but so glad someone wanted to try it cos their riff on this hawker favourite is pretty damn well done!

Uhhmayzing wok hei, tender beef strips, perfectly cooked ribbons of kway teow and lots of crunchy bean sprouts and green stalks tossed in a spot on seasoning.
Just the thing to whack before the jiggly char siew arrives!


All the pre-requisites for a mouthwateringly delicious plate of fried beef noodles were present - oodles of wok hei and smoky aroma wafting from the slightly charred rice noodles, the all important beef slices cooked to meaty perfection but not tenderised to a gelatinous, rubbery death(all too common for this dish), and plenty of onions and bean sprouts for crunch. The menu describes it as "addictively strong and flavourful" and they are not wrong.

Great food, highly rec this place! Had char siew, roast pork, beef hor fun and duck noodle soup. Everything is good! The pricing is reasonable at this casual dining restaurant. Reservation is recommended as the area is not big.