I was really surprised to learn that Char is celebrating its 9th anniversary this year! I mean it didn't seem that long ago when I made the trek down to its OG outlet at Guillermard Road soon after its launch. The char siew was excellent but I did wonder how long it would be able to survive when its kopitiam competitors were able to serve the same dish (albeit less shiok) at a fraction of what they were charging.

I am glad to be proven wrong though. I was back a couple of months ago at their new outlet at Jalan Besar. The char siew is still excellent - soft, tender and juicy with a sweet savoury glaze. I do wish though that their char siew had a little crunchier char but that's me nit-picking.

At $35 for 200g each of their signature char siew and roast pork, it remains pricey. But I guess it's okay once in a while!

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