Other food e.g zichar, buffet, dimsum, coffee and drinks etc.☺️
Joslyn 🩵
Joslyn 🩵

Went to Geylang Lor 9 Frog Porridge last week and ordered their Sambal Stingray, Sambal Sotong, Baby Kailan, Oyster Egg, 3 Dried Chilli Frog, some rice and some drinks ($79 for 4 pax)😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Food was pretty good but the oyster to me was abit overpowering in the oyster egg😅 Would head back again to eat tho😋

Went to Champion Bolo Bun 2 weeks ago and got their Classic with Butter ($5.55)😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Bun was pretty good and portion size was decent, just found it a little pricey😅 Would want to try other buns next time tho!

Went to Mind Cafe last month and ordered their Dinner Set - 3 gaming hours, unlimited snacks and drinks, and a set meal ($29.90/pax before gst)! Overall ratings 8.5/10! Ordered their Beef Lasagne as the main and i must say, im quite impressed😍 Food quality is good and its so affordable too as you get a soup of the day + a dessert too! Snacks however is quite mid as some are quite stale😢 Would definitely go back again tho😇

Went to Colony 2 weeks ago on Saturday Lunch time and was pretty amazed at their spread! Many dishes to choose from but I particularly enjoyed their Pork Floss Deep Fried Prawn, Roast Meats, and their Desserts😍 Only downside was their pizza but would say that the food quality in general is good and service is great too! Paid a total of $187.05 for 2 pax after gst n svc charge😇

Went to Tim Ho Wan last week and ordered their Baked BBQ Pork Buns, Pan Fried Radish Cake, Pork & Shrimp Dumplings in Hot & Spicy Scallion Noodle, and Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts (~$45/2 pax)!😇

Overall ratings 10/10! Honestly love all dishes, no complaints and am an occasional customer🤣 Would definitely be back again!

Went to Jyu Gae Bistro a few days ago and ordered Taiwanese Ham & Cheese Egg Crepe ($9.90), Taiwanese Salt and Pepper Popcorn Chicken ($9.90), Mentaiko Sweet Potato Fries ($10.90), Truffle Fried Shrimp Balls (~$15), Pan-Seared Teriyaki Unagi ($15.90), Signature Stir Fried Carrot Cake with Radish (~$12), Caramel Milk Tea ($6), Kazo 3 pcs Cream Puffs(Matcha, Chocolate, Original)!😇

Overall ratings 9.5/10! Food is affordable and good, live bands after 8pm, ambience was pretty good, and staff were nice😍 Highly recommend their Crepe, Popcorn Chicken, and Shrimp Balls😋 Only downside was the Carrot Cake😅 Would definitely head back again!

Went to Mongkok Dim Sum last week and ordered their Lean Pork and Century Egg Porridge ($6.50), Beancurd Roll with Shrimp and Pork ($4.50), Shanghai Pork Dumplings ($4.50), Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf ($4.50), and an Iced Milk Coffee ($2.80)!😇

Overall ratings 8/10! Filling for two pax and food quality is good! Highly recommend the Glutinous Rice, but wished the Porridge had more meat and eggs, and that the pork dumplings had a bit too much skin for my liking🥹 Would head back again to try other items next time!

Went to Tim Ho Wan last week and ordered their Wok Fried Radish Cake with, Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts, Baked BBQ Pork Buns, and Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaves (~$41/2 pax)!😇

Overall ratings 10/10! Really like Tim Ho Wan food as it is consistent and its of high quality as well😄 Would definitely revisit again💯

Went to Crystal Jade HK Kitchen and ordered a variety of things e.g. Xiao Long Baos, Custard Baos, Egg Tarts, Century Egg Pork Porridge, Fried Beancurd Skin Rolls, Salt Baked Chicken, Chilli Oil Dumplings, Siew Mais, Chee Cheong Fun, XO Carrot Cake and drinks like Iced Coffee and Tea😄 Total bill came out to be about $180/6 pax!

Overall ratings 8.5/10😄 Enjoyed the food a lot and highly recommend their Iced Coffee, Beancurd Skill Rolls, and XO Carrot Cake! Only downside is the egg tarts are not to my liking and it is pricey with no reservations allowed. Would head back again for special occasions!

Went to Wok Palace last week and ordered their Siew Mai, Steamed Beancurd Skin Roll, Chilli Oil Dumplings, and Lo Mai Kai!😇 Total bill was $32/2 pax and food was pretty good😄 Overall ratings 8/10! Would head back again to try other menu items

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Went to Maxi Coffee Bar and ordered an Iced Cereal Milk Latte ($7.50) and a Black Cold Brew ($5.80)!😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Really liked the Cereal Latte but the Cold Brew has quite a sour note🥹 Would head back again for the Cereal Latte😁

Went to Curry Nations and ordered 3 Cheese Naans, Butter Chicken, and Palak Paneer ($56 for 2 pax)!😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Food was sooo good especially the cheese naans but it was slightly pricey🤧 Will definitely be back again though!

Using Burpple as my food diary🤣

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