Went to Crystal Jade HK Kitchen and ordered a variety of things e.g. Xiao Long Baos, Custard Baos, Egg Tarts, Century Egg Pork Porridge, Fried Beancurd Skin Rolls, Salt Baked Chicken, Chilli Oil Dumplings, Siew Mais, Chee Cheong Fun, XO Carrot Cake and drinks like Iced Coffee and Tea😄 Total bill came out to be about $180/6 pax!

Overall ratings 8.5/10😄 Enjoyed the food a lot and highly recommend their Iced Coffee, Beancurd Skill Rolls, and XO Carrot Cake! Only downside is the egg tarts are not to my liking and it is pricey with no reservations allowed. Would head back again for special occasions!