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The cheese is too much, pesto doesn't come thru enough, mushrooms were good.

However the sourdough is really good. Very, very crunchy. light and airy at the same time.

If you're in the area, this is a must try

This is quite funny. So not all grilled mains are on the dinner menu, some like this is avail on the all day menu

It's tender but the meat was a tad dry. The sauce was also very strong, abit too sweet and intense. Mash was very strongly buttery and almost sticky

Overall decent too, but not worth travelling all the way here

The muffin was very crispy, hollandaise sauce was nice too with a touch of acidity and not too jelat. The pull pork's sauce was too strong tho

Overall decent

Linguine was perfectly cooked but the sauce was way too sweet.

Their signature. The prawns were meaty tho

As always, their mille crepes are absolutely lovely and this comes w an intense pandan aroma.

Rlly good

Cheese was ok but the tart base was way too thick and dense.

Avoid, it's even worse than their hanjuku mini cheesecake

A pleasant surprise to end the meal – a simple, standard, sweet, and wobbly mango pudding.

This Nestea brand Iced Lemon Tea came with additional lemon and mint, accompanied by some artistic flair that contributed to the overall pricing. Haha.

Despite high expectations from its name, the Magnum Brownie Cake was a bit of a letdown. While the taste was chocolatey, the overall brownie was somewhat dry and brittle. It appeared that the "Magnum" only applied to the coating on the top layer, which was somewhat negligible.

An average sweet and zesty lemon meringue tart. The lemon curd had a smooth texture, and the fluffy toasted meringue topping added a nice touch. However, it could have been better if it was more chilled; the temperature seemed a bit off.

Got cheese taste and abit of sourness but somehow quite lacking in impact, maybe cos it's not very sweet at all