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Amazingly made chicken roulade with mala sauce.

The chicken is tender, the skin is crispy and the mala spicy dry "sauce" that found on top of the chicken is just TASTY!

If you love Mala you will love this.

If you love fine dining and want to try something new and exotic, this is it!

This place has great ambience. Other than a nice place for a drink, the restaurant serves refined and quality local and Asian food. It is one of three Burpple Beyond restaurants in Putri Cove, a waterfront development facing the Straits of Johor within the Iskandar Putri new zone. Definitely worth a visit.

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This is a really nice and relaxing place to be. Not crowded, facing the Straits of Johor. I love my soft shell crab. My wife loved her mutton curry so much she repeated the order. With Burpple Beyond, one of them is free anyway.

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There's alot to choose from here, and with Beyond, you get a complimentary bottle of wine after you buy one that's RM500 and above, magnificent!

Pasta was cooked to perfection. Very generous with the ingredients and portion as well. Would definitely come back!

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Perfect restaurant if you’re looking for a healthy option in JB. They were very generous with the chicken filling in the sandwich and it was very flavourful. Highly recommend.

Pizza was very unique and flavourful!! Worth a try

One for the road, a very decent cuppa

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Certainly a flavour I haven’t tried before, a tad sweet for me without the crust, nevertheless an exploratory taste for the sweet tooth.

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Spaghetti, Olive Oil, Garlic, Chili Flakes, Parsley, Jumbo Crab Meat & Finish With House Made Pesto Sauce. For those who love all things spicy. Spaghetti was al dente.

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