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RM56.90 for 10 piece chicken.
"The chicken is the star and it is mind-blowingly delicious. They use boneless chicken thigh which is fried to perfection and incredibly moist and juicy. The chicken is crispy even after being wrapped with the cheese and covered with sauce. A single portion can amply feed 2-3 pax. The cheese also makes the most delicious cheese fries, much better then the artificial Nacho cheese and mayo mixture that fast food fries are topped with. This is the real stuff. And oh boy, it is good 10/10"
📸 & ✍🏻 by Burppler Chew Sher Mein

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Fancy some Korean street food? Try this tteoboki for rm9, it's spicy, sweet and overall a tasty snack.

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Crispy on the outside, tender on the Inside, the sauce is just simply superb, a sweet mix that goes well with the savoury insides.

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Are there any amazing cheesy topokki like this in Singapore? I'll go there NOW.

This is at @thankumom_bkt.indah cafe in JB!

JB la. Went to this adorable little cafe called Thank U Mom, a Korean themed cafe that specialises in baked chicken, baked rice and pastas. We've come here before and has their baked rice and we loved it, so this time round we decided to try their pasta and chicken! It came in a set called the "couple set" which cost around 56RM. We had the cream pasta and original baked chicken. The chicken was a tad disappointing, but maybe it was because we were expecting a lot as Korean chicken is always damn good. It was a little dry but the flavor was all right! The pasta however was A M A Z I N G. Super creamy and rich, and it didn't give the jelat taste. Got a bit grumpy because boyfie almost finished it without leaving me some. we also had a mango ade (some sparkling mango drink) and it was super good! Super recommend you to check them out, they have another outlet at Mount Austin! .

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When it comes to Korean fried/ baked chicken, we will usually go for the original flavour as we like it crispy and not soggy with sauces. Today was an exception as we were given the option to mix 2 flavours for a whole chicken order, how awesome! And who don't love some varieties~

Anyway, the restaurants claimed that their chickens are not fried but rather healthily oven baked, means less oil and lower calories! Despite not being deep fried, the chicken was surprisingly crispy, though the grain powder covering the chicken made it feel a bit like cereal chicken.

End up we love the sauced hot spicy baked chicken much more than the original. The spiciness was just right for my liking.

What's better? It's lovely location, just opposite AEON mall @ bukit indah. Wifi available!

Can't wait for our next visit to try more items on the menu: original baked (whole chicken, boneless chicken, chicken wings), sauced baked chicken (chilli, hot spicy, black bean, honey&garlic, teriyaki&garlic, bbq), 6 more special chicken menu, pasta, salad, risotto, tteokbokki and sides.

More photo reviews on: www.thejulietmike.com/2016/11/28/korean-baked-chicken-thank-u-mom/

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However the wait for this dish is very long (~20-25mins) and it costs RM60. Kind of pricey ya?