Cafe, Date Night, Hidden Gem Good Food Does Not Mean Expensive Food. There is no correlation between the quality of food and its price. This list features the best food you can get at less than what you expect!
Good For Groups, Others, Cafe Been There. Reviewed That. Here's featuring a list of places that I've reviewed on my blog,!
Cafe, Cake, Breakfast & Brunch To Visit My wishlist of cafes to check out!
Dessert, Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Good For Groups, Cafe Dat Sweet Tooth It is well known that the human body has 2 stomachs. One for your proper meals, and the other for desserts. Here are some places you can consider heading to!
Hidden Gem, Cafe Caffeine Pitstop! Here's a list for you to get your caffeine fix, because there ain't no forgiving for bad coffees.
Cafe, Cake, Dessert Banana Bread This list is to feed my banana bread addiction.
Cafe, Dessert, Cake Rainbow Cake My quest to eat all the rainbows I can find, because they make me so happy!