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(RM 8.90) my mum did enjoyed the chocolate flavour topped with hazelnut tbh as she did reheat the tart. The taste for cheese tart was quite sweet and nutty with hazelnut.

(RM 8.90) Btw it's under limited edition flavour till when (I don't know that). But then I didn't really wanted to buy strawberry as it's quite sweet and artifical taste for me. No one in my family didn't really like the taste for strawberry especially baked goods such as cake, tart and etc. The taste for cheese tart was really similar to strawberry meji millk tbh. The filling was just melted it off on the mouth itself. We did tried without reheat experience and really taste like cheesecake.

(RM 7.90) there's a original flavour for cheese tart and mainly for people preferred to be original one. The taste for cheese tart was mixed salty and savoury but then it's quite milky and creamy for filling. The filling was just melted it off on the mouth itself. We did tried without reheat experience and really taste like cheesecake.

(RM 8.90) I didn't expected that they added yam x mochi inside the tart. I didn't really remembered that there's a filling inside the tart tbh as I got suprised tbh :") I did enjoyed that got strong and savoury taste for yam x mochi when it's reheated inside the oven. I did tried to put inside the fridge for cold experience and got less taste for filling. But overall experience for me, the matcha tart was got a variety of flavour from bitter taste at matcha crust, savoury taste for yam x mochi filling and also sweet taste ending note.

Hidden in this shopping mall, you actually can find this ramen restaurant; which is their only oversea outlet outside Japan.

They have been here for many years, and still continue to be very popular for their ramen.

Every ramen order would entitled you a complimentary side dish and green tea. And they have lots of side dishes to choose from.

Definitely a must if you happen to visit this shopping mall for the first time.

The Tonkotsu Ajitama Ramen comes in white broth that’a very creamy. Topped with slices of cha shu and soft boiled egg.

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"From the moment I stepped in, the cosy ambiance set the tone for what turned out to be a delightful evening. What truly impressed me was the attention to detail in the presentation. Each dish was beautifully plated, showcasing the artistry that went into creating this fusion experience. The blend of Japanese precision and Nyonya vibrancy was evident in every aspect, from the colours to the arrangement of ingredients."

📸 & ✍🏻 By Burppler Llis Chan


My second visit here. Enjoyed this hybrid Japanese-Chinese hot pot. The tasty soup is nice compared to traditional Shabu Shabu.

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Devoured this laksa then became happy go lucky 😃 the homey taste in this bowl of goodness seriously brings joy to my palette 🧡💛

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There's a lot of variety, chicken satay, mala pork ribs, five spice pork ribs, spicy chicken etc. It is tender and has great aroma thanks to the flame grill.

Located within the housing estate of Horizon Hills, you could find this interesting Japanese bakery.

Although the location is pretty away from city area, you still see people driving all the way here to grab some of their breads.

Their hot cross bun is consider one of their signature here, made from nutmeg, cinnamon powder, raisins, whipping cream, butter, milk and lemon zest.

Next time if you passing by the area, especially going toward second link; do drop by to grab some of their breads here.

my friend calls this japanese version of leicha so you get the gist, you can choose to pour the green tea/soup into the rice for a comforting meal. a very decent don but unfortunately it wasn’t really something we particularly enjoyed. btw we tasted the green tea/soup on its own and it was light, flavourful & great on its own!

the price difference really reflects a taste difference, not a matcha purist so i don’t think i’ll be able to tell unless i had it side by side since yuri was decent! but wow kiku was so rich, earthy, umami & smooth. definitely will reorder but i’ll love to try it w oat milk the next time!