Was out for brunch on a weekend and wanting something different from the usuals. Truffle and eggs are both my fav so it was easy to decide.

The taste of the parma ham was overwhelming for me over here compared to the ones I had at other places so I left it aside.

Grated truffle on Scrambled Eggs was a good combination, they were not heavy handed on the truffle for people who may be concerned when it comes to overpowering truffle taste and smell.

Brioche was alright, gave way easily upon cutting so it wasn’t a hassle.

All Day Breakfast here starts at 8.30am, though limited items on the menu, the place has this relaxed atmosphere probably more evident during their non peak hours.

My go-to dish after a friend brought me to this place when it comes to golden mile. I prefer the kind of thick, spicy and sour tom yum over the clear ones. And this here delivers that.

In it lies a ton of ingredients, prawns, fishballs, shimeiji mushrooms, fish and sotong 🍲 The price tag at $6 is also unbelievable for the portion and quality! Unfortunately this place closes at 10pm if not it’ll be a good supper spot. Catch them at lunch and dinner hours instead!

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The crab bowl was what made me want to order this when I looking at the menu. It coincides with my love for seafood too so I know I had to, furthermore with the chefs hat as recommended main (I’m totally new to this bistro).

Mussels, crab meat, and sotong in it which I figured the ingredients ratio to spaghetti can be increased to strike a better balance 🦀Spaghetti al dente but it doesn’t seem to absorb the flavour from the broth so its quite a pity. Another downside is the strips of ginger in it which I happen to chew on it by accident because it was finely cut and sticks to the spaghetti.

I would prefer it without the strong taste of ginger in it because it steals the spotlight away from the rich seafood broth. Still worth a try, and if you’re fine with ginger. Great effort in the presentation though!


Contrary to traditional lava cake where the chocolate lava oozes once cut, this one here has the chocolate lava atop the cake at first look 🍫

Rich and luscious, perfect dessert to end a meal. Vanilla ice cream is average, can be better to elevate the pairing with the chocolate lava cake.

The choice to choose between Yakiniku or Shaburi Shabu-Shabu, went for the latter because the slots for Yakiniku was packed all the way. Thankfully my friend went to get Q number early at 5+pm and we were informed of an available slot at 7pm.

Upgraded to the Special Shabu, so its 90 mins dining time, with more choices of meat. I usually go for beef 🥩 when it comes to Japanese hotpot, and preferred Angus Beef here compared to Tasty Beef as I prefer less fats in meats generally.

Individual Twin Pot for soup, Tonkotsu and Hot Miso. Tonkotsu was satisfying, rich broth and doesn’t interfere much with the taste of the ingredients. Hot Miso was lackluster, doesn’t pack as much flavor and spiciness as I would like.

For drinks bar, an array of cooked food and other ingredients there will be lists of papers to order due to the covid situation now. Would recommend this place for their Shaburi Shabu-shabu due to the quality of the meat and at least I discovered a broth I really like on my first try!


Blueberry sauce, yoghurt, maple syrup and almonds minus the edible lavender flowers stated on the menu.

Lavender was evident in the waffles, however there’s also the presence of cinnamon which is overpowering. I would enjoy it better without cinnamon 🧇

Vanilla gelato was alright, having visible vanilla beans specks which was part of the reason I chose it and to pair it with Lavender Waffles. The gelato portion can be bigger though.

Overall its a cosy place situated on the rooftop level. Service can be better and I would go for the Pandan Waffle and Mains if I revisit.

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Buttermilk waffle comes with slices of banana, maple syrup and chocolate syrup.

The fragrance of the buttermilk waffles perfumes my nasal passages as I was taking photos. As yummy as it looks, buttermilk waffles crisp and has a flavour of its own, not bland at all. I haven’t had such good waffle in a long time when it comes to new finds 🧇

Gelato choices were Cookies & Cream and Salted Caramel. Salted Caramel resembles a combination of Origins caramel sweet and paddle pop ice cream. Cookies & Cream has this distinct fresh milk taste which made it moreish and memorable.

Another place to add to my fav ice cream waffles list for sure!

One of my go-to supper spot in the East, pipping hot bowl of mee sua soup serves as comfort food.

I prefer pork liver as compared to pork kidney, so I usually request for only liver. Mee sua not overcooked and pork liver usually soft and a little bloody. Broth robust and hearty, yet no presence of any bitter herbal soup taste which is why I love it! 💯

They also serve other zi char dishes and soup. If you are a fan of strong herbal taste soup wise do go for their signature black chicken angelica herbal soup.

Located at the back of Trapizza, lies a little station which serves really good Gelato. Although price is a little steep at $6.40 a scoop, its worth it considering the quality. I chose Vanilla flavour, rich, creamy malted with crunchy bits in it. Definitely a good find to keep a lookout for on a sunny day at the beach.

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Many thanks to a friend for introducing this to me, just tasting the noodles alone I’m sure I’ll be back again cause its really yummy!!

Here’s why:
✔️ Springy noodles, easily separated upon stirring 🍜
✔️ Flavour on the noodles evenly coated although there wasn’t any sauce. Big plus point!! 💯
✔️ Superb price points

Wanton mee comes in Regular, Large & Jumbo size. Shown here the bowl in white is Regular, the black bowl Jumbo. It’s the original version, there’s also black sauce version.

Every bowl comes with fried wanton, char siew, sweet thai pork sausage and the greens.

Ordered a separate plate of savoury pork sauce and I wasn’t enjoying it as much after I’ve eaten the noodles because the ones in the noodle are sweet!

Only downside is service here can be much better, its rude when the staff ignores or isn’t helpful when it comes to collecting our order.

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Pulled pork isn’t something I see on the menu at any other cafe thus it caught my attention whilst I was scrolling through the menu 🍳 Also because their menu isn’t extensive, and at $14 for brunch at a cafe is really good price point.

Peri-peri sauce has a slightly sour taste so it does not make the overall taste predictable and flat. Yet not overpowering so it plays a really good supporting role.

Pulled pork is good with a generous serving underneath the eggs benny. Brioche can be a little more toasted and crisp, otherwise its stellar.

Went on a weekend, perhaps they are understaffed thus the lack in service.

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Essentially beef slices, jelly like tendon with a crunch, an onsen egg, sprinkle of spring onions and seaweed atop. Places that serves half a portion mains are a saviour, and that’s what I got!

According to the menu its simmered in miso and special seasoning, I definitely can taste that the rice was moist even after I broke the onsen egg to stir the beef slices and rice altogether.

Personally beef with lots of tendon aren’t my thing, so I gave another of the jelly like one with a crunch to my friend after I tried one.

Overall it’s a fulfilling bowl of happiness, leaving me smiles after having it 🏮