Thai Food 💥

Thai Food 💥

Featuring Som Tam, BeerThai House Restaurant (Kitchener Road), New Udon Thai Food (Golden Mile Complex), Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ (ORTO), Soi 19+ Thai Wanton Mee (Thomson), Mae Noi Thai Food, E-Sarn Thai Corner (Thomson), My Thai Pot
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My go-to dish after a friend brought me to this place when it comes to golden mile. I prefer the kind of thick, spicy and sour tom yum over the clear ones. And this here delivers that.

In it lies a ton of ingredients, prawns, fishballs, shimeiji mushrooms, fish and sotong 🍲 The price tag at $6 is also unbelievable for the portion and quality! Unfortunately this place closes at 10pm if not it’ll be a good supper spot. Catch them at lunch and dinner hours instead!

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Many thanks to a friend for introducing this to me, just tasting the noodles alone I’m sure I’ll be back again cause its really yummy!!

Here’s why:
✔️ Springy noodles, easily separated upon stirring 🍜
✔️ Flavour on the noodles evenly coated although there wasn’t any sauce. Big plus point!! 💯
✔️ Superb price points

Wanton mee comes in Regular, Large & Jumbo size. Shown here the bowl in white is Regular, the black bowl Jumbo. It’s the original version, there’s also black sauce version.

Every bowl comes with fried wanton, char siew, sweet thai pork sausage and the greens.

Ordered a separate plate of savoury pork sauce and I wasn’t enjoying it as much after I’ve eaten the noodles because the ones in the noodle are sweet!

Only downside is service here can be much better, its rude when the staff ignores or isn’t helpful when it comes to collecting our order.

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Apart from steamboat, Mookata is my go to when I feel like having soupy comfort food especially on rainy days! I love it for dinner or supper ♨️

Affordable and really filled to the brim for 2 pax to share a set. Special mention for their smoked duck - plumper and fresher compared to where other mookata places would offer. Pork and chicken were good too, spy the packet of maggie on the top left where I will crack an egg atop it for more flavor! Set do come with a small platter of vegetables, vermicelli and egg.

Aside from Mookata, their mains and blue pea mango sticky rice are worth trying. Next on the menu I would want to try their live cockles, which isn’t available all the time so be sure to check their instagram for updates about it!

Chanced upon this eating place that serves authentic thai food. Portion is decent and price really reasonable, service tip top too!

Tom yum soup has lots of ingredients and it packs a punch! Fried egg fluffy and Kangkong has the right amount of spiciness and crunch to it. Do request for their homemade sambal belacan if you like to have your food with chilli 🔥

Give this place a try if you’re looking for something different to have around the vicinity.

Stir-fried crayfish, blended w Thai red curry & runny egg. The spiciness had different dimensions to it which was definitely addictive and would make diners want for more. Crayfish itself was fresh and tender. Have it while its piping hot!

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Flame grilled chicken skewers served w spicy seafood sauce that was also slightly sour. Sauce emits such unique taste it really elevates the dish. Meat was fresh and juicy.

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Pan-seared pasta w sweet and savoury Thai green curry. Clever use of using yellow noodles w green curry because its so apt and complements each other. There could be more chicken bits to balance the proportion of noodles to chicken meat.

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Amazing how the little bits of lup cheong adds on such oomph and little hint of sweetness to the dish. Carbonara sauce was very rich which means you can't leave it untouched for long as it will clump together. The salted egg bits blends into the flavor of carbonara although it can be easily overlooked because of the rich sauce. Yummy pasta w good combination. Portion for their pasta/noodle is enough for 2-3 to share.

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In my opinion I think this rendition tastes good too although the exterior is not the crispy type we are typically used to. Reasonable portion of bite-sized creamy salted egg goodness.

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Truffle fries worked well w their Tom Yum flavoring. The sprinkles may not look like much but the flavor is there. Also, the cost is only $6.80 which is a bargain for truffle fries. Read for more:


Mookata at Orto sets itself apart from the rest by using traditional charcoal flame. Atmosphere here is pretty neat and clean, going there for dinner would be the best time to enjoy the scenery and the breeze.

Above is the Set for 2 which consists of: A combination of marinated chicken (thigh), pork (collar), prawns, squid, suriyaki, streaky bacon, pork belly, fishball, meatball, crabsticks, otah fishcake, round cabbage, chinese cabbage, kang kong, xiao bai cai, corn, golden mushroom, eggs, tung hoon and tofu.

If you don't like any of the vege/meat in the list you can change it to another so long as they are of the same category. Would recommend diners to go for the sets before deciding on extra side dishes. Enough for 2-4 adults to fill their tummy. Bacon with enoki mushroom will be extra side order, recommended to bacon lovers.

Tom Yum or Pork broth is available, with the first having to pay an extra $5.

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The Thai version of our steamboat. Pork lard is used to grease the grill, ingredients that comes w the package includes chicken, beef, prawns, pig liver, crab sticks, fishballs, fish slices, eggs, vege and beehoon. For $45 it can be shared among 3-4 person. Add ons are available at $10, $15 or $30. Recommends soup to be added slowly as you wait for the it to be flavorful

For the love of Food, eating is an experience 🕊 Follow me on my food instagram for more snippets!

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