Hotpot / Grilled Soup ♨️

Hotpot / Grilled Soup ♨️

Featuring Shabu Sai (Orchard Central), Shaburi & Kintan Buffet (Jem), Ting Heng Seafood Restaurant, Lè Cafe and Oui Patisserie
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The choice to choose between Yakiniku or Shaburi Shabu-Shabu, went for the latter because the slots for Yakiniku was packed all the way. Thankfully my friend went to get Q number early at 5+pm and we were informed of an available slot at 7pm.

Upgraded to the Special Shabu, so its 90 mins dining time, with more choices of meat. I usually go for beef 🥩 when it comes to Japanese hotpot, and preferred Angus Beef here compared to Tasty Beef as I prefer less fats in meats generally.

Individual Twin Pot for soup, Tonkotsu and Hot Miso. Tonkotsu was satisfying, rich broth and doesn’t interfere much with the taste of the ingredients. Hot Miso was lackluster, doesn’t pack as much flavor and spiciness as I would like.

For drinks bar, an array of cooked food and other ingredients there will be lists of papers to order due to the covid situation now. Would recommend this place for their Shaburi Shabu-shabu due to the quality of the meat and at least I discovered a broth I really like on my first try!


I’ve tried Grilled Fish at other places before but its my first at 探鱼. Went ahead with the Thai Style Flavor because they were out of usual hot favorites. Heavy flavored yet still striking a balance of spicy and sourness.

Fish choice was Limbo Fish 🐟 and they have deboned it for us, meat fresh and tender. For add-ons, Golden Combination is great! Consists of Golden Mushroom, Potato, Lotus Root and Crab Stick. Its enough to fill 2-3 people for the portion.

Plum drink is recommended too!

Chose pomfret for their signature fish steamboat, the fish was fresh and portion is enough for two. The fried fish slices was really fragrant even after being in the broth. Handmade fishball and meatballs were bouncy and of standard. Yam was also present in the broth with lots of other ingredients. Not the typical kind of steamboat broth, I would recommend to give it a try for its novelty and taste. This place also serves seafood and zhi char dishes.

Affordable Japanese style steamboat with several soup bases to choose from. Each month a specially concocted soup base will also be introduced and available for that month only. My fav soup bases are the original Tonkotsu and Spicy ones. Both tastes good in their own way. Free flow meat were thinly sliced and fresh, not bad for the price you pay. Other ingredients are available too and for a couple of bucks more you can have the free flow drinks and ice cream package. Really value for money and recommended if you are dining in small groups.


For $23.80 you get to enjoy the steamboat while seated in an air-conditioned place, which also airs soccer matches. Mala stock base was perfect, not too oily or overly spicy. My favs amongst the wide variety offered were: flower crab (fresh), cheese tofu, seafood nugget (must try). Ingredients are well refrigerated and the place is hygienic. Besides steamboat, the ala carte menu also has quite some dishes, dim sum and pastry. It operates 24/7 except for the patisserie area.


For the love of Food, eating is an experience 🕊 Follow me on my food instagram for more snippets!

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