Our first international outpost, Potato Head Singapore is housed across four floors of a restored Art Deco building on Chinatown’s picturesque Keong Saik road. Inside there’s a branch of Jakarta’s Three Buns burger shop, a rooftop to relax on as well as a laid back cocktail bar and audiophile listening room.

36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143


11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm



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You can’t blame me when their Truffle Hound ($15) has truffle, mushrooms, juicy sausage and all those cheese melted right on top! So so tasty (I didn’t wanted to share at all 🙈). Don’t forget to get their signature spicy Naughty Fries ($9) to go along with their burgers/ hotdogs (in my case)! Have a Big Belly Christmas guys! 🎄


Ordered Potato Head’s chicken burger! Overall, it was rather average, though I loved the mix of flavors. The crust of the chicken was soft but the chicken itself could be more tender. The coleslaw gave a nice sour taste to the whole burger, which I personally loved. Worth a shot though!!

TIP! Go during lunch time as you can order this burger with a side/dessert and a drink for $24++ which is super worth!! ☺️

Had the Fun Size Three with the team for lunch.

Juicy patty together with fresh portobello mushroom is a delight! Paired together with the fresh buns, cheese and sauce, the burger just disappeared.

Will come again for Burger!

Choose from a range of their burgers, a choice of 3 sides (Naughty Fries, Slaw or Salad), and a drink for $24++. If you fancy something sweet too then you could add a dessert for the 3 course option at $28++. The burgers are tasty and pretty good, but be warn it’s messy! I went with the baby huey and naughty fries option.

The side dish we ordered at Potato Head was their truffle fries. The fries were crispy outaide and soft inside. There was enough sour cream and truffle flavor in the fries. It went well with our burgers. It also came with spicy mayo with added flavor to the dish.

When you ask me about the best burger I have to suggest Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro but if dont want to travel that far like me I found one more place at Outram Park which serves amazing juicy burgers. With quirky decor Potato head serves really great burgers and side dishes and they really do it well.
I had the Smokin’ B-Boy a made with 150g black angus beef, smoked applewoord cheddar, Dingley dell beer and treacle streaky bacn, bbq ketchup, smokey mayo, bawang goreng and all of this inside well toasted brioche bun. Do I need to say more. Well it taste freakimg delicious. The meat was tender and juicy and the bacon was crispy ad added texture to the dish. Everything else just tied the dish together.

Pro Tip: They have a lunch menu where you can get one their best selling burgers, with one side dish and one drink for $24++

The burger is the tastiest I have in Singapore. It is so nice that I couldn’t stop eating it without it ended fully in my stomach. This costs $17 so definitely a bit on the expensive side of burgers.

The place is cosy and the staff is friendly. Definitely will bring my wife and daughter in the future.

Pretty pricey but one of the best burgers I’ve eaten. Juicy angus beef and a huge portobello mushroom. Good place to hung out and chill with some drinks. The truffle fries is good but got too cloying after a while.

Popped into the #threebunsxtimrosswatson pop-up at Three Buns / Potato Head Folk this afternoon to get my hands on the pork-centric goodies I had heard about earlier from Executive Head Chef Adam Penney.
Not quite sure why the event wasn't that well-attended, which it is a pity, because the food by Chefs Tim Ross-Watson and Adam was really good.
Take this "Hoggy Hogsbourne" ($18++) for example. Not only did it star a thick and very juicy patty made from 140gms of Koji Shirobuta pork but those fluffy toasted pork floss demi brioche buns were also crammed with a crunchy cheese fritter, den miso mayo, "crack seasoning", arugula and thin slices of pickled apple. I bet the cacophony of deliciousness could make any face break into a beatific smile after just one bite.
I suggest you follow Chef Adam's instagram account (@peeneysmalls) to be kept updated on their upcoming pop-ups. He'd mentioned to me today that he's got a couple more planned with the folks at BirdBird and Burnt Ends. I am sure you don't want to miss out on those.

Did you miss this party(-in-the-mouth)?
The "Crackalacka Fries" made its debut at yesterday's one-afternoon-only #threebunsxtimrosswatson pop-up.
Frolicking shamelessly together in the tub were crispy pork crackling and twice-fried housemade fries. To keep things sweet and slick, lashings of bourbon smoked honey L&P and smoky gravy, plus some piquant pickled onion relish were added. Sinful beyond hope, this is obviously the kind of munchies that demands to be accompanied by a stiff drink.

How much would you pay for a good burger? For me, $12 is my cap for a regular single-patty burger and anything higher would be considered expensive no matter how good it is.

At Potato Head, their smallest and most basic Baby Huey costs a painful $17 on its own (you have to top up for a side of fries). Yes it is a good burger - juicy and tender beef patty with melted cheese and condiments in between brioche buns - just like how a burger should be, but I'm just not too sure if $17 is worth it. The Watermelon Man ($19) is an interesting twist to a regular burger where there's an additional touch of sweetness and texture from a caramelised watermelon - good but once again, $19?!?! Go for their Naughty Fries ($13) if you would like some very sinful indulgence of cheese and beef chilli on crispy, hand-cut potato slices. And finally, me being the boring and health-conscious person ordered their Pokemon ($19) - a generous portion of raw tuna and avocadoes sitting atop a bed of quinoa. This dish is pretty bland though, more marinade / sauces would be helpful.

A few days ago, I saw Chef @peeneysmalls' Instagram post about the Big Poppa Sundae that he'd created at Potato Head Folk. It triggered an instant craving in me which I'm happy to report, got satisfied today.
I have long been lamenting the lack of a good sundae in Singapore but this is qualified to fill that void.
In the tall glass was vanilla ice-cream (housemade, no less), espresso caramelised banana, hot salted butterscotch, banana jelly, roasted walnuts, coco nibs and chantilly cream. So it's a classic flavour with a twist. And can I just add: CHANTILLY CREAM IS LIFE ❤️

we were a bit full, by time the burger arrived. i am not a burger fan.. i am amaze by the burger bun.. As for the patty and other ingredient mixed, i tot it's was good.. But there is nothing much to rave about ...

many cafes/restaurant served fries fried in truffle oil / truffle like oil .. and doesn't taste much of truffle .. they have truffle in this sauce which give the bit of Truffle satisfaction.. The fries crispy on the outside, just nice on the inside .. prrrrrfect

i can't remb the name of this dish, its like japanese don.. Great for those who love fatty pork meat..

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