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Alone then are each RM15.90.

Their hot chocolate has a distinct taste. But bad!

Their Iced Matcha Latte tasted slightly diluted. BUT I believe that the Hot version would be better. Next time then.

We got this as a buy 1 free 1 set.
Every Tuesday to Friday 1.30pm - 6.30pm excluding Public Holidays.

Hojicha is Roasted Green Tea. In their soft serve, you could really taste the Roasted Flavours.

The upstairs cafe is tucked away in busy SS2. Their environment is quiet and cozy.

So sad that it's only 3 pieces. They didn't taste all that bad. Quite good cause we gobbled them up in no time.

I got the Plain Tok Tok Noodles to try. It was very saucy. Liked it with all their crunchy Lard or Chee Yao Za.

For the price I paid, really not bad at all for this dish.

Address : Go Street Noodle
22/27, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

This is their FREE Signature Snack.

It was something like their Signature Bursting Meatballs but without any of the soup bursting out and fried instead of in soup.

All we had to do was snap a picture of anything. It could have been a picture of their food, of yourself with their decor, or even if their menu. And next step, post it on Facebook or Instagram.

Hue style spicy beef noodles, also known as Bún Bò Huế, is a traditional soup noodle dish from the old capital of Hue in Vietnam. The dish consist of beef slices, the kind you find in pho, but with the addition of Vietnamese ham known as chả lụa and cooked in a spicy broth.

The noodles used were laksa noodles, with gave it a nice texture. The Australian beef brisket were fresh, with the spicy broth giving it a nice kick. What was really the stand out would be the chả lụa, a Vietnamese ham which when drowned in the spicy broth permeates with sweet and savoury.

💵 RM16.90 / portion
💫 5 / 5
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According to mum, they've been famous for their sambal since the 80s/90s when they were still operating under a big tree. The petais are big and they do not skimp on the serving. RM20

Sausages are fine, especially the spicy one.
Other porky goodness is slightly less impressive, but porky nonetheless!

This Marmite Pork Ribs is also known as 'Pai Kuat Wong' in Cantonese.

The meat was kinda sweet and saucy. The portion was acceptable.

The food at this restaurant usually comes quite fast, so you wouldn't need to wait too long after ordering for your dishes to start coming.

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~ Ordinary durian flavour ice cream, but you might get to taste very little durian meat

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Riding on the success of their early days as a hawker stall in Chow Yang kopitiam, Pho King has opened an outpost of their own along the same street. The decor runs clean and simple; the flourishes are on the menu, where you'll find something perfect 'pho' rainy days! Get the Traditional Vietnamese Beef Noodles (RM15.50), which yields rare beef and brisket slices. The broth is light yet flavourful, gleaming with a gentle sheen. Their menu schools diners on having the dish two ways: Hanoi style that involves adding vinegar and Sriracha, or Saigon style with greens and hoisin sauce — to each their own! Come sunny days, go for the summery Bun Cha Ha Noi (RM14.50), rice noodles with grilled Sanbanto pork patties, pork slices and a side of dipping sauce. The golden hour comes at lunchtime (noon to 3pm on weekdays), when every order of a main comes with a complimentary glass of jasmine tea.
Avg price per person: RM20