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Hakka Noodles With Premium Char Siew (RM8.50)

Hakka noodles tasty as always, coupled with sticky caramelised cuts of thick char siew. What surprised me was the side order of Siew Yuk (from RM12) that had the crackling skin, lean meat and fatty bits to boast. This offshoot of T&R is a prettier, cleaned up version of the former (they prefer not to be associated) and it opens late till 8.30pm. While I'd still return to the old school spot for an indulgent breakfast, dinnertime char siew cravings will definitely take me here instead.

For Excellent Char Siew

Head to this shop on days when you're craving some meaty comfort. The char siew is sweet, chunky and a bit on the oily side but it melts in the mouth so well. I'm usually not a fan of fatty meat but this was an exception.

Hakka Mee Char Siew | RM7.40

Teow Chew Stewed Duck Rice

My childhood family meal. Now it runs by the owner's sons...

The duck meat is succulent and delicious. The herbs gravy is so delicious that it makes u add extra rice...

Today i have braised pork intestine as extra..

One portion for a person is RM9

Matcha Loving

There's a little Tokyo hidden amongst the shops in the bustling yet food driven of the district in Ss2, Pj.. This is actually one of the places in my never ending food/ dessert spots to go.. Well I've heard fantastic music about this little Japanese shop that is actually located at the same row of a cafe called Menu-script and an Internet cafe but beware as it is located on the 2nd floor.. It requires only a short exercise that involves a flight of stairs to be well greeted by the friendly staff of this P.S.Tokyo.. The whole interior of this quaint little ice cream parlor is very minimal yet photogenic for an Instagram shot during the day as it gets dark during the night.. It also serves not only soft serve but cakes, drinks from Japan and coffee too.. Their signature flavour to try is the Matcha (Green tea) and Hojicha (Roasted Green tea) and it comes in 2 sizes; the mini (RM8.90) & Regular (RM12.90) and not to forget they too have a soft serve Flight which has a platter of 4 different flavours of soft serve for Rm33.90.. For this visit, I tried their Matcha in mini cup and i was really surprised that their soft serve still retains its shape despite the cafe isn't exactly very cold to begin with but it still holds seemingly well and the flavour of this soft serve is really pure and full of flavour that screams out Green Tea and creamy in texture.. If you're a green tea lover like myself; you gotta try the soft serve here as it is really that awesome and you would better off with a regular size

Indonesian Style (Curry) Tofu (RM15/20/26)

A concoction of (mainly) tofu + fish, prawns and sotong bathes in a curry gravy. This curry is not your typical Chinese curry - it has has that something something we discovered to be from lots of hebi. 🍤 Also, a layer of steamed egg lines the bottom of the dish ahhh. 🤤

I can't recommend this enough. I want moarrr.


Fried Butter Mantis Prawn (RM15/26/38)

Like a bar snack that you just can't stop popping into your mouth - these crunchy glistening buttery mantis prawns were a little too easy to eat and were all gone in minutes. The curry leaves make all the difference to give a spice-y shock to the tastebuds.


Value For Money!

Mega value for money place. RM11.90 for a chicken chop that is actually quite yummy tasting! This place don't accept reservations tho, so remember to go early as they are always, constantly packed with wishful diners hoping to secure a place or you can try out their other branches that aren't s busy as the SS2 ones. Really looking forward to head back and to try out their pork dishes 😜

Cure Your Penang Tastebuds

Restaurant Lim Mee Yoke’s Prawn Noodles (RM7) deserves every single good review it receives. The soup is robust and full of prawn flavor with lots of ingredients , I was so addicted with the prawn-flavored soup. You can have additional toppings which've cost only pork ribs (RM3.50) and prawn slices (RM2.50).

The curry mee (RM7) also authentic deliciously too.The soup is so creamy and this really considered as Penang white curry! It contain fresh prawns, pork blood cubes, calms and usual condiments.

Restaurant Lim Mee Yoke definitely represent Penang's good food and I can't wait to go back Home soon! If you miss Penang breakfast nor home sick, this place will solve your craving and make you feel home!

For Silken Shark's Fin Mee Sua Tow

The menu at this restaurant is unlike any other — think sharkfin mee sua, fried seafood rolls and abalone porridge! For tasty comforts on a rainy night, take your partner here for a warm, hearty dinner. Order the Sharkfin Mee Sua Tow (RM13 per pax). Reminiscent of real shark fin's soup, the soupy, silken noodles topped with imitation shark's fin beats the former with inviting flavours. This only gets better with a dash of vinegar. In the large crockpot, also expect to find hidden seafood gems like large prawns, fish slices and luxurious fish maw — all for just RM13! Apart from the mee sua, a must-order here is the Octopus (RM13). Steamed for a fresh, bouncy bite, the squiggly snack is invigorating when dipped into the spicy sauce it's served with. We just have to warn you that it's insanely addictive and will likely warrant another order!
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh